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  1. Hello and good day fellow DU Pioneer With this topic i'd like to introduce the Society Observing Universal Life. A less complicated connection for people who want to focus more on gameplay and not administrating some corporation, organization, or any sort of order with rank and privileges. Instead of privileges and authority which many others have, you will be pleased by being free from such burdens. Soul will not be an anarchy, hierarchy, monrachy nor any capitalism, theocracy or anything like that. If you need anything to compare it could be called anarchy or more likely equalism. Yes there will be members who do some chores for SOUL but that is all voluntary and all are free to do so as well or never engage in chores. Only two easy rules: 1. Treat members as equals and remain neutral to the Universe, you are free to do what you do on your own responsibility. 2. Attend the meetings which are neither regular, nor are only announced by officials. Every member will have authority to call for meetings. (Will be further explained for members) There is no requirement for joining, but since some roleplayers tend to do funny things ill elaborate a few details: a.) In case you are part of a rival faction of another members faction, it is in your own interest to treat each other equally and not as enemys unless you are in a battlefield fighting for your faction. Meaning if you do fight eachother, it will not be as members of SOUL. So when you two are alone and not on orders by your other factions superior, its rational to treat eachother as SOUL members. b.) Should your intention for joining be the gathering of information (spying, eavesdropping, etc.) you are free to do so, as a neutral and free group it may also be possible that members will be trying to help or sabotage your activity. Meaning that we do not care about spys in our midst. Since DU is still in progress and undergoing changes, so is it possible that SOUL will change.
  2. from where i see it stargates should have a range stretching trough a whole galaxy, but if you want to get to another galaxy... maybe darkgates are the way, or some other form of travel. Since if you watched SGU till the end then you'll know that the deep space between galaxy is way more dangerous ( you dont see black holes because you dont see any celestial bodies being absorbed since there are none) and often more vast, so the distance could be greater than the diameter of a galaxy, ofcourse depending on what galaxy size you compare it with.
  3. reminds me of the old quest for glory or what its called, where you gotta level up stats by using treadmills, combat dummies etc. was funny but i'd prefer getting my skills trough doing more productive things
  4. Or maybe, big MAYBE we were not just sleeping in cryostasis but some of us managed to have out of body experiences and some even reached a deeper connection with the cosmos, enabling them to befriend the planets plant and animal life. Even making the companion more skillfull compared to his previous wild feral form. So in a sense they can still keep up with the mechanical companions.
  5. So alot of points have been uhm *pointed* out towards two words that i'd like you to think about. Realism and futurism. So you want it to be realistic? well its in the future so too bad but there wont be any t-bone steak or macaroni and cheese. If you think of todays food alot if allready unhealthy without the industry adding more junk into it. Settling on an alien planet, would you kill and just grill the first alien you see that looks like a plague infected rat crossed with a two headed blobfish with elephantitis? No ofc. not because it would likely turn you into an pink cowgoroo that spews out gold out of its udders instead of milk, but you look so tasty that the other people eat you instead. So heres the deal, im bringing up points against food and water, and afterwards points for a survival like system with the last part being something players will hate me for but devs would be glad to see. Contra-Survival: Makes no sense in a futuristic setup even if trying to be realistic, imagine all the allergies we have now, and think what would happen with new things. Why is it forbidden to bring foreign flora/fauna into australia? because it would destroy all of the native ones. Same with the bacteria in our bodies if we added something alien that we cant properly understand and defend against (think bout aids but worse). We have plenty of food supplements as of today, and in the future could be healthier than eating normal food. And dont forget the POOPs, i mean if you eat your ribeye beefsteak with country potatoes, im sure your body doesnt digest it all and has to get rid of the things it doesnt need.... so i would