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    Lulichika reacted to 0something0 in Black Holes   
    Of course, like most things Issac Arthur does, making black holes probably will require a K2 civilization. So no black holes for us I guess 
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    Lulichika reacted to Vulcan#1 in Recourses in Early Game   
    Okay I have something I'm questioning/concerned about when starting early game and an issue that I saw in Another game Eco that I  Alpha-Beta test for. Recourse management for people who start later than everyone else it's harder to find resources at spawn. I understand that this game is alot larger but there are also Alot more people playing as well. Will finding/mining resources be like Minecraft where when you mine them and they are gone forever or like RuneScape where the recourse will respond after X about of time. The reason I ask is if the resources aren't responded or reintroduced after Time. The Beginning of the game will get harder and harder for New Players To start up if resources aren't  introduced after a while but then again it gives Companies a tool for recruitment to give people a boost.
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    Lulichika reacted to RoboFS in Power Armor   
    So I looked online and saw that no one else had posted this, so i decided to do it myself, its simple really.. Power Armor.
    Basically power armor would be armor you could modify to assist you in combat, the power armor could also be able to be customized, with different types of helmets, different colors, and emblems on the power armor. The power armor would make you look bulky compared to the normal person, as well as make you taller (i'd suggest like 8 ft tall)
    Some ideas for modifications to the power armor:
    Cloak - Would allow you to pretty much become invisible for a small amount of time.
    Speed - Would make you much faster, good for travel, or escaping from a bad fight.
    Strength - Being able to carry more stuff, and if melee weapons are added, it would add extra damage to melee weapons.
    Accuracy - Making your character more accurate with their guns.
    Shield - Adds a buff to your base shield charge.
    Health - Adds a buff to your base health
    Power Armor Only Weapons - Weapons that are too heavy duty for people without power armor to carry, maybe advanced assault rifles, miniguns, etc.
    This idea is essentially for making super-soldiers for factions with advanced technology.
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    Lulichika reacted to Kuritho in Inspirational Architecture   
    A masterpiece.
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    Lulichika got a reaction from Greenfox in Ingame Economy   
    Most people on the forums are mighty eloquent with their writing, and offer up helpful or intriguing information. So thank you for being most people .
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    Lulichika got a reaction from Anopheles in I don't think I'm happy that Organizations are already up and running   
    Great advice, but one thing that i'm not so sure about is practical knowledge. We have basic information from interviews, tutorials, and devblogs, but not of Alioth itself. What resources we'll be used to make ships, weapons, Res Nodes. Is scripting with Lua in DU different or is it the same. Just a few worries of mine
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    Lulichika reacted to Anopheles in I don't think I'm happy that Organizations are already up and running   
    Regardless of size, unless the game sets up a ersatz webbrowser in game, a webpage helps to focus players, gives a platform for stimulating the interest of friends who play other games and gives something important to important future and current recruits - a sign that you know what you are doing.   
    Leadership depends on the nature of the organization and the energy/commitment of the leadership.   It can range from very loose (a pirate band, with a leader who is the idea man and someone who owns the website) - basically just a band of mates who want to have fun - all the way up to a Japanese Style Corporation/Military Structure with everyone knowing their place and having a set role, even if it is 'meat shield'.     The problem is if you want the loose formation but with strict order or a Corporation where no one is in charge.   Lead, pally about or delegate, but do something that fits the theme of the org.
    Practical knowledge is things like (i'm not in Pre Alpha, but I can hypothesize), what landscape is best for defense, what minerals are most efficient to process, if the terrain gives clues to the minerals, that kind of thing as well as having an idea of the most efficient way to produce a blueprint).
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    Lulichika got a reaction from Anopheles in I don't think I'm happy that Organizations are already up and running   
    So is it that the leader must operate the same way an empire would.
    Like fast communication to all cities within its borders
    Sending supplies, citizens and soldiers to wear they need to go quickly and efficiently
    An identity based on policies,"propaganda", and media like having community created content
    The empires strengths like military or transport
    The power structure being the best for the empire.
    I'm probably wrong or confusing in this but i what do you think
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    Lulichika reacted to Anopheles in I don't think I'm happy that Organizations are already up and running   
    Seems like every niche has already been filled.  New organizations will be minnows and will struggle to survive.   
    Yes, I know Organization Churn is a thing in games, but everything you want to do will already be up and running, so you are under a lot of weight.
    This will be true even after a wipe.     This means the best areas will be found sooner (organized effort), better defended and so on.
    Organizations shouldn't have started until a relatively short beta or after.
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    Lulichika reacted to Greenfox in Ingame Economy   
    Ohhh that's a difficult question.
    Well generally the ingame economy will always be in flux.
    And if you had experiences with other games you can guess what to expect on inflation and deflation to an extend.
    - that at some point the devs wont churn in new fresh ingame coin like an EU/ USA money press
    So you can expect the ingame coin to become more worth, the longer the game goes on. As the total amount of circulated coin deacreases~
    I can't say more without going into NDA covered aspects ;3.
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    Lulichika reacted to CoreVamore in Ingame Economy   
    No need to move the discussion as its not NDA, most is just conjecture, or what has already been said in NQ's releases.
    I am certain new elements will be introduced and/or modified over time. The characters skill set also ensures that this will happen as only skills will determine when certain techs will be able to be firstly made, then secondly used. NQ has said the characters skill sets will develop similar to Eve Online - and to become fully skilled in Eve takes something like 20 real life years, so expect new techs to arrive over time.
    Secondly, JC has said that there will be some form of story arc to progress through. I dont know how long that will take, but it also allows for another mechanism to introduce new techs/elements etc.
    I am also sure that they will provide full transparency as to what elements are achievable in game, and what it takes to both build them and use them. Gives everyone something to both aim for, and in some cases, search for. 
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    Lulichika reacted to CoreVamore in Ingame Economy   
    Around markets, both white and black.
    Those markets will be formed before official release, and then very quickly restock after the official release, as designs/blueprints will carry over from the alpha's/betas.
    More complex items will hit the market quickly over the first few weeks, then slower as skill sets slowly improve, allowing for higher level products etc.
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    Lulichika got a reaction from Alsan Teamaro in Salutations Noveans   
    My names Uber, I'm looking to get invested into the player created content. Explore new worlds and chart them off with a good group of 2-3.
    I saw this game come out when it first released its first trailer and FELT THE HYPE. But due to the lack of content and engagement with the he community, I left. So I want to change with this come back to the game after the road map was released. If you wanna chat about cartoons, hit up my inbox and I'll show you discord username. Anything related to construct and city projects, all ears. Ship plannings, I'm game. Hope to stick around to see this game fully released. Can't wait to see you in game at launch!
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