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  1. Oh my, 4.5 languages and somewhat having been all over. I also like to advance my language skills, with "just" German and English so far. I still have the life expectancy of a few more decades so who knows where the journey ends. Viel Erfolg.
  2. I see little issues with this. In fact, I like the idea of STUs. An okay-ish or good compromise catering to different audiences while those using them will still not be completely untouchable. Why or how has been mentioned prior by various people. In turn let's say there will be some war. Enemy might have backup materials or valuables stored in STUs area. You might not be able to target it directly but it can essentially turn into a material war. If the other side gets blockaded or if they run out of resources, use up the things in the STU and can't throw more at you, then that's also damage to them or victory for you. I again think the general idea is good and while it might prolong some wars, it also gives builders or creators (or businessmen) a place to live or act in relative peace. A compromise of sorts, bridging various types of players.
  3. Warden

    In-game voice.

    I also doubt you can get physical control (stun, move, etc) over others in claimed areas. I'm all for it to some extend but I think so far you can be happy if you ban players from entering or using services in some area. That might also be it? I'm generally for power over (other) players in faction controlled space unless or until there is an active war going in where the measures would be suspended between the enemies. But that's something for one of the other fitting threads that revolve around the topic. Some interesting (community) news in regards to this topic here ? , on another note.
  4. We intend to recruit, and you could boost our team! Within the next days, a few changes will take place to promotional content and the application system. We'll refine it further and make it relatively self explanatory, giving those interested a guide of sorts and a clear overview of what we actually want and what we expect - without fluff, from player to player. For that, next week we will add a page on our promotional website (www.vulturecorp.space) and clarify. Recruitment should be clear and efficient and your time is precious - let's not waste it. With that said, we also want to provide honest and realistic recruitment beyond "fluff". No use "baiting" applicants with false expectations; the best foundation is one of clear words and providing you with how things are. In turn, we expect integrity and motivated applicants who don't mind starting in a growing group that is yet small. For our yet very small and partially inactive (some await more progress in DU) team to grow, we need external applicants. Maybe you are the next member? ----------------------------------------------- But what do we expect, what do we want, what should you mind? First, maybe I should also mention what we don't want. Unlike some others, we have no (unrealistic) illusions of grandeur and world (or verse) domination. Experience has shown that while aspirations are good, trying to eat more than you can chew is unhealthy. We want to stay level-headed, grounded, realistic. Our goal is to take part in the economy and to establish a solid foundation while initiating certain building and community projects. We want a slice of the pie - but not the whole pie. So far, we are on a good track. We will pick goals realistically and work on them in a functional order in a team that will likely stay relatively small and cohesive. This means we do not want to become a giant organization and instead want to focus on a cohesive team and quality. For starters, we intend to reach a hand full to a dozen additional members and then assess the situation from there. Given that we intend to grow slowly and organically, that numbers are so far low and since DU is a work in progress, those interested in joining should bring a mature, somewhat independent-minded attitude and patience. You don't expect to have your hand held all the time, but instead use your hands to create something that lasts and maybe will tell stories for years to come. Given that we do not want numbers for the sake of numbers or manpower, but quality, we will also work on appropriate measures to ensure this. ----------------------------------------------- How about a call to action? If you read this and look for an organization, I suggest you take a look at the first post and promotional links. While things are always adapted, I personally think they currently