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  1. An exploit does not have to originate from a bug. You can talk around the fact that this is a textbook exploit by its very definition al lyou want but that does not change a thing. An exploit is any unintended behaviour from a game mechanic, be it a bug, an oversight or whatever, that gives a player an unfair advantage over another, in this case being able to lock and shoot someone in warp whil ethey shoudl not be able to. NQ may have optied to not call it out as such, but that does not change the fact that by the definition of the term,this is an exploit. And I do not agree this could have gone either way. Warp is supposed to be safe and you should not be able to lock or shoot at anyone who is in warp. This does not mean to say it's not impressive that some were able to make that work, but the very fact they could is what definees it as an exploit. This is not a dirty word or a bad thing, it happens. And NQ took the correect action here an did so fairly quickly although it appeears they were well aware of this before it became "a thing" on DUscord. Either way, it's done and will get fixed. So that pretty much ends this discussion.
  2. While I can't post direct screenshots due to NQ policy and TOS, support has pretty much come back stating this is "at least unintended", possibly an exploit, being tracked and will be followed up on. NQ seems to be well aware of this issue and is actively investigating.. How long that will take is anyone's guess, but the signals are good that this is something that wil be addressed sometime soon-ish .. to be continued
  3. @NQ-Deckard @NQ-Sesch @NQ-Entropy So an intersting discussion happene don Duscord where a player was locked, shot and killed while in warp. It is my understanding that it shoudl not be possble to lock or shoot a player who is in warp Several people claimed that it is, some claimed they have documentation from support saying as much, other say "well, you are told when entering PVP space you may be attacked" I believe that this is not correct and should not be possible and thus, this is an exploit. It seems that NQ is both aware of this occuring and that they havenotacted on this which frankly makes no sense. So, it would be nice to hear from anyone at NQ who actually knows what should or should lnot be possible and on fairly short notice as I know tha there is many who have the sameunderstanding as mylelf and if incorrect may be exposed to risk they do not expect. A simple "This is indeed possible" or "This should not be possible and will be dealt with" wil lbe fine, simple, easy answer.. Looking forward to NQ taking this issue seriously and getting back to us quickly.
  4. It will be interesting to see what NQ wil d o with all this feedback. My guess is very little as their main motivator fo rthese changes is reducing and controlling their operating expenses. At best they will have a number of meetings on how to not address these issues and then just move on to the next "update".. and with the wipe announcement coming, they wil just push for release as I expect that is where their hopes of being able to survive are focussed on. I still think that they will need a good chunk of money from investors to keep going as I do not see how subs are going to pay for all of this.
  5. Why do people not keep themselves informed of game changes? Devblogs were written, topic has been discussed on server vilogs over the period of many weeks wel lin advance.
  6. Yeah, I changed the post a bit as it obviously applies to the > 2K effect as well as the warp effect. Maybe @NQ-Deckard should have a look too
  7. I ran across a Youtube video which pretty much spot on shows what, for me, is worng with the skybox AND with the "warp effect" in DU. I link it HERE The "speed"/warp effect is similar but much less "in your face" which makes it work better IMO.. The way the blackness of space works with the nebulae and the planet in this video pretty much paints the picture..
  8. Allowing access does not mean you can't discuss payment. I really think that if someone has not bothered to touch their construct for weeks before the tile got claimed by digging it out, it woudl be nonsense to expect a new owner to just give it up.. I agree that is the previous owner gets no response on their request for access and so is not given opportunity to retreive their stuff then sure, that woudl be bad form and not acceptable. If a new owner, through gameplay by offering a deal involving payment, allows the previous owner to gain acceess (be it on the new owner's conditions) then I really think there is nothing there that violates the mentioned text as I would "allow access to the static construct for the former owner and where the former owner of the static construct is able to remove that static construct by dismantling and removing it from the territory".. @NQ-Deckard .. could you clarify this ?
  9. I think you know full well what I am saying. Running the game on any other platform than Windows is not supported, it may work, it may not. That Unigine supports Linux does not mean the game does or should. And Unigine is really just a small part of the game relatively. Several other parts of the game do not support Linux. It would really be a waste of resources for NQ to support Linux. Not only is there really no userbase to speak of, they also do not have the manpower or financial emeans to even consider it. I get that may not be what some woudl like to hear, but those are the simple facts.
  10. That may be so @zyziux, but DU has always been a windows only game and is wel ldocumented as such. It is you personal choice to risk buying in to the game when not on Windows. There is always the option of a Shadow PC though..
  11. True @Emptiness, but it's the only real faucet the game has. Mission really only are worth anything after a while and once a player gets accesst o bigger and better ships. Ore supply now being infinite also really does not help as there is no reason to consider not selling to bots.. And with a sanctuary tile being good for several million quanta profit a week, it's pretty much like printing money. By doing basically nothing but sit on your Sanctuary tile, your weekly income can be north of 6 million. (calibrate each day, collect surface ore, 500L/h consistently plus 150K/day) So you create a toon, let him sit on sanctuary for a month while he trains talents and have around 25 million in the bank.,. EZ money ..
  12. http://www.dusandbox.org/ https://github.com/nmare418/DU-Lua-Sandbox-API Not my work, talk to @nmare418
  13. Frankly, with large static cores costing 430K or so, is it really worth it? That said, I'd agree that there should be an option to discard any left over voxel material and reclaim a core. It is a cheap function to add as far as dev time and ouwld probably save a ton on support tickets.
  14. Are they though? If someone did not bother to secure their tile and dig out their constructs even when NQ gave advance notice well ahead of time and offered assistance in that regard, I'd say that is on them.. If the previous owner of the tiles I claimed comes asking for permission to dig out their stuff I would probably agree, but it would cost them. If the new owner does not respond to such a request I guess you have a point about support. Otherwise, I'd really hope NQ let the game be the game and have players sort this out between themselves. I claimed a tile with two massive L core statics and I'd ask for probably 40 million or so (and consider a counter offer), and would consider that generous, if the previous owner asked for persmission to dig out their stuff.
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