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Found 2 results

  1. I thought that once we are in game, and if the corps are big enough, you may not know that the guy/gal walking behind you isnt a stalker, just a fellow corp-mate going to the same place as you. This could be fixed by having little corp mini logo's shown in the characters tag. Maybe to a max of 5 logos. (Having corp mini logo's on part of the characters body would also be good - maybe on the shoulder/upper arms? This could be all the logo's as there are more rooms on arms than in tags.) Assuming there is also a friend or foe system in DU maybe also a little green/grey/red circle in the tag showing if friend/neutral/enemy. (Though technically, since there are multiple corps, you may have the situation that someone is both friend and foe ) This way you can see friends from foes - most of the times
  2. Okay if this idea is else please forgive me because i search anything i can about this but found nothing so i think i should make a topic about it. Okay like the topic say my idea about a system to fake someone tag/role in a org. I know you guy will say that this system will somewhat be abuse or exploit but please let me explain about how it "should working in my thought". Fake someone tag/role: It is that give player ability to fake someone tag/role so that we can use it to spy , sabotage, steal , ... it will open a whole new gameplay and make the player to think more carefully about what they are doing and going. How to fake: About how can we fake other i suggest this ability is a special skill which is a branch of skill tree and that branch will take long time to reach, for those who want to be specific job like spy. How to fake tag/role is that they must have to stay near a body (dead body should be to prevent some exploit ? or shouldnt ) so that they active this skill then there will be a fake tag/role item in their inventory which they can then active that item to be fake that tag/role which that person holding in an organization to bypass the RDMs system. Potential exploit: People will spam it whever they want and also it create a new thing for griefer and troll doing. Also it will give some player rage that their system RDMS has been bypass and they lost everything. ... Way to deal, balance thing: My thought how to balance it is: some limit on this to prevent troll like any other thing that need limit. + Timer: There will be a duration for the fake tag/role, this duration can be increase via skill tree but just a little more ? And also a cooldown so you dont imedially use another fake item after previous one expire and spam it in short time. + Limit choose: So one person can be in lot of org so that, due to some memory and thing after dead so the skill only can see some of latest role they are taking before dead ( like i have 5 role in 5 org, now i dead but skill of other too weak so it only see the latest 3 role i i'm taking include role nobody (which role of yourself) so they can only choose one of the latest 3 role that ) and then can only chose one to fake. After that you cant take any role/tag from that body. But i suggest with the progress of the skill the percent of total role you can see to take is increase to the point is 100% or 80 90 ... + Limit use: One body, only one fake can extract from it. My thought how to counter/deal: + Skill prevent: This is special skill or counter skill, it will decrease the role which other can see to fake. Like decrease 20% of total role they can see, so if other can see 70% total skill of your, they will be decrease 20% of 70% or 70% now to 50% but that is just my thought. + Because it fake your role/tag doesnt mean it fake your name. It only fake the work you are doing in the name of other. + Dont get kill: It work every time. Profit of this system: Create more way to play and infiltrate into other base. Imagine your defensive system sabotage right middle of a conflict. You will got ability to doing some stuff that damage that org but in the name of other ( name of who you extract your fake item ). And from what it done the damage maybe huge or low like declare war to friendly org but that i think wont damage much but it easy to make the reputation gone hell. Create new tatic, now who hold important role must be carefully to not get your body into the hand of the enemy. So if someone important die that org who have that person high in rank must send a team to recover the body or make sure that body doesnt give the enemy advantage.
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