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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR got a reaction from Shockeray in About Lua script   
    First time I didn't realized how powerfull was lua script, then novaquark put this video on YT explaining that the tutorial of DU was made with lua script. I was like "WHAAAAAAAT !?".
    Lua script is an incredible and fun tool for the player. But isn't it too powerfull ?
    With this tool you can rewrite almost the codes of DU. And if lua script wasn't flawless ? If someone could "hack" it to disturb the server for example ...
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to Dorlas in About Lua script   
    I think World of Warcraft uses Lua too. And there were people who changed their game files in the past, for example to get quicker to an end boss in a raid.
    They were permanently banned.
    Lua is just a programming language, just like C++ or *instert name of another programming language, I don´t know them, I am programming noob*. It will be used to program your constructs, but that´s it. You will not be able to somehow magically switch from programming your ship to shutting down the servers ingame, because that´s simply not how it works.
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to Shadow in FORCE FIELDS   
    What about https://youtu.be/jPRx6WQlVQc?t=499 ?
    Does it answer the question or were you talking about ship defense ?
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to TheBlender in FORCE FIELDS   
    Hey I can answer your question more directly now. Check out the recent dev diary
    My ship is no longer under NDA apparently! ... It's at 2:28-2:29 about, and it's on the left hand side of the screen. You'll also see my name. So if this is what you mean by forcefield , it should answer the question.
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to NanoDot in FORCE FIELDS   
    I guess it all depends on how closely DU follows EVE's combat design.
    Force fields (a.k.a shields) and armour are standard tropes in any space game with combat, but implementations vary widely between different games.
    If the OP's referring to the force fields that were shown in the tutorial video, those will definitely be elements that can be integrated into any construct, be they bases, space stations or even bigger ships. But those force fields are intended to block access (e.g. doorways, passages, etc.) , rather than to protect ships from weapons fire.
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to GunDeva in FORCE FIELDS   
    I think JC said in a interview that ships will later have shields but it would be more like a  bubble and surround the whole ship it was all so in a link form here about shield being projected like in Star Trek like : forward , side and rear shields.
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to Shockeray in FORCE FIELDS   
    From what I have heard/read, actual force-fields are going to be stationary, but movable constructs like ships will probably have virtual shields where your ship can take a certain amount of fire before it actually starts taking damage based on some kind of shield generator in the ship. This would be easier than a bubble since ships can vary in size and shape so much.
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to GunDeva in A better Arkship position(PLEASE MOVE TO AGORA)   
    Magical metal which absorbs shockwaves  =)  I love this idea and it will probably add to the game as a rare and expensive metal ore ! 
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to Meumera in About politic in DualUniverse   
    The Organizations system in DU is extremely simple and flexible but full of possibility. All political forms are possible, from absolute dictatorship to total democracy.
    All the rest is only a question of internal organization, of how and what one wants to do.
    DU is an authentic sandbox (very big, the box), with sands more or less interesting. Novaquark just wants to do big it as much as possible and provide us with a maximum of tools An article on how Org works in DU
    An article on how Org works in DU
    Another article on the management of rights in an Org
    To return to this idea of in-game chanel voice, the question has already been raised (I do not know where) and there has been no answer from Novaquark.
    In expect, Discord is an excellent software that perfectly fulfills this function (a lot of Org have one).
    But if he had to make an in-game voice chanel, it will be like all the rest, simple and flexible but full of possibility, that each one can customize according to his needs.
    And if you wanted to make a round table system, well, you can do it. (or "you can du it" ; )
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR got a reaction from TheMasterArchitect in About politic in DualUniverse   
    I wanted to talk about politic systems in DualUniverse 'cause it will be, I think, the most important thing (with economy of course) in DualUniverse.
    More precisely, I wanted to give some ideas about the ways the politic systems could work, like democracy or tyranny.
    -I begin with the concept of a "Room of debates".
    To explain, it's a room where the leaders of the organisations, or politicians, ministers, army comenders could debate about political decisions, maneuvers, management. I see that like a semicircle where all of the players could talk freely but with order.
    To have this order, I imagine a system of lecterns and conference manager : all the players will be next to their lecterns and will not be allowed to talk in the game unless the conference manager alows a player to talk.
    Like that, other players will be obligated to listen the one talking.
    To me, the conference manager must be neutral and try to give the floor to everyone. In the end, there is an "event" wherein the members of the conference vote for the decision.
    This event is started, again, by the conference manager.
    This requires an in-game voice chanel, like that, there could be a system of whispers wherein you could exchange opinions with other player but without the other players hearing you.
    It could be interesting to influence the debates for example.
    Well thank you for reading ! I apologise if I made spelling mistakes (I'm not englih-speaking by the way) !
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to wizardoftrash in Require a Declaration of War to Attack a TU   
    EDIT: To preface this, I'm aware that currently the plan for protecting constructs is with some kind of "bubble". For the purposes of this discussion I referred to a potential function of a TU to be protecting constructs in the space from damage. I consider these to be interchangeable, since we've got no idea what the "bubble" is or how it works, needless to say this suggestion revolves around a method to nullify those defenses that takes hours and notifies the defending player of when they will be vulnerable. The other backbone suggestion here is that both tiles become vulnerable not just the defender, but they become vulnerable only to each-other. This turns the "cyber-warfare module" into a raiding or conquest tool instead of a griefing tool.
