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  1. In the meantime already fully suspended my stuff and i just want my money back but that is probably a big no even though european law is at my side.

    Amateuristical stuff like not acting on some people who break the rules but not on others is no way near any professional business. With that they killed their own game and the only thing left to save anything has to do with what all large companies do when personal causes the company to loose a great deal of money or prestige.

  2. So they probably want to make a game that fills a hole in a gaming landscape that has no holes to fill specially in the current shitty state of the world. 


    The only meta large numbers of players probably are interested in would be SIMS 5 online with more possibilities and less limitations.


    and there you have it, less limitations. 


    Unless NQ learns to make something with less to none limitations just skip the next version, its abit NCSoft, create release kill/sell to gameforge.

  3. ah lol, indeed the fake news stuff where even regular news is named fake news if the news itself does not fall gently to those with power....


    Well if they sent me back my money ill gently think about being less negative. untill then i just feel slightly scammed, not to incline a maybe indeed am, disclaimer blabla stuff



  4. What they forget is that if you want to be succesfull in masses you dont need high quality perfect voxel works, you need simple everyone can do it from tech advanced to 12 year olds with no computer experience.

    If you want what is said by NQ to actually work yu need to concider making it as simple as sims.  A sims on different worlds with a world portal in every home would do it, with direct acces to other worlds all fully build on a preset by the developer.  Just like in the first Lego movie, any subject you can use should be a world, syfy, western, film noir, Umbrella corp.....  The idea is as simple as that but the actual development will be hell if you want to do it from scratch and dont want to pay high server costs and are too cheapassed to build your own data center with high class server accessability.


    In short, unless backed by someone like Gates or Musk you will have a hard time. You dont need the wizzkids as sups you need the bored house wives/men. And if you cannot develop for that group, forget it.

  5. 13 hours ago, CptLoRes said:

    They spent 8 years on DU, and it is still FAR from finished. So we are talking something like 2028ish for the next one then?


    Your very positive :)

    Probably they hope to be bought by meta or any other high class roller, well if they ever read these forums its endgame.


    So expect these forums to de discontinued soon.

  6. with even 11 dac in my pocket, there is no reason to get back. Updates are late, expantions vaporware, and the basic game is worse then the end-alpha version (when it was marketed as alpha, not the version we have now that is barely not alpha)

    Even a free version would be a waste of time compared to other once pay/always play space games.

    A firm rebounse to the roots with a well defined redevelopment could change that but that requires the vision that people need other stuff more then, lets say, purple voxels

  7. 1 hour ago, blundertwink said:



    People are still joining the game and wasting their money to try a game that the devs have already effectively given up on...I wouldn't go as far to say it's "scammy" but it sure isn't honest either.



    It is scammy for some time now. Selling a brick as a plane because it can fly is just as scammy, just be fuzzy about the actual length it can actually fly and add enough limitations to what you believe the word flying can mean.

    It also helps to make sure your HQ is not in the US or EU and your probably safe from legislation. 


    Disclaimer: Scammy is an immaginary term and all names or items or localizations are based on fiction. No animals or aliens were hurt in this post. No claims can be made from anything people can anyhow read in this post either in full health or under really good funny medication or muschrooms or other means of self education

  8. Frankly, looking back to the start the main issue here is the servers, the ideas are still nice, the outcome is not. What did make the most difference? I believe its server stress, from day one till now.


    All restricions should be returned, mining should be mining, ores should regrow, schematics scrapped and replaced with a working tech tree, industry real and the production cheap and abundant, this all to make the most stuff possible so nobody cares if their capital hip gets destroyed in all out war.  reintroduction of the ultra cores, and thats upto 2 km or larger, or better yet introduce core-less structure building.

    Make industry dynamic, actually add the stargates And make the teleport systems be produceable to all.

    Make it possible to actually have effective cities, so reintroduce html, also beds, chairs, showers need an actual, use, also homes should have a use. that way people come and actually feel like they have a life in DU, add a bit of Sims into DU. If NPC should be there make them automatically appear in cities and able to communicate, bond, etc by a impressive AI system.

    Add other races but make them all playable, and then not some groce stuff, just popular stuf like androids, kitties, whatever


    In short, maka a game we dont need npc other then simply social interaction, and maybe marry and get DU-kids with ;) because we can actually all be what we want to be since servers dont restrict us, bring out those other solar systems, stop with the 3 HQ restriction and make plots buyable and selleble per plot, and stop taxes.


    I can continue for hrs but well im not in game development, If you look at all other popular games and combine all the stuff there its about 5 minutes and you have anything you need  in a game. 


    I still think this can be turned around, so NQ give me a call and lets see what I can DU for you now ;) Ill even DU it for free! I'm not into MMO gaming for over 30 years for nothing, my word is my bond.


    So here an open invitation to invite me and more here to look at what can easely be done to turn the game around.


    First Tip, open an event for modders to add functions to lifeless stuff that actually matters!

  9. 12 hours ago, Nemezir said:

    So true.

    i would pay double the price per month and make 3 alts, but the “game” is not worth my money AND definitely not my time.  It excited me the first three month but then- I got literally bored. A pitty because I could have been really great. 


    Pay more? the price per month is already higher then triple a rated mmo's. And there you actually can DU stuff, has events that matter, stuff works, companys communicate, upgrades are upgrades, limitations are there to actually balance gameplay and not reduce server stress, Nuff said?


  10. @Zeddrick Well written arguments, nothing to add there.

    One other thing NQ did and keeps on doing to make it impossible for players to have fun is limit really everything. Almost everything that was possible in alpha has gotten a limitation of some kind, and those in general did make the game worse.


    In general if the players need to generate content but the content generated is costing you too much to keep on a crippled server the road forward is severely blocked.


    Game got so boring there is actually no reason to log in, frankly i rather go to work and have fun with my co-workers

  11. On 3/9/2023 at 3:28 PM, blundertwink said:

    but then again, NQ was founded by someone that hadn't worked a single day in the industry...so of course they didn't understand how the industry works. 


    Even worse, seeing how this developed i doubt they even played a single game

  12. LoL


    So we get a perfect update for a system nobody needs (schematics) nobody wants (schematics) and now it kills full automated factories.


    Sorry but that is just too funny to actually take serious.


    Good thing nobody listened when the players that now stopped playing told here that schematics should be canned.

    Good thing NQ came up with an even more chaotic way of dealing with schematics then we already had.

    Good thing that the old schematics, buy once use always, were changed with the improved, buy all the time, dont forget to copy an make them pay mwawawawawawawaw versions.



    DU and NQ are making my day once again, and i dont even Need an active subscription. because better as this forum, DU will never get in entertainment value under this leadership.


    Thank you for this glorious feeling

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