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  1. When the game comes I am curious about which platform it will come out on, as well as other things. I'm assuming computer is going to be the default platform so I'm also wondering how resource intensive the game will be. Some helpful things to know would be expected settings to have while playing the game; things like RAM, storage space or whatever else will be needed. I realize that the alpha has yet to be released but would still like a guess at about what specs are going to be needed and what specs are going to be recommended.
  2. So, for the tags if you go down to the most basic rights, will there be hundreds of tags for one thing? Are you guys going to stop at a certain point and only have so many sub-sections for tags? Will there be a tagging screen where you put how long exactly what you want to tag and what other conditions will be specified, or will the be a screen where it has all these things and you just fill it in?
  3. So I hear a lot about this Alpha and significantly less about a Beta. This is understandable since, after all the Alpha is roughly a year away. I am very interested in how to get in this Alpha however, this seems like a shareholder/donator thing. So, finally reaching my point; how can I join the Beta? Undoubtedly, unless something happens if there is an open Beta I will join it. I would be interested to hear about your plans for the Beta and also, if it is closed how to get in. Any information besides what has already been said in the Dev Log would be helpful.
  4. Hello, the organization name as you can see in the title is: The Formics. This is a reference. I would appreciate if someone could either direct me to, or start a thread about: how the whole organization mechanic works as well as how the game is going to work. I look forward to the launch, and playing with everyone.
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