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  1. +1 Something so basic shouldnt be missing.
  2. According to NQs Trello this Idea was already declined, but NQ changes its mind often and has been quite inconsistent with features. So lets see what the future has in store for us.....
  3. +1 some kind of meaningful ui design indeed af if this game wasnt already confusing enough with its badly designer markers
  4. You can now add your ideas/suggestions directly on the official Dual Universe features upvote site: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game
  5. yeah devs are working on very basic stuff atm not much point to diverge time and effort to content rn
  6. +1 absolutely needed to make markers behind the planet transparent, not the first time i miscalculated distance because i thought i have still some distance left
  7. sounds nice, but insanely performance intense, probably something for the next decade
  8. i dont get what you want to achieve? you want something to start several machines at once?
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/146274265@N03/49174686178/
  10. its been proposed before
  11. NukNuk

    VR Support

    at some point, full body tracking, VR support etc pp just leaving this out here
  12. NukNuk

    Moveable Parts

    moveable parts that require physics: no chance in the near future (~couple of years), they cant even manage the current load so dont expect any of this. even tho it wouldve been nice to see but its not gonna happen
  13. it shouldnt be completely separated, but letting newbies out where people go on and about their daily business is not a good choice, anywhere else but the markets is a good spot really. newbies should also be able to directly everywhere they want since its a sandbox, but it wont hurt to have a trainingcamp somewhere remote. it might be less overwhelming and create less lag. speeders can be wiped more often etc. just makes sense to separate markets and starting zone
  14. please move the newbie/starter zones away from the biggest hotspots in the game (the arkship markets) and move them somewhere where they dont litter the place with speeders and also have a less horrible first impression of the game due to lag
  15. NukNuk

    Docking Ports

    by the the way it was announced in the pre alpha footage
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