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  1. Hi there, just wondering when we will be able to see user generated, unscripted, "not so perfectly" content?! I always find it hard to believe that official videos are 100% pure. Greetings (PS: I tried the search function but it didn't come up with an answer, sorry if this got asked somewhere else)
  2. mhh...this asteroid in the vid didn't look that big...and you only have to dig a corridor for yourself...I think thats a valid option if you want to minimize the risk on your side... I really hope there is some protection against that. I mean...where is the point in having a spacestation for trading when everyone who lands on it, could destroy it with his nano thing? Oo
  3. Heya... just saw that Asteroid base video again...they dig into the asteroid, put some turrets at the entrance and voilĂ  we have a defended base. But what if someone wants to raid that base? can he just dig from the bottom up until he reaches the bases interior? Will there be "a bubble" around structures preventing other players from digging around/into your base? If no...base defense will be useless If yes...what's the point of building structures NOT in the ground? greetings
  4. I really hope they don't...well scanning for weapons/armor/hull/shield is okay...but I hope there is no scanning for weak points or to show where this main cube is
  5. Is there any advantage of building objects which don't fly? A tank may look cool...but a ship is faster, probably better armed and very much superior
  6. Heya, Soooo...anyone knows anything about production lines? Is it like Manual production line: You have a refinery where you put in ores, it spits out bars and you carry the bars over to the fabricator and that produces parts for the ship (Like "Interstellar Rift" if someone played the game...you mine, get the ore to the refinery, get the chests to the storage etc) or Automated production lines: You put all the gathered/traded resources into container with conveyor belts attached leading to refineries, smithies, fabricators, or other goods producing machines and you can control the whole production from one console and/or wrie a script to produce whatever you want. (Like Space Engineers) or is it a complete different but totally awesome system? Regards
  7. Whenever I try this, my mild OCD kicks in and that bugs me way to much xD That's different if asymmetrical is superior to symmetrical...but that happens pretty much never. Except you have 1 on 1 fights, maybe it would make sense to have a bulwark reinforced bulwark on one side with all the weapons and the other side is just hull...xD but that looks gross ^^ (btw...my symmetrical is left+right...back and front do not look the same^^)
  8. Never understood why people choose visual over functionality...my creations always look like abominations...symmetrical but not much like a ship or with flashy lights and nice colors or some plants in the cockpit...more Borg-like... As long as it's not like SE
  9. Heya Was wondering how physics will work in this game...especially on ships Assuming I have a 500m long and 100 wide and high ship...and i want it to be as agile as possible, does it matter where I place the thrusters on the ship? (are maneuvering thrusters a thing?) I mean, is the system like kerbal where a thruster at the front firing to the right turns the front to the left or more like SE where a thruster placed anywhere on the side provides the same movement? Greetings Btw...are there gravity anchors or some other system to hold the ship in position?
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