    It has already been hinted by NQ that in order to attack and claim a tile controlled by a TU, that the attacker might need to own an adjacent tile with a TU as well. Since this is a function meant to make taking territories more like a war and less like a raid or grieving run, lets keep that ball rolling.
    How about also requiring a declaration of war?
    This would serve as both a warning and a raid timer for the defending player, setting it so that a player must declare their intentions to attack the adjacent tile basically 24 hours in advance, opening a fixed window of time to actually raid and attempt to secure the adjacent tile. That the defender has time to gather a militia or hire mercenaries (since otherwise the attacker could mass a group and attack the defender while they are afk, like rust, which is not really what DU is striving to be).
    Some factors
    Each group of controlled adjacent territories would contribute to an overall score that would be a factor in the amount of notice and length of window permitted to attack. If the attacking side is attacking from a single hex, and the defending side is 5 or 6 hexes that are continuously adjacent, then the attacker would have to provide a lot of notice, and would be granted a narrow window to secure their first hex (narrow being a couple of hours or something), and if the attacker is able to successfully secure the hex, their window would be extended for attacking other adjacent hexes until they capture another hex (extending the window further) or the window expires. If the attacker and defender each had roughly the same number of hexes, it could be around 24 hours of notice for something like a 4 hour window. Once you reach a point where the attacker's tiles outnumber the defender's tiles by a wide margin, you might get 12 hours notice for a 6 hour window or something.
    What would this look like implemented?
    When a rival org might try to invade a planet, they would be forced to start by claiming an unclaimed hex to use as a "staging area" effectively. Even if for some reason a planet ends up 100% claimed, then the attacker could claim a space-hex (if that end up getting implemented) and launch their attack from orbit.
    If the attacker starts by claiming a tile that's adjacent to the enemy right away, they risk getting preemptively attacked is high because of the short window for being badly outnumbered. The attacker might instead claim a hex that is 1 or 2 spaces away to construct a base of operations, claim tiles leading to the territory they wish to conquer and go from there. Battles for large territories could take weeks (if the attacker declares war, waits the wait period, then claims only 1 or 2 hexes and repeats), or it could be done in a weekend (if the attacker declares war, waits the wait period, and systematically and successfully claims all of the interconnected hexes 1 by 1 extending their raid window enough to continue, but this would require overwhelming force, organization, and supplies in the part of the attacker.
    To take hexes from other players in this proposal, you'd have to be really committed to making it happen since it is unlikely that you'd be able to place your TU and also attack all in one play session (due to the wait period). The TU's would then serve their purpose very effectively in protecting structures and ships from random acts of looting.
    Some of the nitty gritty here, to ensure that you'll actually be online during the attack window as the attacker, when you declare war, you basically schedule a time for that attack window to start and the system would send the warning to the defending player 24 hours in-advance of the window set by the attacker (and of course, it wouldn't let you set a window for sooner than you'd have to wait based on the number of hexes).
    Some variations to consider
    -After the declaration of war timer is over and the window starts, it could mean that both the attacking and defending hexes are up for grabs, meaning that if someone attempts to steal a tile from you and you defeat them, you could use the time remaining in the window to launch an attack on their hex, preventing continued harassment and attacks. This is probably the best way to go.
    -This system could use different timer lengths for TU's owned by individual players vs TU's owned by organizations. Organizations might benefit from shorter or longer attack windows, or it might be that Orgs with at least 10 players get a slight boost (but not beyond 10 to limit dead alts, and not counting trial characters for the same reason).
    -Players might be able to raise temporary shields to affect the length of that attack window, or prevent the attack from spilling over into more adjacent hexes. That or it would come down to how they physically built the structures on those hexes, its possible for a player to make it very difficult to take more than one hex at a time.
    -Player count in those hexes might affect the length of the window as well, it would check to see how many players are present on the "smallest" of the two teams and scale the length of the window accordingly, more players means more time.
    -Raid windows could instead be determined solely by actual static-core elements (such as temporary shields or siege weapons).
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to The_War_Doctor in Food and Water   
    While posting on another thread i realized that im not certain how the game will take into effect that we are humans and that we would need to eat and drink to survive. I think somewhere in another thread or devblog something was mentioned about going out and hunting after we leave the ark ship.
    But i just wanted to get everyone's opinion on if they believe this should be a mechanic in the game or not.
    Personally id like to see it as it adds a very intriguing level of immersion into the game. especially for long space flights and wars far from your home system
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    [ĦΞЯΘŻ]-TMR reacted to ADFormer in Faster Travel   
    I heard that the planet distances are going to be a good 2 days apart in real time, so rather than setting your ship on auto pilot and logging on every 48 hours till you find a good planet to settle on could there be an FTL (Faster Than Light) drive or something like that? So rather than getting the first 15 seconds of this video, we get what is in the last 5 seconds?
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