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Found 20 results

  1. So I have always thought it was such a silly thing to not at least have at least one out link on a parcel Container since when a package is delivered it's automatically unpacked. It could even be limited to only a Transfer Unit. This one small thing would vastly change the way factories are fed.
  2. So I think something we could use is an industry machine that will create packages based on a pre-defined selection. It would effectively a dispenser and a Transfer Unit. It would have 7 inputs and one output which only connects to a Parcel Container. You can set a name for the package it creates.
  3. Dear NQ team, as the new docking mechanics are on its way i want to bring attention to an possible new element that brings docking to the next level and probably many players would welcome. A element dedicated for construct docking, similar to an RL airlock. Features of that element could be.. - Two elements would dock face to face - ..result in a defined position of the docked constructs - Allowes passengers to pass through - Acts as material/fuel port - Possibility to control docking, undocking, transfer of materials / fuels via API - Enable docking of cores of equal size (L:L, M:M, ...), but break on movement The mechanics around such an element would greatly benefit the experience and immersion.
  4. I HAVE A small NEED. I love what we can do within our game even with a basic understanding of voxelmancy, but there comes a scale, at which I find myself struggling to get the small scale finishes I really need. I believe we need some small decorative elements, mostly 1 block and below sized, to support our fine detailed projects. These silly trinkets could EACH serve a multitude of purposes. The key to these small elements is that they can be used bear to complex voxels without messing things up. This will give us all some options for the enhancement of the very smallest of our creations. Some examples SMALL GOLD BUTTON door handles, wall studs, statue clothing buttons STEEL BOLTS wall reinforcement, mechanical voxel decoration, eeeeverything MIRRORABLE SCI-FI EYE LENSES statues, robots, cameras (bigger, sorry) NOVEAN AND BARE HUMAN SIZE HEADS/TORSO/BODY-SEATED-STANDING decorative crew SMALL ARMS shops, decorative turrets, emplacements, statues ______________ I'm sure I've just touched the surface, and there may be things I haven't considered properly, (like the server load of my 10billion rivet warship) but I really do feel that due to the scale of a person against the 1 block scale leaves us a hole, the button XS just cannot fill alone. PLEASE LEAVE ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE FOR SMALL DECORATIVE ITEMS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, and have a great day.
  5. i know i need to use a programming board but cant for the life of me find a tutorial on exactly how to accomplish this, id be super grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading and good day Novians
  6. hi had a small probably neat idea wanted to pass along for repair times and the complaints. Instead of repair times do teirs of difficulty example 10 times damaged normal repair costs from scrap after 10 times damaged go to teir 2 where it costs 1.25 times the scrap then teir 3 as 1.5 then 1.75 then 2 x and so on making it more expensive but still usable you could do an overhaul mechanic as well for when it reaches teir 3 have a cost to overhaul the element to teir one what do you think? [12:47 PM] it makes them more realistic in the sense of basic mechanics just like your car replace basic parts until you really need to do an overhaul to bring it back into new condition [12:48 PM] also it would be cool and the players would probably like this as well add in a talent set for overhaul and such possibly introducing a whole new possible service people could offer as well [12:50 PM] also would had an idea for inertia box aid for the ship building matrix but ill hold until you want it I sent this to several of your devs wanted to garner some attention to it if i could also possibly the bottom idea would greatly aid just basic ship building so instead of numbers for drift there would be a 4 part screen rep. a 3d matrix in four panels so players could see exactly what the drift is would lower a lot of complaints i see in this game. i really really really like this game and im not whining i think you guys are doing a great job but sometimes people focus on the wrong solution and forget that there are other methods and you can balance them ie example a space territory unit or attatch a build territory large to a warp beacon or make small meadium and large warp drives that can only be placed on those sizes or possibly down size the large fuel tank for the rockets just a pinch. lots of defferent things but let me know if the first idea up there would be of interest as is now awesome game but becoming not playable even for the rich and i dont want that i like this game.
  7. It'd be nice to be able to read way more of the string I'm trying to type out/edit. See image in attachment for where whitespace can be used to increase the width of the element rename box.
  8. Fuel tanks being exposed is generally a bad thing, and we generally tuck them away from the hazards that would damage them. To allow access there are fuel lines leading into the tanks from the exterior of vehicles. I propose an element that achieves this same function in Dual Universe. It could be linked to a tank (possibly several) to allow for one way fueling to the connected tanks. it wouldn't make the tanks capacities shared in use with other elements, but would allow for them to be internalized in the vehicle protecting them better from outside complications. The logic goes as follows; you can fly a plane with one engine, but not without fuel. Propulsion systems would be completely compromised if fuel tanks are taken out. Internalizing elements is possible (as seen in the tutorial videos) since voxels can be temporarily moved, but having to move them after every few flights seems very inconvenient. Then there is always internalizing most of the tank but having a "window" that exposes part of the tank, but that still has the vulnerabilities associated with an exposed fuel tank.
