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  1. I like to be in a good guild. But I am quite picky and not likely to join an organization on day 1 of playing a new game. And I left organizations in MMOs when their policies deviated to something I no longer wanted to be associated with.
  2. Game mechanics that allow players to actually do something? Like piloting a vehicle in a race? Learning how to take corners at the right angle, how to brake not too early and not too late? It would be nice. But with the direction in which DU is going, it may end up as a damn branch of the bloody skill tree. Good pilot? Someone who chose that timer bar and waited long enough. And then he goes "tab racing": Picks the destination, selects "race to this point" from a menu, leans back and watches.
  3. If you don't want to be online in the game to achieve something by actually doing it, don't play an online game.
  4. Should I decide to play the game (still on the fence), I will probably also be in a ship most of the time. That's why I hope for satisfying Newtonian flight mechanics and a better alternative to dull, EVE-like tab targeting in the finished game.
  5. And some people become uncritical fanboys too fast, wasting the opportunity to give the devs valuable feedback about weak elements of their concept early in development, and to propose better alternatives to consider as long as things need not yet be carved in stone.
  6. Aha, and you thought you were expressing that by painstakingly ornamenting the term "White Knight"? I told you three times now that his apology for spreading false accusations was ok, but his refusal afterwards to settle the dispute he started, and instead reacting to Novaquark simply and politely "hoping for communication on a healthier basis in the future" by holding a hostile speech full of escalating ego inflation was pitiful. And he never apologized for that.
  7. I need good luck in life because I don't like false accusations, cringy ego inflation, gutter language, and misogyny? I never thought I would ever say that to you, but could you elabrorate on that?
  8. CaptainTwerkmotor, stop flooding me about NMS or other games I am not interested in or about other Youtube videos I don't know. I was referring to Bluedrake's videos on DU which were full of false accusations, cringy ego inflation, and quite some gutter language and misogyny in his idioms which I also hate. I won't waste more time with the guy's stuff and there is nothing you can change about that. You may go on enjoying him and I will go on ignoring him, we don't have to agree on him.
  9. I told you admitting he was wrong was ok, but his ego inflation after a peace offer was not. Novaquark did nothing like "praising to get to his good side", they simply wanted to settle the dispute - that he had started. His following hour-long rant against them was completely out of place. Boasting his bigheaded supposed importance in that speech containing zero other informatiion was probably the most cringy thing I have ever seen on Youtube.
  10. His first reaction after he was proven wrong was ok, but then he held a long speech spitting on a peace offer by Novaquark which was pure disgusting ego inflation.
  11. That Bluedrake guy is just an inflated ego. He spread terribly false accusations about the game and was proven wrong.
  12. As helpful as you are, I am sure you wrote them a note as well, pointing to this thread, saying something along the lines of: "Some potential customers there make it very obvious that a skill system only deters from interesting and demanding gameplay, which serves the same pupose as a skill system, but is way more fun than a skil system, so you should change your mind, for which it is fortunately not yet too late in pre alpha."
  13. Comparing code samples, LSL looks more familiar to me beause it has a C-type syntax, wheras Lua looks ... different. LSL scripts for vehicles can get quite complicated, so if Lua is supposed to be less easy, I don't see non-programmers learning to do awsome ship scripting in no time. Most people interested in vehicles in Second Life or OpenSimulator don't (think they can) write their own scripts, they use open scripts or buy vehicles where the script is hidden. I hope the vehicles in Second Life / OpenSimulator are not representative for the performance that can be achieved with scripting, because they are far from the quality of "hardcoded" vehicles in games.
  14. It has been said a thousand times that you don't need skill trees to specialize. Just put interesting, demanding game mechanics in place for the different activities in the game and people will specialize by practising the things they like most instead of emulating practice through a skill tree.
  15. I think the only thing that is necessary is a speed limitation; one of the devs in Vendetta Online once explained that in detail there in the forum. I haven't played Star Citizen or the new Elite (only Elite I - III) because I don't play instanced games, but there are lots of differences between space ships and aircrafts I wouldn't like to see sacrificed. I always loved space sims, and I always liked helicopter sims, but games about flying airplanes never affected me.
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