suffice to give you a rough understanding. Why bother joining, you may ask? - We do not come out of nowhere and have a history in another sandbox game, and thus, a bit of experience ↳ In turn, past-members who will likely join us in DU again later on have different experiences from EvE-Online and other sandbox games - We utilize multimedia to enhance member and community immersion and generally receive positive feedback about it - We try to think things through and create lasting projects or designs - Different branches catering to broad interests - name something and we can likely provide you work in that area - International environment, with historic roots in the European and German-speaking domain Do note: We currently especially look for "creators" who may take a leading role eventually and help run operations in DU. This is partially due to other commitments in other realms (SC, etc.). If you are deemed fit to join and want responsibility, you can get it. We do not look for small-time dictators but inspiring personalities who can bring the team forward with cooperative leadership and self-control during stressful or daring times. ----------------------------------------------- What to do if you are interested If you like what you see and if you can imagine working with us, send me a PM on the community board located at: https://community.dualthegame.com/ I assume you will have no problem locating my profile on that platform to send me a PM over there, or discovering the right approach, as all you need is laid out in front of you Why is this used? Since the Inbox on this forum section is limited, using the community hub where all organizations are located allows me to reach messages continuously even when I reach the limit here, but you can also post in here if this does not work for some technical reason. What should the PM contain? We'll keep it simple for now. Express your wish to join and why you have selected us, while briefly describing why you think you are a good addition. From there, things will proceed in due time. --- And that's it for now. I thank you for your attention. If you have any questions, you know what to do.
  5. Perhaps it's just me but I believe in the responsibility of the user (player) first and foremost. If they are younger, the parents (or anyone in a comparable role) should have an eye on it. Adults? Largely responsible for themselves. The body and mind will rebel at some point anyway. Most have a daily schedule anyway and likely can't reach a dozen hours consecutively. But maybe a few sometimes want to catch up on the weekend or have a Marathon or finish some building project. Why stop them with such measures in, say, exceptional cases?
  6. 1) Yes, it's possible - why wouldn't it, by default or on paper? However... 2) (I made the relevant part in the quote bold) ... there can be no guarantee that your services and products will find clients, customers, etc. You get the picture. And that's fine in a player run economy. Another one's loss is another man's profit, or something like that. There should be no guarantee, at least not any "coded in" form of some guarantee. It should solely depend on how you market something and who (and how) you approach. And then timing maybe. Certain risks should simply be there. If another was there earlier and got the relevant contacts, especially in some niche market, then you might have a bad time. Adapt or change course completely. There will be enough competition later on, surely with hundreds (if not many more) of player orgs, but in some areas, there might just be a few. Who really can tell at this time? But at the end of the day, one thing is certain: If you found an organization and want to offer certain services or products, there's always some economic risk. Someone could be faster, better, bigger than you or there may simply not be enough demand in whatever you intend to offer. That's (market) life. But if it motivates you: We might find a use for certain ships later and do not intend to produce everything ourselves or at least not design everything ourselves. If you want to throw out offers or are interested in hearing a bit, send me a PM. If my inbox is miraculously full (again) by the time (if) you send one, mention it here and I'll make some space.
  7. I'm always a friend and vocal supporter of survival or realism mechanics (in the case of DU specifically, making food items more relevant by needing them "on occasion" to avoid debuffs or starvation.) But in this case, despite the thought-out or detailed delivery, I seem to be against it so far and at its core.
  8. Warden

