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  2. I found part 1 and 3 of the Aether backstory, did part 2 not get published?
  3. Glad to have your support! Defiantly will be fun to have you compete with the Couch Testing division of Ninja Clan Fu.
  4. I think he meant a tab of a skill tree, kinda like WoW
  5. That's true, there are currently released details of the game that parallels to the Eve pilot learning, however there are going to be many parallels to Space Engineers as well which leans towards the 'player' skill being a factor in how any vehicle operates. To elaborate, just like in FPS games using w.a.s.d to move and mouse to aim will be a factor for many functions of the game. Your skill as a player will be a determining factor in this regard. The skill learning system (as i know it based on my research through the dev blogs so far) is going to be aimed at being the limiting factor on your availability to tools, parts, and tech level. The skill learning system being elaborate enough for the player to just click on the finish line and have the ship to fly there seems a bit outside the intended function of the skill leaning system game-play. Taking that into account, assuming your 100% correct, that could also add another entire tier to the race brackets. Completely automated drone races! We also know that LUA has a large part of how automation 'could' be used in the game so a LUA savvy programmer could make a drone and have it compete in the race. Coding would / could be based to have the drone adapt to a track it could have never seen before and deal with other drones it is competing with. Or perhaps have a fully revealed track or even drag races. Pulling back a little bit, skills learned put towards auto pilot could leave the player to setup turrets for attacking competitors. The rules applied to the race could be a way to determine how a player would setup his skills. Have brackets where 100% player piloting is required, LUA programming blocks could be banned, or limits placed on complexity / capabilities for the craft, or none at all even. That all being said, I would prefer the learning system to be tailored towards making the most modular to all situations system as possible. T1 thrusters T2 Thrusters etc etc.. with some custom to the character improvements based on the blueprint research. I would like to know what information you read to lead you to your conclusion. I have tried to verse myself on as much of the dev blogs as possible and I didn't come to the conclusion that the skill tree was going down that direction.
  6. This kinda adds to the idea we could make Mech's of some sort. But where i mentioned legs being a form of locomotion, or rather a bracket for a type of vehicle to be raced, the anime IGPX (Youtube) would be awesome to recreate as well.
  7. I know that NQ doesn't have any kind of road map for wheels at this time. And while I'm sure that's based on their projections to having a stable single shard Universe. There have been other threads started about wanting wheels for the sake of having them but not too much linear thought down that line of what we would do with them beyond the obvious. So I propose (Assuming we get wheels and any other form of locomotion) we work towards having a Planetary scale race track! For those who have seen the Anime 'Redline' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH7eBCTu_eM There is a Race that is held in 3 teirs. Blue, Yellow, then Red 'Line'. At the highest class about a dozen racers have a ground race where the vehicles go sometimes several hundred miles per hour with the race lasting somewhere in the 1+ hours range. The main Idea for this race is primarily based on this anime. -A track would need to be built with crazy speed in mind, varying types of vehicle types and weight to power ratio classes. -So wheeled (if implemented), hover, *anti grav*?, skid, legs, possibly a flight type as well. -Could do a Newton output maximum with a weight minimum perhaps. Would like to know some feed back on if this would be something everyone would be interested in doing. Have all corporations and organizations large and small compete in this race that could impact the winner in a huge way. Vehicle designers could be awarded contracts for having their blueprints churned out by large military factions wanting the winning design. Drivers could be hired out based on skill shown in the lower brackets and be sought after by the highest bidder. There are tons of opportunities here! There are some key issues I'm sure I'm unaware of that could make or break this idea but wondered what everyone here thinks. (Please remember to be constructive with your criticism, if you think this is a terrible idea please detail it)
  8. How exactly will "Star Gates" work? -Size (Super large for ships?, just large enough for people?, Both?) -Modular (Do I have Star Gate pieces that i put together to make the size i want or is it static?) -Power Draw (Will It need continuous power to keep a stable 'worm hole'? Q&A 17: Friday 22th July 2016 Or will It charge up then 'teleport' you to your destination?)
  9. I can plug my controller into my pc. Also, by the time DU is into a full release of the game (After alpha, closed beta, open beta) Xboxone will be fairly retired. However if you have kept up with microsoft's recent updates, they are starting to make "Xbox" games playable on the PC and forwards / backwards compatable with the console.