make trillions with my Poop Planet where you can dump your stinky shit for a price since nobody wants that shit on their turf. Main points against it are the additional workload for something so little, ofcourse food and water would span over many other parts, but its too much effort for such a small thing that would only be a bother. BIG + i want the devs to focus on something else thats way more fun and interesting than a cheap food/water survival system that almost every 3. mmorpg has, so its nothing new, if you want to try and build effective farm layouts, go play modded minecraft. now the Pro-Survival: So depending on how advanced our bodysuits are it could regulate our bodily fluids and absord moisture from the atmosphere, or think a bit like the suits on the planet of DUNE. At the same time it also collects noble gases or space/planet particles to give your body nutrients, should you be on a hazardous planet you would need to bring something as refill. Thus creating the nutri-gatherer which collects faster than your suit does and creates cans that you just need to place on the entry plug of your suit. On the other hand if you go too deep underground, your suit cant collect any cosmic/stellar particles from the air anymore, thus needing either an energypack(like food) or you need to resurface(like breathing). In the end it comes down to your equipment how long you can last. And incase of toxic or simply uninhabitable planets you would only survive temporarily until you get equipment that lets you live there indefinitely. If its about buffs/boosts why not just make something like energy/stim packs or adrenalin, melatonin, seratonin, those are some good stuff too if you want something not so vague like *energy*. Oh and last but not least the point i mentioned that will possibly not be well liked: If you clearly think about it, this survival thing will be a bother and waste of time most of all, but another market niche for those who dont want to compete in weapons or vehicles etc.. BUT it will increase the time needed for most players to get their first PLEX!!! because many will need to focus some of their time and attention to surviving not just PvP/PvE but PvA player versus Area. So if you think about it, you as players and myself will favor NO survival unless it is alot of fun and not too time consuming. But most of the suggestions for food & water dont sound like fun even if you could generate income with it.
  6. if you consider that our astronauts are allready having issues with their body after only 1 year in space, what do you think happens after 10'000 years, even if in cryostasis, it will affect the body. logically the scientists on earth did some modifications on our dear settlers of alioth, so they can wake up from the cryosleep without having permanent damages. Be it trough a long term medication before the sleep or their food, or genes. Whatever the case you *were* earthlings/terrans/gaians whatever you wanna name it. But now youre different, dont need to add an *new* race since you ARE the new race. Why do red people, yellow people, black people, blue people, white people all have different skin tones, bodyli structure, or height.... because their environment and food was different. Meaning we will be different alltogether with the new things on Alioth. Didnt think bout that didntcha?
  7. dunno why you keep bringing suggestions that will never be used since having an organization having power over something others dont will bring unrest among the community. so either keep trolling (well not trolling but poetry isnt helping here) or start brining good ideas again. If you dont understand what im pointing at then check 3.) of my previous post since that is one part of the problem when ambitious players/organizations get their way. I mean cmon if you could say what will be destroyed and what can stay then youre practically a gm and are above a regular player. And as it was and is in our reality, power corrupts people so ofc those in control would abuse it to have their own buildings there where they want and the ones from other players gone. If you really want to keep it fair/neutral then let the devs handle it. The Novaquark organization exists here allready, i can imagine them being active ingame, kinda like randomly appearing (when they got time and are bored) sentinel forces bringing a little bit order back to the chaos that we spread in the universe (getting rid of those bickdutts and maybe bringing benevolent blessings upon weary explorers) If it has to be part of realism/lore then why not make it look like the Arkships own droids/drones or w/e going around when the ships energy is at the peak, so to vent some energy instead of having it wasted, the AI uses it to produce AI helpers that clean up the surroundings a bit.
