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Power Armor

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So I looked online and saw that no one else had posted this, so i decided to do it myself, its simple really.. Power Armor.

Basically power armor would be armor you could modify to assist you in combat, the power armor could also be able to be customized, with different types of helmets, different colors, and emblems on the power armor. The power armor would make you look bulky compared to the normal person, as well as make you taller (i'd suggest like 8 ft tall)

Some ideas for modifications to the power armor:

Cloak - Would allow you to pretty much become invisible for a small amount of time.

Speed - Would make you much faster, good for travel, or escaping from a bad fight.

Strength - Being able to carry more stuff, and if melee weapons are added, it would add extra damage to melee weapons.

Accuracy - Making your character more accurate with their guns.

Shield - Adds a buff to your base shield charge.

Health - Adds a buff to your base health

Power Armor Only Weapons - Weapons that are too heavy duty for people without power armor to carry, maybe advanced assault rifles, miniguns, etc.

This idea is essentially for making super-soldiers for factions with advanced technology.


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remove Cloak   for in-game balance

make power armor  good for hostile planets like molten toxic ect

make all none combat jobs 3 times slower for balance

need power packs [like micro-fusion cells from fallout]

and give power armor night/thermal vision

power armor should be very expensive and have tires, and only carry 3 ability's 

so like .i want speed ,shields and radiation resistance


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Imo power armors should be very expensive and efficient devices, intended to play a strategic role in conflicts, much more difficult to damage than regular armors, and allowing the soldiers to carry very heavy weapons. The capability of deploying such equipment in combat should be indicative of the power of the organizations involved, as well as the number of fighters, tanks, transport vehicles, etc. Something very similar to space marine armors in the warhammer 40k universe.

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