    In-game voice.

    Well, I don't think I'm an EvE expert nor do I know how gameplay in DU will later be in many situations. But I think here it's hard to compare in a certain way. In EvE you are, in essence, a space ship. More or less. In DU it is rather first person based and you can detach from vehicles / constructs any time. The "scale" is different, you can meet people "face to face" in more situations that you'll likely encounter space ships in EvE very close to each other where you could use local comms, if you know what I mean. I think applying local comms in DU will be somewhat easier or more practical or useful if you can scale dynamically.
  9. You are correct and I almost said "silly me", but in theory one could apply other hostile measures not solely dependent on in-game PvP mechanics. But since that would be rather between the lines or a more wide interpretation to what's also explicitly stated (actual war and combat), long story short: Lock it. If the need for this rises, it can be promoted in a new form or under a new name again.
  10. Warden

    In-game voice.

    That is where quick mute or disable or other filtering options such as range limitations come in handy. Offer it and make it optional so no one could really complain but most could benefit at the same time depending on the situation. It will be additional dev work no doubt, but if done right, it can also turn into a marketing aspect feature-wise and allow for more player interactions.
  11. So about a year later after last post, I ask: This still a thing? Mostly referring to those who agreed. Or time for a new vote?
  12. Warden

    In-game voice.

    Is it not one of the greatest contributions to game play versatility to be able to potentially speak to any player you suddenly encounter immediately? No non-integrated third party software can provide this. Of course it takes time and resources, but the benefits will be there.
  13. I was never an EvE expert, nor did I take part in huge battles. But I'd think Star Citizen (SC) still needs to rely on "relatively massive numbers of players" eventually. While it's not the case now, I do clearly remember statements of eventually boosting player numbers per local instance and them even having done so in the last few major versions. This is required if we tend to look at capital ships that may, themselves, house dozens of crew members and maybe more (marine / attack force, guests, etc). Maybe we'll never get to see some of the huge battle of EvE due to resources or limits, but I so far assume we will see relatively huge battles later on anyway with better tech and more if we ever expect to see up to a handful of capital ships engage each other. And then come additional single-seat fighters and other small ships. Of course you are correct in your relation saying "...like EvE and DU". But it won't be "a bunch of people" in turn, either Or it would be pretty unsatisfying for all those capital ship users to be restricted to relatively smaller instances in that sense. ----- On another note, frankly, I think it's a good time to be alive (if you can expect at least an additional 2-3 decades of life time, that is). Tech gets better and allows for more options. I so far see no real end to the "development tree" and games get bigger and allow for more. What might now be exotic or "within relative reach" might be standard for sandbox games and the like in a few decades. Time will tell, but eventually I can see games like EvE and DU only increase in scale.
  14. Warden

    In-game voice.

