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  1. Let me quote from https://www.dualthegame.com/en/ Players can combine their skills and create a powerful company to dominate the market. Weapons, tools, outposts, spaceships and even giant space stations, you can build and trade everything to everyone - at your price - on your own market (work in progress). Act wisely with your newfound power. I think something similar will be available soon;
  2. Can't wait for this game. W3 was like black hole. I trust my homies that it will be a kickass rpg;
  3. I bought NMS at the release and I was disappointed all the way with a gameplay.. Waiting for NEXT - definitely I will try it. Cant wait to put my hands on this promised long time ago in galaxy multiplayer..
  4. In the country where i live ~15 Eur is like three pack of cigarretes so ~15 Eur per month is not so much if you are non smoker; smokers are spending multiple of those 15 Eur every couple of days! So ... STOP SMOKING! PLAY DU!
  5. In my opinion - no offence BioChemBud, this is not personal - but this is the most strange idea of ingame organization as I ever seen - ever. You want to propagate communism in DU or what? Please explain. And the name of Your organiation is, in most sensitive way.. inappropriate. Or If it's suppouse to be a joke then no funny.
  6. Zgłaszam chęć gry drużynowej natomiast celuję w betę dopiero. Niedługo kupię ten zestawik za 60 ojro. ;D pozdr.
  7. Ok I just got mine. Free seats by the window are still available ;D https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2018/public-invited-to-come-aboard-nasa-s-first-mission-to-touch-the-sun
  8. thats a pity ;< BUT!!! maybe it'll change, hope so.. thanks!
  9. well yeah but what about outside the safe zone - digging in a safe zone hiding things is not what i was meant to achive Can i dig outside safe zone and place box with stuff then bury it all, will it remain "forever"?
  10. thank you "device" I mean for example flashlight, can i craft flashlight of my design and sell it to other players that they can use it too?
  11. Hi Will it be possible to construct some kind of manual devices that other players can use? I would like to construct some stuff and sell.
  12. Buried stuff remains in a ground for what period of time?
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