  8. Sareseras

    Player Council

    thanks for bringing back order to this chaotic suggestion filled thread Nyazaltar. i'd like to bring up an idea i got from playing some other mmo, one had this survey about specific game mechanics, which came up again with every 2 level ups but with different topics. The other one had a small quizgame that began for every player at noon, tho in this case it would be ofc. a survey or a suggestions scroll where you can type in your ideas, or have multiple choices as answers. im sure you dont have to fear DU becoming eve 2.0, the only thing that will probably remind you of eve are the player made organizations and politics, since ofc, some of them come together from eve. And the combat mechanics would be way different since you dont solo a huge warship and you play in 1st or 3rd person, so pls dont compare the PvP/PvE with eve at all. Only if you start comparing them are you subconciously trying to make it look similar in your own eyes. about the council and the forum as a suggestion thread i totally agree with you. Ingame councils will only affect those that have anything to do with the entities partaking in the council, meaning a lone wolf on a backwater planet would care more about his pets stool than some ingame councils decicions. And the forum is an easy and efficient way to communicate between devs and players, just like we do now... and as a bonus the devs dont have to work on another ingame survey/suggestion mechanic. And for those who worry about the Bickdutts please go to the thread where it is being discussed instead of adding more salt to this allready well seasoned soup of a topic. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/884-the-council-of-alioth/#entry8969
  9. Well if it's only about the very first starting Arkship then i'd really like the Devs to have their own zone with their creative constructions. In an interview iirc it was mentioned that there could be some npc or dev's made buildings to help players start. Or if not the whole Arkship area then atleast the area around the respawn or something and only the outer edges should be usable by players. There are several points that make it more attractive to have been designed by the devs than by players: 1. It's the Devs, they can have easier/better overview of the zone and design it more harmonically/fitting. 2. Would be very interesting to see how the Devs imagine how the future constructs are designed. Since everything else will be player built, this would be a one and only permanent show from the Devs, while ofc they could still bring some stuff up during events etc. but atleast there is one thing you can always go take a look at. 3. If players are the ones who build around the respawn then its kinda like first come first serve in terms of showing off your building or designt or whatevs, you will be bringin more customers probably. If Devs do it then theres no advertising. So yeah, easy solution if the Devs can make an exception on the *everything is player built* thing on this zone or atleast the center of the zone.
  10. So im new here and see alot of potential, but alot seem to unconciously try and cripple that potential in order to have not just the pear but also the apple, mutating it into a papple. So you want PvP? fine there will be a whole lot of others who want to bash heads, no need to go after the Arkified territories. The universe is big enough, why worry about some tiles on some planets that youre maybe not even interested in. Alot of suggestions were made because of the fear that the Arks would be used for PvP, but it is intended to prevent PvP so... that tought is being illogical. Stating that others could abuse the Arks to make a fortress next to the enemy, thats sooooo unlikely to happen because a.) neither one can attack so its a stalemate and a waste of a fort b.) since it is for PvE its very unlikely that you would be able to build any PvP structures in there. Ofcourse in reality alot of *good* things have been taken and remodeled into weapons, but since this is about a game, im sure the devs can prevent such an abuse. For those that worry that someone just shows up and plops a TU or Ark next to their home.... it was mentioned that there will be a timer for TUs to activate 1-2 days and Arks probably a week. (please atleast read the Devs and CMs posts before making assumptions) And now to my idea and opinion: As I see it all things Ark related seem to inhibit PvP activity. Meaning that items emitting Ark *waves* seem to put people into balance and harmoy, why else did we survive the long journey on an arkship without PvP killing each other during the voyage. So that PvPlers would stop worrying or complaining about Arks, just have it be completly non-PvP, meaning no Turrets, Hostile actions etc. the only thing allowed would be duels which both duellists agreed to. So that soloists and players who dont belong to a big organization are happy just let each *Entity* have max. 3 or so Arks, incase they want it on another spot the previous Ark has to be deactivated. Meaning that a soloist can make 3, a whole organization 3, a whole alliance just 3, the bigger your [insert synonym for group] is, the less Arks you have, but you will need less because you would have more people able to defend. Ark Tokens would preferrably be like a core you find in a rare Arkship crashsite, that you first need tools or skills to break into the wreckage and then a container specially for the Ark Core, and you cant add it to your inventory, its more like a construct that you cant pick up or destroy but are able to move around and activate on a TU. If you allready got your max. amount then you cant interact with it. Since they are so rare i'd hope they are re-usable, just deactivate and transport it to the desired location. Shouldnt be that bad because it takes so long to activate anyway. And last but not the least important: The Arkships/Playerspawns I agree that the playerbase shouldnt be split early, but what about ressource respawn, its not just that alot of players will be on the starting zone someday, but the region would probably be mined empty or simply alot less ressources and plots to build on. So it makes sense to get a new location sometime, somehow. Either enabled trough simply having another arkship settle down in a new location, or the more exciting one would be trough players exploring the vast space and stumbling across a crashed Arkshipe that is still intact. Player would again need skillz in hacking the doors or having tools to wield/break it open. Inside he would find the *new players* waiting in their cryostasis chambers, advancing towards the bridge he would find the controls and activate the new Arkship/Playerspawn and awaken the players from their slumber. But should it be the 2nd option i'd suppose it's very likely to happen later or earlier than it would be needed unless its added manually by the devs. I dont think there will be ressource respawn, because otherwise players could simply stay at one spot forever and never have to leave or explore. But kinda hope that there are things that can be produced/harvested infinitely like wood, since you can grow that, or other materials (maybe add alchemy with ability of transmutation or something) So yeah that concludes my mayonnaise added to the others ketchup for this hotdog of a topic
  11. Since DU is more about crafting, construction and trading instead of an action game about war and fighting, I assume it's safe to say that the skills will be about how you intend to earn credits. Lets say you're more of a gathering material type of person, then ofc you would go with mining, foraging, farming etc. that can give %speed on harvesting or something like a bonus chance for rare materials. If you like calculating alot more then trader it is for you, giving a %discount or rise in prices or other bonuses. But if its about combat then i'd say it will be all about the equipment, tho there are still possibilities for combat skills but i dont see it in an fps style.
