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  1. -digs around for dusty villain mask- Muahahah it is I NEO!, Alioth will be under the oppressive clutches of the cinderfall phoenix, all will cower in fear of its flames. The world will burn and everyone will work for me to gather all the raw ore so i can turn it in for money. MUAHAHAA As the warlord of Alioth all the noobs will be forced to mine so they can leave through the small gate we create after we build a massive wall around the arkship safe zone. If they dare escape we'll surround the planet with a huge building lined with defensive turrets thus denying them space entry. kekeke~! The shadow council will tell guild leaders to tell everyone where to put their skill points. Any dissenters will face BOO, CC, and any other pirates. Yes its all being controlled by the masterminds of tyranny. Ohhh ohhh I cant hold all of this evil, good thing i built a swimming pool out of gold mined by all my indentured workers, I feel so dastardly, oooh! @Lord_Void dark blessings upon you I'll be waiting for the orders from the dark lords in the shadows, just hit me up, oh great one.
  2. What is the deal with all of this reddit stuff, if not you then who is in charge of r/du . I don't go anywhere near reddit and it seems I'm quite justified in that decision. Whoever is in charge of r/dualuniverse should give it to Yamamushi, for crying out loud, I'm so tired of hearing about this. The people that put the time and resources into it are aligned with yama and his faction. I have only ever heard of you Aiden and r/dualunvierse through hearsay, where are your active community members. To be blunt, who gives a shit about a reddit that has no practical connections to anyone active in the community? If you're done with managing it can you use your influence to persuade the one in charge to relinquish it to someone that we know from the community, Yama, Cybrex, Comrade, Twerkmotor, or any number of people that someone would recognize. I'm not involved with all this fiasco but one can see from afar that you have one great thing going for it and that must be that you captured the DualUniverse name before anyone else could. Just swallow the pride and help get it to someone proper. Youll probably even get respect points and be ushered as a hero if you do help, but until things start making sense I'm going to have to say r/dualthegame is the affirmed reddit outlet for those who wanna do the reddit thing.
  3. Most topics are fair game, if someone is harassing you about inadequate research of prior topics it cannot be helped. Things that have been beaten a lot. Free to play versus pay to play, capture and prisoner stuff, org created currency, planet destroying weapons, all of the I want this random unimportant feature, and character creation mechanics. This thread has good information if your trying to get up to speed quickly >> The devblogs have good information as well, after you read the devlogs and do a casual search, if someone gives you a lot of flak just ignore. In this community as with many others youll find that, if you necro they hate you, if you post a beaten topic they hate on you, always lose lose. welcome to and thank you for joining dual universe.
  4. The ftl drives will be vastly slower than the stargates that will eventually come along. Were to start in a bootstrap stage of the world, the early pioneers of whatever Alioth is to become. So after sending out probes to nearby stars it'll give you faction a limited number of ftl jumps to the source, with a one way ticket there. no return to Alioth until you have a stargate up and functioning on both ends. Necessitating the need to bring a Resurrection node with you on your colony ship. Being unaware if we will have a star chart or not in the begining, i cant imagine it to be to expansive to begin with. likely not more charted than the star system Alioth is in, and possibly a very few nearby systems, or at best the path that the arkship took through the stars, but nothing else, assuming that the arkships sensors worked properly for the entire time. Any stargate paths that do come into existence will depend on your relations with the owners of said gates. or if you have a lot of patience you can possibly send ships on a ftl path to bypass their gates, and maybe try to build a stargate of your own in secret right under whoever "owns" a system. To your pleasure or dismay it will be much more eve than star wars as my understanding goes. Still, having good trade relations will do wonders for you plotting profitable trade routes.
  5. What sort of economic unification are you looking to create? Will you have multiple states within the leagues sphere of influence? a combined and linked market system? a common and unified armed force, or perhaps a more local bring your own troops approach?
