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  1. Don't take this the wrong way (is there a "right way"?), but... I don't think NQ thinks very far ahead, or considers the unintended consequences of their actions. It's like certain people who look at a problem and only see the surface symptom, completely disregarding everything that feeds into it and the many other symptoms that arise from them. As far as getting people and orgs to interact, schematics aren't a good way to go. Unless the daily allowance is maintained permanently, or selling ores to NPCs gets expanded on to include higher tiers, then money sinks will dominate: 1. Taxes
  2. If the maneuver tool is being nerfed before desynch issues are fixed, then what are players supposed to do when ships decide to start moving around on their own? They can go from being landed on a space station to plummeting towards a planet, or landed near a base or mining spot and drifting away rapidly, and the only way to stop and return them is often with the maneuver tool. Fix the problems that make the tool most useful first, then do the adjustments to the tool's abilities after.
  3. Except that it's written right here and doesn't discriminate between technical limitations or anything else: Playing at the same time with two or more accounts is forbidden (having several accounts is fine as long as you only play with only one at a time). It's not reasonable to say that it was an interpretation issue mixed in with technical limitations, because the bulk of the responses were basically saying, "This is what the rule says, but what if I wear a red shirt instead of a blue one? Does the rule still apply? And what if I'm not wearing pants?" Which is to say that they eith
  4. I'm hearing conflicting things. They say only one account at a time, but JC said otherwise in an interview, so it's anybody's guess at this point. That said... Asking rando's to clarify how the technical side of things works is silly. If I recall from back in the day, all you had to do was let them know about multiple people playing on the same IP, and they would make the exception. That should hold true even now, and asking people "why is this happening to me" should only come after the common sense "I should contact NQ about this issue" or "maybe the FAQ has something about it." As for
  5. I don't understand how people can fail to interpret a rule like this, and instead make excuses for breaking it. Playing at the same time with two or more accounts is forbidden (having several accounts is fine as long as you only play with only one at a time). They don't specify "unless you're using a different computer" because they don't need to specify it. They also don't explicitly tie it to EQU8, because they don't need to. They very explicitly state "Playing at the same time" and "having several accounts is fine as long as you only play with only one at a time." There is no "but
  6. Which brings us back to the point of the issue: finding tiles by number is not If you have to look up or understand stuff like goldberg polyhedrons or conway rotations in order to do something as simple as find the next tile in a sequence, then it already fails the "easy to follow/find" condition. That's why I provided the 2 suggestions I did. Both would make finding tiles by number far easier than the system they have, even if it ruffles the feathers of people who think that cool geometry tricks are better than simpler solutions that a monkey could understand, because I can gu
  7. Here is an example of what I mean. If you can find tile 3894, anywhere nearby, then you're better at finding them than I am. ::pos{0,120,8.4724,91.5964,-0.0001} It is easy to find tiles up to a point. It's at that point that you have to search an entirely different part of the planet to find the next one in the sequence. I've run into this issue many times when trying to find a territory someone tells me about. I ask for the tile # near where we are, I can't find it easily because the tiles are not consecutive and sequential, and because sometimes the tile numbers don't follow the si
  8. If you press ALT V and make sure players are checked, then press V to toggle the enhanced view, they are no longer "unknown," because you can see their names. Screenshot, then you can post in the forums and chat who these people are. Nobody can do much of anything with "unknown, even though we watched them do it." Not criticizing you, just showing that the community can't respond to people using exploits like this if nobody knows who they are, and given that NQ is apparently not responding to this issue type, vigilante justice is about the only kind you can probably expect. If t
  9. I never said it was random. It follows a pattern, but it isn't a good one. When searching for a tile, you can more or less predict where the next in the number sequence will be, but I've ended up seeing the pattern end and pick up somewhere entirely different. It's not random, but it is much harder to find tiles than it should be, if all you have is the tile number, even if you find a number close to it, or know the general section it's found in.
  10. The probe for scanning the planet's general data would be fine, but using it to scan individual territories is probably taking it too far. They have territory scanners for that already, and while slow and heavy, make plenty of sense. A probe can get data about the planet's atmosphere, mass, radius, etc, and use some NQ galaxy magic to say what ores it contains, but you would need to go to the ground and use a form of "sonar" via the scanners to find out what each territory has. We already use a version of that IRL to get an idea of how our planet is layered, track earthquakes, and some other t
  11. Short version: the territory numbering scheme is hard to follow and should be replaced by something that players can use to actually find territories by number easily. Long version: The way that territories are numbered should follow a predictable and reasonable sequence. Currently, sequentially numbered territories are placed anywhere from 2 tiles (shorthand for territories) away in a diagonal, or even much farther as the sequence stops and is taken up somewhere else across the map. This makes it hard to find a territory unless you have a scan result or a bookmark/position for it al
  12. 1600's: Galileo uses a telescope to observe celestial bodies 1700's: many improvements to telescopes; many discoveries about the solar system 1800's: larger telescope made 1900's: telescopes improved and launched into space Early 2000's: more telescope improvements and more space telescopes, including one meant for deep space Modern Era of the DU universes: ships that can travel at great speeds; the ability to magic ore from the ground into a Bag of Holding; wireless container connections that magic stuff between containers and wherever you want to put them; teleporter
  13. I'm sure it's been beat to death with a herring, but lighting. NQ's intentions were good with trying to make things less stressful flying at night and dark places, but they made it pointless to have lights regardless of environment. So here's my idea: Scale back the ambient lighting, or remove it entirely and give us a "night vision" mode on our super-advanced suits (that also apparently keep us fed, breathing, sane from lack of sleep, etc), and then improve the ability of lights to actually produce light over a longer range (without bleaching through walls or the ground). Exp
  14. discordauth:M4ilaqlzBFibFWSWu3qTLKauSWuHxmXJLmUhi__09sA=

  15. This is just a minor math correction, but as you wrote: -- acceleration = newton / mass -- mass = newton * acceleration -- newton = kilograms * acceleration You got it mostly right. F = m*a becomes m = N/a, not N * a. Think of it as a triangle or pie chart, with N on top and the bottom split between A and M. Cover up the one you solve for to get the equation. To solve for mass, cover it up and you see N / A. One of the tutorial videos covered LUA, but it referenced the codex in game, which you can't access offline. Also, as of 7/19/18, that part of the codex was
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