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    Black Holes

    I'm interested in the properties of not only the sun but also black holes. Offering up the opportunity for any player to - Make Black Holes via stars or compressing mass inward - Hawking Radiation which can be used as energy for larger, stellar body static constructs - A weapon by having mass put inside the blackhole, withheld as if you were "charging" a rail gun. Only to then let it out in the the desired direction. The end result a smoldering crater which was a bustling city. - Perhaps leave it to the developers as a server wide event, introducing major updates or
  2. Perhaps, if Novaquark can add some kind of modeler to be used. A military template could have a list of items or limitations to what the designer can make to ensure that other players can recognize that as military personnel. Same thing could be applied to merchants or scientist.
  3. I agree that having your nameplate displayed indefinitely would make the act of bounty hunting meaningless. If your gonna hire someone to take them out for you, then why not take them out yourself or call a hitman instead. My problem though comes when people are unable to discern players from one another. If you have someone wearing the same suit that most of the player base is wearing, than how could you ever bring that person to justice. How could militant forces do their jobs if the criminal had no discernible traits. Let say Player A and his buddies gank Player B when
  4. Sorry, I overreacted to a problem that didn’t exist. Itakd back what I said aboutEx-eve players
  5. So is there no way of doing anything about it until it's upon us
  6. well now that you say "Ex-Eve" players, i'm thinking about all the players that were banned or kicked from the community looking to settle their roots in this game. Which may lead to a trend of Ex-eve players coming to DU as an alternative to Eve. And seeing how devoted most of the players in Eve are ,some even willing to fork over 1000s of dollars on titans, what horrible thing could they have done to be kicked from that community. Maybe steal from a major faction, initiate a war between two super powers for their own benefit, scamming new players into giving them all they have until they pen
  7. For a few moments, imagine the vine invasion on YouTube when vine was shutdown. Would the sameness thing happen in DU where it was over run with EVE vets, making the game harder for new players to enter the community both in game and on the forums?
  8. I’m a bit nervous about this new org I’m in. I want to be in charge or at least have energy go power to run it. It’s so I can keep everyone in the loop; engaged in the Corp and the game itself. But I’m afraid that all I have are ideas. That I’m not capable or at least motivated enough to lead or manage. Any advice?
  9. So since i'm an Organization boy, that means that i have to make my Org efficient. Clear on what the Org will do and how to do it?
  10. Great advice, but one thing that i'm not so sure about is practical knowledge. We have basic information from interviews, tutorials, and devblogs, but not of Alioth itself. What resources we'll be used to make ships, weapons, Res Nodes. Is scripting with Lua in DU different or is it the same. Just a few worries of mine
  11. So a central Leader is still needed to handle every single decision even if each city has 500 or so citizens, each with their own systems that need to managed EG: Nova Union has a city on Alioth, Thades, and Sicari with a 2 dozen outposts. Does every command go through him, or do 40% of the commands be made by local officials while 60 is made by the Leader?
  12. If you don’t mind, could you elaborate on the three things you mentioned. It’s great advice for future Orgs and the ones we have right now
  13. So is it that the leader must operate the same way an empire would. Like fast communication to all cities within its borders Sending supplies, citizens and soldiers to wear they need to go quickly and efficiently An identity based on policies,"propaganda", and media like having community created content The empires strengths like military or transport The power structure being the best for the empire. I'm probably wrong or confusing in this but i what do you think
  14. Most people on the forums are mighty eloquent with their writing, and offer up helpful or intriguing information. So thank you for being most people .
  15. I quite enjoy questioning people. I learn something new and it's easy for me since i just ask questions and you respond. Thanks
  16. Ever the devs adding in new elements to the game to make it appear new tech is being discovered would happend, or do you think they would stick to their in a way complete transparency(also if you could, maybe we should move this to the messenger or discord.)
  17. Do you think that constructs/blueprints from the three Alpha's and Beta will cost more due to rarity and vintage status on and after release?
  18. Sorry for this being so short but How do you think the in-game economy will form When do you think it'll form after the Official Release
  19. Thanks for the info, I’m a bit slow on the DU tutorials
  20. I’m sorry that I misunderstood what this game was about.
  21. Then that should be the system used. It rewards players for sorry club natural disasters and creates new tech that people in the market can purchase
  22. What if players could place elements in-between walls to increase the likelihood they’ll stay in place when hit by artillerly. The blocks that are near the element increase their likelihood by 25%. The blocks attached to the element increase their chances by 50%.
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