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  1. So when I change resolution to 1920 it says restart the game which I did. First it is requiring me to redownload the entire 5 gigs or so to even start the game. Second resolution is not updated. I don't see any option to apply changes just a message to restart. What am I missing?
  2. I'm not saying we would need pistons. Just the ability to allow a voxel to move from point a to point b
  3. So thinking to the fact that this game has all this ability to craft and build got me thinking about things like minecraft sticky pistons that allow you to physically move voxels that are attached to a pully type system. Off the top of my head the abiltiy to load cargo onto a "lift" and then press a button and it is pulled to its destination on top of the voxel platform attached to the pully system. Couple that with the programming abilities in the game and it would really open up the game. Other thoughts are hidden turrets on a ship that at a push of a button pop out. What do you guys think?
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