  10. Is it being the game being currently developed with Dual graphics cards in mind? I understand alpha and beta releases being just single card compliant with drivers being about the only way the performance is being boosted, but the full release perhaps? Or at say the one year mark? I personally run a 2x GTX 960 4Gb confiquration and get modest performance gains vs the aftermarket 970's and 980's but still well under the 980Ti. (I saw a great deal and was better than a single Gtx650 1gb card) With the recent release of the 1080 and 1070 being hard focused by NVidia for single use and dual card performance left available for developers to consider, I was wondering NQ's stance on this. That and AMD just released an awesome budget card the RX480 for $199 and two cards in Crossfire brings it just shy of FE 1080's in real game performance. Not to mention that NQ blogged about wanting VR support at some point and all above options would really give a greater experience towards that goal. Will say though the 1080 and 1070 cards have what seems some killer hard wired tech built on them now for VR support. I haven't seen what the RX480 has brought to the table on that point yet other than being as capable GTX 980's /970's single card performance wise. I'm a computer hardware enthusiast and have been building my own rig, all my friends rigs / upgrades, and small business making gaming computers for about a decade. Past 3 years I have also been getting to know server grade hardware and was curious about what DU is being run on. What would be the server specs that DU runs on today, alpha, Full release, and possibly 5 years from now?. Kinda have my fingers crossed for the following system (Or at least close) -ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS SSI EEB Dual 2011-3 -Dual Xeon E5-2620 v3 (or better) -(1x-4x) 10Gb Nic's -Raid 5 / 10 Enterprise level SSD's (M.2 or Intel PCI-E For cacheing) Maybe DU just needs a simple home server style solution with a large NIC array for everyone being connected to it, along with the many servers running in parallel for parsing out players onto different nodes as needed. This all would just be interesting to know, and don't expect any super sensitive information on any of it. Just want to know for my geeky heart of ponder on. =D
  11. Another note, this would be something I wouldn't want to see day one of the game release. Maybe the 1 year anniversary for instance. As Kiklix posted above, Dual needs to keep this simple. Edit: Were playing devil's advocate for this thread and are inviting others to do the same. If your unsure about it even being possible don't worry about it. We're just openly discussing what were verbally going back forth about for over an hour. Adding to any possible way the F2P Could be viable. Different viewpoints from everyone here is what were seeking, 2 head's better than 1 etc. We've exhausted what we could come up with and are asking what everyone else can come up with to answer the "Potential ways F2P COULD be possible" After sleeping on it had this idea: Consider this a permanent tutorial island. The game is going to free, then a free tutorial period, then the payment will be required. Barring that, this is where the F2P could live, just a permanent variant of after reaching the tutorial conclusion. Or even instead of going through that last door, just go backwards and live in that tutorial room making some quick creations and play around for a bit. Maybe people want to pay for the game but are waiting for that pay check to come in. Playing around in the F2P tutorial room could be at least decent creative fun.
  12. To add, this is topic is for conjecture. I'm personally an advocate for paying for the game, and immediately needing to pay for a sub before I can even get past the trial limitations. The cost should be steep for miscreants and snobs alike. Anyone bothering a normal player after that is at least helping keep the server paid for the rest of us.
  13. To add some traction to the idea Trixheen posted, we would consider this F2P version an extended demo. Take into account that on your trial period your only going to have so much progression. Ship will only be so big, home made from basic materials, and just a few 'elements' at your tech in that time. What F2P does is just extend your time but lock you in right there. The F2P aspect will always bring freetohack players but if this f2p extended demo server is completely seperate from p2p, and the server not even have the full game assets loaded onto it, with a super shrunk universe, about the only harm your going to receive is people hacking just so they can build walls around every ones house. Aka It would basically be left to just pure trolling. Though I guess it could be a testing ground for full version hacking... But IP bans and hardware bans are a decent place to start with but coming from my CCNA background I know thats just a temporary measure for the extremely dedicated hackmonsters out there.
  14. I'm only going to add this, to this what... 30th thread for pleading to not have P2P.... (This is on top of needing money to afford to pay for the servers / development without making it P2W) If this is like Eve-Online... -you pay for a sub and that pays for your ability to play the game -you can optionally buy a "token" for more game time you can sell on the IN GAME MARKET... -where someone who mined minerals for weeks and sold all of it for in game money bought it and now they can play for free. -and now with the money acquired from selling the "Token" you can purchase all the minerals you needed to build that carrier, from that blueprint you have been researching on for months. (With this model people who have more IRL money will be able to acquire in game items and materials faster yes, however this HAD to come from somewhere and WAS NOT JUST SPAWNED IN. Someone else had to do the dirty work or it just doesn't exist. On top of that you may be able to buy that carrier or Dreadnought with all the IRL money you spent.. but if you don't have the training to actually fly the darn thing, you Cant use it. So only if they spent the time on a character to acquire proper training .. aka all that time spent In the game doing stuff to fairly obtain the ability to fly that ship.. will benefit from the extra player tokens. This is nerf to full P2W ... and NQ is made it clear there will be a character learning type system involved to invest your time in before you can use everything.
  15. I'm kinda partial to the security status of the player and of the system that 'Eve-Online' has. The entire solar system, planet by planet or all planets around a star for instance, can be declared a certain type of security zone. Depending on the development an area can have, could determine the status of it. Say you start a house in the deep forest, your alone on the entire planet, of the only planet in the system. In this case your full PVP. But say you took yourself 5 friends, started a small colony and built a functional Stargate on your world. This is owned by a Corporation created by you and friends. Then over time get people to come to your world, pay a small trade tax on transactions through an area wide territorial module that covers the planet or at least the town near the gate which in turn makes this a PVE zone. To break that PVE zone should take time and effort. I really don't know what could stipulate a territorial change other than to declare war. Payment could stipulate being able to declare war and it could be very steep without having any other structures on the planet for the opposing force. But having a large enough, or meters cubed value of structures and "elements" within those structures could drop the cost to declare war for control of the planet. For example a NPC faction control's the Ark Ship and the first planet and player created factions could potentially control others. In stages of course depending on quantity of elements placed. This could also extend to gravitational orbit for stations near the planet. Stations not created in range of planetary bodies would probably need to be handled differently. This system of security status mechanics would really need to be flushed out further and would defiantly take longer than I could possibly post in a single go.
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