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  1. it's quite easy in fact: each engine has got tags which tell him what it is done for, and you can change these tags yourself, or via lua programmation inflight. https://dual.sh/codex/ in the chapter physic scripting, it give you the tags that can handle your engines. I've used it in alpha to program vertical engines which I switch between vertical, idle and brake. it can really be done easily.
  2. hi, I just notive that there is a new tier V ore: thoramine.have we got any info on it?


  4. discordauth:2PoVYilg8UvTTiE4qYrEXyXoShVa_txkz8ITzJACYuQ=

  5. discordauth:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=

  6. Hi, I'm a french player, 42, happy to join for this alpha see you soon in gma
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