  6. easy solutions. Lock the ark ship surrounding area from being modified create standing robotic prefab structures at time of launch that standing by generates passive resources. not a lot, just a small trickle with a limited amount per node, per account. have the arkship ai create exploration missions that give resources. just a go to this beacon and get x credits, loot, or resource reward. (less rewarding than gathering outside the arkzone) survey missions generated by the arkship ai, just the same as before. go to spot, survey the minerals, get rewarded by the arkship with an appropriate bounty. (less rewarding than outside) Preserves the landscape, and gives various ways to get a grip on the game before moving beyond the shielded zone. More quests could be expanded upon, building your first blaster pistol with resources you earned from said missions. A short voxelmorph explanation in conjunction with modules, and what determines the numbers of modules per vessel, construct, or x. Allowing player safe shielded areas to reserve certain rights inside their sphere. restricting mineral rights to specific ranks or roles within their organisation. enabling or disabling pvp, outside and separated from terraforming or extracting rights. Lets groups dictate the theme, style, or landscape of their sphere. Perhaps you setup a safe zone on Alioth, and only let noobs come by and mine iron, or vice versa you restrict it to only specific ranks in your org.
  7. No one man should have all that coookie.
  8. Introducing the new McOreoTwinkBurger , a succulent layer of oreo cream, topped with whipped cream infused with crushed oreo, nestled between twinkie buns and then deep fried.
  9. space cookies infused with space cookie
  10. "Will 'cockpits' be gender locked?" I hypothesize that there will be more female character cosmetics in game eventually. Brewing and making wine should totally be a thing in game, with screen altering effects if you drink too much There should be holiday poppers that make everyone do ridiculous dances in safe zones
  11. What juicy fun can the forums and this community bring us today? Christmas is a long way a way...
  12. Neopolitan


    No don't get confused. I'm not talking about people creating a voxel morphed object that looks like a missile that they then fill with propellant and attempt to guide in some way. I'm talking about pre-capsulated missile weaponry that we can mount to vehicles or buildings, like the laser gun turret, but for missiles / rockets. There's no chance they're going to make legitimate rocketry because they have no intention of implementing complex physical impacts. You wouldn't want physics based rocketry and collisions anyways, its not meant to be a rocket physics sim. it would detract from trying to enjoy the make believe world of dual universe with complex science that only a handful would understand. The servers would have to calculate the projectiles physics in real time for thousands of people per cluster. That could be tens of thousands of bullets rockets lasers etc.. Its not guaranteed there will be missile weapons, but there is a decent enough chance with the parodies the game has to eve online and that missiles are an advanced weapon just like lasers and railguns. When I'm talking missiles I mean missiles just like eve online, its a damage calculation with a fake projectile visual effect. all the other weapons will work exactly the same way, and its beautiful
  13. I suppose i support this. i just want them to support non VR to begin with. As cool as it is everyone wants to swoop into the VR headset scene, the world itself is lacking in standard pc games to play. One screen, multiple screens, but im not interested in purchasing a vr headset to play the game. most of the community barely have pcs to run the game let alone extra for a vr set
  14. I swear i keep reading this as 'Gender restrictions on enemy constructs' Ya know though, if they dont have scraping it makes older places need new metal all that much more. since afaik underground metal isn't going to respawn ever. I ever question what the game design around all this really will turn out to look like
  15. Its also the first result in google search for dual universe planetary defense. I couldnt find a recent discussion within five pages about specifically planetary defenses. And perhaps a necro, but you know if you build giant tickle me elmo replicas outside your towns, people will have to choose between shooting your defenses or those monsters.
  16. Neopolitan


    JC said there would be missiles in voice with us when the round tables were a thing. Althoguh i think he was confused by my vague question in the sense of vehichle impacts as a form of missile. 98% sure there will be ballistic missile weapons akin to lasers, railguns, and projectiles
  17. Hey friend you wanna buy some muon gold? Maybe I can slice you weapon?
  18. ya done good, doing us all proud
  19. Ill give you guys some beads for a pile of iron.... no?
  20. anyone who thinks they can put any building up in DU and leave it without protection is asking for it to be raided. if you think anyone is going to let you put something up on goodwill for the community ill be there beside the others waiting for the free loot in a single moment of unprotected weakness.
  21. Ive been playing a ton, ark is a pretty fun game despite constant setbacks.
  22. http://www.eclipse2017.org/2017/communities/states/MO/St.%20Joseph_871.htm If anyone is coming to my area lets get something to eat :3
  23. People are nervous and it can be difficult to line schedules up. Quality should continue to increase, thank you.
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