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  1. Tryed flat tool and the node appeared. Will see if it works else where. Thanks for the tip
  2. Same issue. Been two days now even after a server reset. Tryed all the usal fixes and nothing worked for me.
  3. I'll chalk it up to Beta, but what a strange mechanic.
  4. As the Super Legate of my Corp. How do i kick a Legate out? I've tryed demoting, and kicking but it always goes to a vote. Being only one Legate in my corp and the one i want to kick. That person will never vote or leave themselves.
  5. Love to see how many connections are made to and from a element. Just a little # some where when you interact with the element would be nice. Pretty Please
  6. You cant enforce muti-boxing. There is no cost effective way a developer could do it. Countless reasons for several accounts from a single location. Dorms, family accounts are just two off the top of my head. Anyone that multi-boxes could just vote multi times. So i see votes as pointless in this matter. There are plenty of cheats and exploits that should be focused on. Then the few that multi box in a negative way. The games in Beta after all. This is the time you fix those issues. Now In my opinion. I would like to see a complete server reset. When the game goes live. ( Though not popular ) Maybe allow testers to keep SPs /shrug.
  7. 1. Placed a blueprint with dynamic core after i get the blue box. It shakes then blast into sub orbit 36km away. What am i missing ? 2.(Unrelated) When getting the voxels for a blueprint the window is cut off and you have no idea how many voxels you need to complete the blueprint. This results in producing many extra unwanted voxels till you meet the requirement. Fine on small builds, but as the voxel count climbs with larger builds. This becomes frustrating. Perhapse i'm missing something simple here. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Went to log in this morning and game will not load. If anyone knows the server status or where i can find it. It would be much appreciated. Thank You and happy hunting PS: When i attempt to go to the offical server status. I get sent to the main Dual Universe home page. There is not status there that i can see.
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