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  1. and NQ declared it NOT an exploit by ALLOWING it. They did not say "We'll condone it while we work on a fix but will have any constructs using the exploiit once the fix is in place", they said it was ALLOWED which is not the same.. It's a prime example of how communicating badly sets expectations. NQ knew full well that many werebuiklding and selling ships using stacked elements. It was actively used to actually design nice looking ships. They _never_ even remotely hinted at the consequences they pretty much dumped on the few peopel they have left playeg the game. People who may have come in WELL after the initial announcement and who may not even be aware of it. OP makes the correct point that NQ can't just flip the switch like they did (and have no reversed). They can't just go around and delete constructs now that they closed this loophole. NQ tends to carpet bomb anything they can't go in for and fix specifically.
  2. It's simple, the exploit required more than one character working together to use it. That loophole is now closed but as long as you could build what you have by yourself (on one character), it does not fall under the exploit.
  3. No, NQ should bring in proper power/energy management so that an underpowerd ship would need to drop shields to enter warp while a properly designed ship can spool up warpdrives with shields active. NQ is still trying to deal with the technical debt they built up over the past 4 years and that pile is enormous. I doubt they have the capacity to even consider power management at this time as they have never accounted for it in their design and woudl need to goio in and rework pretty much everything to make it work properly. IMO, what's more likely is we'll see a "Core stress" like bolt-on "solution" instead (eventually).
  4. Being shot at should not impact warp initiation as long as shields are up. Just cancelling spool up because you get shot at feels very fabricated. Also, how does slowing down warp speed (in itself I see no issue with that) fix anything with regards to dropping out of warp? How is/was that an issue and how deos this change anything. On face value woudl warp speed being slower make it not easier to drop out of wwarp at a specific location? There is a lot of words in this devblog, but very little is being said..
  5. NQ pretty much copied the skill system used in EVE. Well, the top level, they forgot about most of the intricat einter-dependencies in that system. That said, the 80-20-20-80 system they adopted is fairly standard, what is misaligned is the modifier applied to the training time. What the above means is that you train 80% in 20% of the time and the the final 20% in 80% of the time needed for the complete skill. That is pretty standard in passive training MMO games.
  6. Why is this made so complex? I get what you are doing but it makes no sense to me at all. From what the devblog says. Your ship elements can have a 50% resistance to specific damage, but on a hit the full HP value of the damage type is still applied against the core stress even when the element absorbs a percentage of it. Shields are energy; hence they would mostly absorb (and have effectiveness diminished by) EM damage and deflect kinetic, thermal or explosive damage. Being able to shift the resistance profile for shields really makes no sense. Also, nice try spinning the feedback on the core ownership loss as if the concern was with PVP, it wasn't. The concern was that NQ was intending to implement this widely without regard for circumstance or location, pretty much was intending to burn the house down because someone picked a lock. It all feels like NQ does not have the ability to go in and really fix these issues, so they need to tag on more stuff to kind of work around it. Not something some here have been predicting would become a trend for quite some time. and so, here we are. If NQ had actually listened to feedback from a year or three ago and ensures the core tech was in place and ready to hold the feature and functional mechanics that would rely on it, we would be in a far better place... I still think NQ should let go of the idea they can make a somewhat real time combat system work, it's clear that the server tech, especially the backend, is not designed or capable to do this and cost saving needed to try and keep the lights on have further reduced the possibility of finding a way to make that work. I'd say it may be time to rethink the entire combat system.
  7. "there's some pretty rare stuff here" while mining bauxite Good effort, if only the game could live up to this..
  8. How do you end up with that idea? this seems like a mostly manual solution, .. for which NQ lacks the manpower to consistently enforce.
  9. Finally some decent actions to try and get perfromance up and clutter down. It would have been better though if this included a one time removal of all player constructs on markets, retunrned to player inventory as magic blueprints. So many junk at markets from players who left the game. A virtual wipe of the markets would be a good idea IMO.
  10. And still not a beep about further investment for the company developing DU.. And not a single word from the CEO since he took the job, all he does is post about Covid on Twitter, seems to not have any interest in representing NQ or DU and can't be bothered to even just come say "hi" .. The writing is on the wall.. in big fat capital letters ..
  11. Is this "Eternal" account an actual person or a failed AI experiment? This response essay makes absolutely no sense at all. /s
  12. Someone here once said DU is the "you just do not understand" company seems fitting
  13. It's just a shame the asteroids are not actually a dynamic part of the world. They are a dev driven event with a weekly refresh/respawn rate. And as such, those with money and resources can simply hijack the event and block the gameplay from most others, few as they are anyway. DU is not really a MMO game, it is a game with less than a handful of active groups where each seem to pretty much control part of the game and all seem content with maintaining this status quo. Until the lights go off that is.
  14. Because NQ has shown a structural tendency to not "fix" damage caused by exploits and has pretty much every time just closed the loophole (or better yet, carpet bomb the issue, causing significant impact for the game as a whole) and moved on without removing the gains from exploits. This started the day the game wiped the week before beta started. Many players jumped ahead weeks, if not months within the first hours of the game "starting fresh". Players have gained advantages from exploit that will last them years. I understand you may want to choose to believe they will change, but NQ have not shown anything that would lead one to expect this will happen sometime in the future.
  15. Pretty much the story of DU and how NQ treats it. The game is choke full of "temporary" fixes..
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