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  1. A little script I knocked up to show the capacity of attached crates. There are 2 parameters to set, the name of the resource you are monitoring in the crates, and a unit mass(KG/L). You will need a screen attached called "Screen", or change the relevant part in the script. Containers don't need a specific name. This is my first time coding LUA, or in DU, so any improvements I can make, please let me know. objectMassPerLitre = 2.7 --export containerContentsName = "Aluminium" --export local containerArray = {} local containerCount = 0 for key, value in pairs(unit) do
  2. Long time fan and kickstarter, looking forward to building some cool stuff!
  3. discordauth:aTBsXapohaRVgSRnpa1WcHD7EMTuuvnufWmxVt2McU0=

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