    As I like to say, referring to your last sentence: Not just large organizations, but, really, ANY players with or without an organization (potentially anyway, some might be mute, but even then you can listen to others and benefit from it) for a simple reason: Encounters with strangers or people you know without being in third party software or by booting it up first being a hassle or improbable in that particular situation. Picture a market place where you are a trader and want to sell wares in the old fashioned way. You need (or want) to be there. Lots of foot traffic, people coming by and leaving all the time. Typing everything could be a hassle. Being able to speak in a limited radius with the option of further adjustments to radius, volume, etc would not just be vastly convenient, it would also increase immersion. Picture another setting: You clear an abandoned station or check on once you lost contact with or one that was attacked. You encounter random people in it. Being able to instantly (or quickly) communicate can perhaps change the outcome of encounters (think of DayZ and comparable games with VOIP where lack of quick communication can result in immediate combat that may not have happened otherwise). There are so many reasons for this and I can imagine many ways of compromises for the reluctant ones or critical arguments that may apply in some situations ("input overflow" of the senses if too many are in one spot and talking -> limiting talk range dynamically to make it feasible in high traffic areas for example, and so on) that I think the community - each player potentially - benefits more from having this than not having this at all. ---------------------------- In other words, for me it's not a question of "Useful or not" any more. It is useful for me and I think most people who played games that may even heavily rely on VOIP and whatnot such as DayZ, ARMA (any title) and many more might largely agree. As for potentially bad constellations, compromises can be found, including a total mute of local voice comms if people desire this (whether as quick feature or by going into the options to lower the volume by hand). For me the only relevant question is: Can NQ implement this and will this run (well) with what the game envisions to be on a technical side of things? Or will it draw too many resources later, be wonky, not work properly as intended or can NQ simply not work on this any time soon (until and maybe after release) because of the work required to properly implement this? I'm not an expert. All I see is the benefits from the user or customer side of things and surely it may not be a walk in the park, especially if you add additional customization features such as range scaling and maybe even audio filters or radio communication. Additionally it's an additional - even if small - strain on resources I imagine. But if it can be done and gets implemented, all players can hugely benefit in many situations.
  15. Time to break the silence. What better way to do so with music? Here's another "fluff" (or background) theme to underline a certain style. It's a s l o w, even somewhat repetitive piece; but a strong futuristic one nevertheless. Music is from "The Synthetic Dream Foundation" (The one eyed maiden). The focus is on audio and the footlage loops mostly, minus the beginning and the little "Thanks" at the end, but we nevertheless hope you like it and may find inspiration in the music and the things to come in Dual Universe.
  16. Maybe, for some (or sometimes), the only way to really get something done. Without friends, allies, partners, you'll be limited and maybe specific ideas might never be "born" or get somewhere. You may not need others to come up with ideas - but you might need them to turn them into a reality. Also, cross promotion.
  17. Roads or other infrastructure - at least for travelling between certain points, not so much random exploration of the wilderness. If people want it, it can be done and those roads could be maintained, offering a certain standard of mobility or average speed vs. a "bumpy road or ride" by going through the wilderness. In the end, if it's a hassle or obstacle, players have to deal with it. Same with war torn areas. In another game in another time you should've seen the areas around a safe city where new players would spawn or where you would go for trading and so on. It looked like a warzone with occasional deep holes in the ground where I could not tell if it was because of mining or bombs. It looked messy. So what did we do? We started an initiative to fix the holes and damage, make it greener. If no one does it, nothing will change.
  18. I'm curious and eager to see who may try to "fully" control the individual planets of the starting system, on that note. No doubt many will try to settle across them, and some will contest others. I predict many clashes, but who knows, maybe many of them will also become relatively settled or peaceful with different factions getting along after a while or eventually. Emergent gamepaly and all.
  19. It basically comes down to preference, not (solely) pros and cons if I think about it. On one end of the spectrum you have the "hardcore survival crowd" and on the other, the ones with a more casual or hassle-free mindset in that regard. I doubt you can change many stances solely through debate (here). I think it kinda boils down to "how many are in favor, against or indifferent about it and what would NQ's state be about it. I for one can only suggest a survival system where you have to eat maybe 1 to 2 times per real day. Or 3 maybe. By that I mean played time. A good balance can surely be found. But why am I in favor of it? 1) Challenges. This adds another layer to the game. As trivial as eating may sound, it adds logistics and planning and in some situations maybe reliance on others. 2) Jobs. Farming, industry and maybe a further options to use some stuff for chemicals and further refining. Or beer brewing. If food items are planned without survival, adding survival (to be precise, need to eat) would make all those objects more useful beyond "fluff or buff". 3) Other stuff I can't think of right now and stay is not covered by 1 or 2 The need to eat could open a whole new market and I think this is not too much to ask for if you have to use various items only a few times per day (real hours).
  20. You don't solely have to look at "static" documents, on another note. I hear various players here have some professional background or relation to city planning and comparable areas of expertise.
  21. Possible, but most unlikely. For the starting zone at least. It is unlikely that a faction will be able to muster that huge manpower, coordination and cohesion over other orgs also trying to get a piece of the cake. And even then, post-control political pressure from competing or comparable groups might mean they don't keep it forever. As for "fair", Necromonger motto: You keep what you kill, aka you get what you deserve.