  9. It sounds like the developers are getting close to the final versions of some elements. When they are done, I hope they tell us the length, width and height of each one. That information would be helpful when designing constructs that use them.
  10. Something to connect ships with other ships to build smt like a real rocket with booster to disconnect
  11. A list which lets us define who can not interact with an element. With only a permission list no combination of sensors can distinguish between: Only an authorized person is in range Both an authorized and any other person are in range For example, you can not have a door which automatically opens only when you're alone. It would also help attempts at starting civilizations, since it would allow having public spaces by default and banning particular people from interacting or building in them.
  12. As most of you are aware Novaquark is laying down the foundation for Dual Universe. They need to get the game in a strong alpha state before they launch their kickstarter campaign. This means that some of the purely aesthetic aspects of the game will have to come later on, like outfits, player customization etc. This thread is for those who would like to dream of the kinds of elements or "props" as they are called in some other games that they would like to see in dual. There are many different types of elements. • Active elements: Elements that have a function and will most likely be scriptable (rocket boosters, guns, conduits for energy transfer, etc). • Superficial elements: Elements that are made for decoration only. These are to help add atmosphere to a construct (pots/pans, soda cans etc). • Superficial Working elements: Elements like stoves, sinks, toilets. Elements that "work" in game with opening doors, flowing water etc, but have no function outside of immersive aspects. • Emitter elements: Elements that give off an effect such as lightning or electric arcs, waterfalls/flowing water, steam vents etc. These would fall under active elements in most cases. List what kind of active or superficial elements would you like to see ultimately in Dual Universe? I will start off with these: • Active elements: Ramp doors. Doors that extend outward to allow for easier ingress/egress into a ship style construct. Shield windows. Windows that have closable blast shields. • Superficial elements: Desks Chairs Soda cans • Superficial Working elements: Rotating fans. Fans that rotate at various speeds, couple well with steam vents. Spinning gears. Gears of various sizes that rotate to make mechanical looking machines. • Emitter elements: Steam Vents that blow gusts of steam. Electric arcs. Heads up displays with the ability to change the color of the hud. ​
  13. Will there be elements that provide lateral movement (up and down movement) inside a construct? I know many people on the forums and discord channels are dreaming up their massive ships and buildings. But how will we move around inside these ships and buildings, specifically up and down? Are we relegated to ramps and jet-packs or can we do better? Some examples include: Ladder elements Elevator elements Teleporter elements Can you think of more?
  14. In the beginning, there were functional elements that make constructs fulfill their various functions. But what about purely decorative elements? I am not talking about player made elements that were previously alluded to (like a pretty staircase etc) I mean naturally occurring elements such as plants, flowers, small trees and shrubberies. Things that occur naturally on planets that could be placed in a construct to make it look... pretty. And while we are on elements that players cannot create, how about a water spray element so that players can create fountains How about electronic displays, flags, and pennants flying your orgs (static) logo? Lets set aside the technical difficulties and whether NQ has the time to implement any of these for now. What other decorative elements would you like to see in the game?
  15. There are different ways doors could be implemented in DU. One is what I call an element door. This is one element that forms a complete door and frame. Another way, which I prefer, is what I call a voxel door. With this method, both the door and the frame are primarily made of voxels with a few small elements to handle opening and closing. As an example, imagine we have a slider. This is a small element, probably one voxel in size. Each one could look like a coil, to represent using mag-lev technology to connect the door to the frame. Several of these would be attached to the frame in a row to from a track. Several more sliders would be attached to one edge of the door. When the two groups of sliders were placed face to face, they would anchor the door in place, but allow it to slide back and forth. There would also be a control unit to operate the door. This could be another small, one voxel sized element, that might look like a touch panel. The primary advantage of voxel doors is that they allow a large amount of variety in doors. If there was just one element door, then every door in DU would look the same. There could, of course, be more element doors, but each one would be another project for the development team. With voxel doors, the same pair of elements could be used to make doors of any shape or size. Some might slide to one side, some might go up and down and some might split and move out from the middle. Adding one more element, such as a hinge, would allow even more variety. Once these elements were in the game, they could be used for more than just doors. The sliders and touch panel, for example, could also be used to build an elevator. There are two requirements to make this possible. First, voxels must be small enough to make a reasonably sized door. From the examples of building I have seen in the videos, the voxels in DU do appear to be small enough. The other is that voxels must be able to move next to each other without causing collisions. Especially in a space game, large gaps between the door and the frame would not be acceptable. I do not know whether the technology DU uses would allow this, but I hope it does.