  12. Another question at hand is about the safezones. If they will be the whole starting planet or even system and if there will be any out there in the unknown space. Since logging out in a safe zone would take the worry about pvp. But incase pve is implemented a freakin space whale could just go and crash into your ship even in a safe zone xD But yeah other than that i'd say its not gonna be possible to log out during a fight, only some old mmos did that but nowadays you cant, except using alt + f4 but then youre still logged in for couple minutes before the auto log-off kicks in. During a journey in your ship you probably log of with your ship, kinda like everything you have and touch while logging out is also gone with you. The idea with the ship staying there is fun but spews trouble. Disconnects and other connection issues will happen, either your or server side, and when youre flying around and you suddenly get a dc your ship would be there. Maybe it would crash down, possibly leaving a little loot on the crashsite, or it just auto-pilot lands. But then what, who knows if somebody could steal it or break it for materials. So yeah *vanishing* on logout isnt very realistic but you will be less frustrated when coming back online and having your stuff gone. If this game was about survival and not about building, crafting and economy then i'd say go with the ship and body that is still there when you log off.
  13. Guess ill add my mustard to your ketchup here: Slavery will put alot of people off and incase you would like to be the one and only or the first that will not work for long since it is about ppl playing together so sooner or later you will be the enslaved and not the slaver. But should you mean to start an organization of slavers... well I guess it is the same scenario just with more slavers becoming enslaved themselves after the other organizations take action. In my opinion the closest thing to something like a slavery system that could work is like a subordinate system. Kinda like a vampire hierarchy or something where one pledges himself to a Master, ergo becoming a subordinate/minion/slave. And the only way for that slave to be free would be for another *Master* to defeat his master, which in turn would break all the links between master and slave. Ofc there can always be many more ways or whatevs.
  14. I think the idea for soloist in a universe where you can be anything is the same as any roles the *bottom* of an organization has. Like mercenary, trader, miner etc. Don't expect there to be something unique that you get only when you are solo and not with an organization. Building a whole industrial complex or any other mid-high ressource/time consuming projects will always be faster with multiple people, unless they have a weak link that slows em down. Kinda like this guy i sometimes play with who is too lazy (or stupid) to figure out stuff on his own so he keeps bothering others instead of DIY. Or griefers. But if its about simple profits or being *ahead* of others in one way or another, i'd say its alot based on luck. Finding a lucky unknown planet so full of riches that its almost pouring out of the ground like a gold spewing geysir. Creating a new blueprint design that everyone wants to get their hands on... etc. And if not luck based then its about experience and adaptability, on how well you can get your head around the mechanics of the universe and how to best make a living (or a killing). I understand both joys of solo and team exploration but it always depends on the people if youre in a group. Thats why I usually start off solo, so I can experience the universe in my own way without somebody telling me and somewhere along the way people would often invite me or got me interested enough to want to join them. Tbh in an MMO its either only a matter of time until you stop solo (doesn't mean you have to join an Org) or you're just enjoying the game and not trying to be competitive to others. So long story short answer: You can probably go ALL the way solo, but in long terms the ppl who group up will most likely advance at a faster pace, so if you have the desire to be amongst the first to have this and that then group up.
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