  22. My ideal feature or idea about this is integrated voice communication - at least on a local level. This allows for better and faster communication with strangers - otherwise you would be limited to text (or 'emotes') and would have to invite them to whatever app or software you were using first. Not really viable in some or even many situations or sudden encounters. ---- As for hovering chat bubbles, thinking about it more, I severely suggest those for the game later on, maybe with the further ability to tweak their size or formatting. Why? Simple: With the single shard environment in mind, and in addition to further urban hotspots, you might have to expect many players to be in areas of interest, like markets. Imagine trying to read everything in one chat window alone - you may not be able to keep up without inviting people into groups and whatnot. Bubbles (in addition to being able to how far you can "hear" or in turn speak, at least a bit) seem necessary. I remember them from SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) and it was really useful already once just a dozen people were in a room. You could stand in some corner and solely focus on the bubbles. In other MMORPGs being in hotspots was a nightmare, you had to keenly watch chat and often scroll to make sure you did not miss anything, and once "posting rate" becomes too high, it's basically no longer possible to keep up at one point without bubbles or your own channel. I would not mind some context menu in addition to having a wide array of "emotes" - especially for the RP crowd in mind. Should the devs eventually focus on emotes, I kindly suggest to also add a few stances that are "lopping", such as standing around, arms crossed, sitting, leaning, doing sit or push-ups (looped), saluting (short and then looped) and much more. This should not be underestimated as this "emote diversification" isn't solely for a "small crowd of RPers" who might use them more. It also helps content creators in showing or creating better things such as posters or movies about the game or out of it. The more, the merrier. ---- In short, the more you invest into communication from the game (dev) side, the easier players will be able to communicate and also organize later on. While it may be more work compared to what other games offer, I think it is worth it. At least, worth a look and serious consideration. It will be a huge world after all and the more options you have in limiting or expanding communication while being able to chose different channels for appropriate situations and with different ranges and so on, the better it will be for the player in the long run.
  23. I have actually revived an old website idea and converted it to this project, with most of it completed while the rest needs some fine tuning. »metropolice.agency Please note: It's mostly for promotion and not done. As such, texts and multimedia will see additional fine-tuning over time with the licensed material we obtained (thus, don't worry, no copyright issues here - hey, with what happened some time ago in the community I better mention this :P). Consider it a place holder that, nonetheless, can already promote the project and will be fine-tuned as Tortuga and this project advances. It's a step forward either way. How to contact us If you want to contact me about expressing interest in joining or to provide feedback, please do so here or via the PM system on the community website at https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/inbox#tab-write If you enter "Warden" into the user window, it should direct messages to me on that part of the website. Please do not use the forum here as my inbox is relatively packed and almost full. So what is left to DU, all in all? Wait for more game and city project progress and more details Fine-tune the promotional website and content of any type Overhaul the OP and potentially... ...come up with some sort of application system and basic requirements and expectations (potentially done via the promotional website or a forum thread in a dedicated Tortuga forum) Eventually find solid personnel for leadership positions or generally fitting members so that this thing can basically "run on its own" without too much management required in daily operations - this would also be ideal for me due to time constraints and commitments in other projects I have We may also ditch the website (or keep it for promotional purposes only, but move applications and so on) if Tortuga decides to open a community website or forum where all organizations, groups and individuals that take part can organize. This would, from my humble point of view, make sense eventually and connect the city and its inhabitants or supporters more. While a Discord server exists, I think a (dedicated) forum might be easier to store information in or navigate said information, so it should be considered at one point. While I really like the project and would even consider providing a place, this should ideally be done by the "founding fathers" (and / or mothers) of the Tortuga project as having all of that outsourced can lead to ... potential risks or data loss later on. I can or will gladly provide domain name suggestions however
  24. In short, as I likely posted elsewhere in time already: The subscription fees make sure the game keeps running or that the devs can calculate better, more or less, while the ability to in theory purchase game time through in-game efforts serves as good compromise or enticer for those who do not necessarily want to pay hard cash for each month. The DAC idea is a good compromise and can get players into the game that would not pay initially. And if they are successful (and / or lucky) in the game, they might not even have to pay a dime, or only rarely, per month. I'd argue that most players can also manage to pay the monthly fee in hard cash, at least initially. Those who have trouble or might have trouble and are aware of this now, or in other words, interested in playing the game, they have plenty of time to save up until it becomes relevant. And for all others or those who cannot, there's still an option in theory: Earn game time by working for organizations without playing the game. You can surely offer some service and earn a DAC or two. Not everything is done in the game. If all of that fails and if you lack money long-term without wanting to contribute to orgs on a meta or out-of-game level, you likely have other problems.
  25. I think they are not mutually exclusive as we'd technically also be colonists. In other words (literally) you can also use "colonist".
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