  16. A little push up for dev team to gather ideas from the community about what type of elements would be appreciated to be seen in control rooms of our spaceships Unlike other topic i would like to structure that one and condensate informations, so that after few posts we dont loose them I will start with an exhaustive liste of active elements, scripted elements, that players will have interaction with And encourage everyone to copy past the liste adding +1 on the counter of the elements they like, and add their own elements at the bottom of the list Eventual comments would be made after the liste has been past
  17. Introducing here an idea about a multipurpose touchable MENU for diferent LUA interactions with other Elements It could be created with different sizes, from ipad size to giant screens, and have a specific graphic interface proper to DU Have a body seperate into 3 parts: - Top: Title of the screen menu / sub menu - Middle: Configurable buttons - Bottom: Description of the curent menu / or descirption of the highlighted button Each part could be scriptable and splited into lists of strings in the LUA First menu could give direct informations or actions, or lead to a submenu Each button pression would send a string that will be filtered and sent to whatever element it is linked to For a concrete example, from the very last published video with the flying plateforms: The tactile screen could replace a cockpit and have a buttons action menu look like so: PLATEFORM MOVEMENT CONTROL | FOWARD | | UP | | ROTATE RIGHT | | LEFT | | STOP / START | | RIGHT | | BACKWARD | | DOWN | | ROTATE LEFT | DESC: blablabla this is the control panel for your moving plateform It could replace and make interactive the chat commands And allow creations and configuration of very simple Operating Systems Below is an example from SL UI floating scriptable menu: So this one could be made as a physical touchable screen menu in DU Uses of a configurable menu will be extremly wide From home personal automation menu (switch lights on/off, lock doors on/off etc...), passing by the touchable password screen menu, to a whole ship operating system I hope i was clear and i gave some ideas
  18. Question number 5 (Dual Universe Explorers - Live Q&A w/ JC Baillie - Novaquark CEO || 09/17/2016) minute 14:45 https://youtu.be/H9Y0YmqGYDM?t=887 Few thoughts and eventual mechanics solutions why air within spaceship would be terribly usefull Considering the eventuality of a normal voxel as Data 1 (solid point), void as Data null (inexistant data, uncalculated), and air as Data 0 (existing point but with no interaction) Building a spaceship would be creating Data 1 point clouds within Data null Air, Data 0, could be spread in a finish construct by the intermediary of a specific element placed within the construct to detect breaches, or enabling voxels building mode on a moving spaceship, from the hypothesis of this topic. In terms of gameplay, the element could take the form of a "red alarm light", each could be renameable, be placed on the ceiling or above doors, and be connected to a display screen element in a control room, displaying pressure status of every rooms this elements are placed in. The pressure display screen would allow in real time to know the status of the ship hull, and alert in case of breach during a confrontation or a collision. A breach isnt a scratch and could involve an opening big enough for undesired infantry within a ship, so why not having by the way the possibility to remotly lock the doors accessing to the room where a breach is. In terms of mechanics, each "red alarm light" elements, would on start of the ship, spread within a room, air, Data 0, and calculate the number of points needed to fill the room. A breach could be detected when the ship starts, if the Data 0 point cloud reaches the whole construct virtual volume border, then the alarm triggers and send a signal to the control room display, until it is fixed and reseted. During a confrontation, the alarm would trigger if the calculated Data 0 point clouds is expanding, then the alarm triggers and send a signal to the control room display, until it is fixed and reseted. When alarm triggers, the element would instantly remove the Data 0 point cloud it started to calculate and replace it back with Data Null I believe it could be one solution how to introduce air within a spaceship, and 2 possible uses for it But not the only solution for spaceship hull status detection (that could also be made with only one element, but less precise, displaying a floating mini 3d model of the ship automaticly built at the ship start, and comparing it with the real time voxels volume of the ship) EDIT: other uses for air condition in space ships - breathable environment (the need of air in the gameplay, difference for players between void and air) - biomes, and future potential emplementation of farming/planting abilities - gravity (affecting air environment but not void ones)
  19. Just thought about a gravity element to rule the UP and DOWN in space. This element could be scripted and given a force vector to setup gravity within a spaceship Gravity could be then canceled, turned up or down at will When first deployed in a construction it would give the default gravity force vector, so what ever you build around you would be sure which voxels compose the ceiling and the floor of your construct in space gravitation. Turning up or down the gravity would allow spaceship interior configuration for the diferent gravity forces And canceling the gravity force might be usefull during an enemy assault, and disabling the enemies ships landing possibility
  20. Dual tweeted out a gif of a Mini Rocket Propulsor firing. Can't wait to attach one of these to a construct https://twitter.com/dualthegame/status/689154627120558080
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