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  1. I would love to see aerodynamics because I really love KSP yet I understand that devs need to balance performance vs. features and drag/lift combo with atmosphere computing and rotation wou─║d stress their servers too much if we multiply this by MMO magnitude of ships. It would be glorious to use gravitational turn, slingshot mechanics etc. too but I can't imagine how much computational power would it require.
  2. Sorry but it always turns out to be mostly TeamSpeak, Skype or something like that. In-game options aren't usually that great and We already have all our friends in Skype etc.
  3. I have built quite a few ships in other games and I usually start with placing all usable machinery, weapons and other things on a platform to take account of sizes, decide what needs to be incorporated etc. Then I play a bit of tetris to pack those necessary things into not that big volume and I finally wrap some hull around it.
  4. I have spent quite a few hours in From the Depth as well as using procedurally generated parts mod for KSP. Yeah, that's what I would really love to see. You can never win, because it's not possible but You are always looking for working compromise and that is what makes tinkering so much fun.
  5. I don't want to ruin Your dreams but that would be a flop. It's as ridiculous as trying to fly a lead Zeppelin. ;-)
  6. All ideas I have read here are interesting and I hope that moving cargo is not going to be too simple or too tedious. Devs need to make compromises left and right, I'm aware of that but simple teleportation from A to B would bee too easy as hauling everything by hand would be endless chore. Conveyors/pipes etc. with scriptable behavior might be really good way to handle it. I would love to see assault "leech" crafts attacking my mining ship if it means that they need to dock with me, make a hole and suck directly from really large containers inside the ship. I know it's probably not gonna happ
  7. Hello Archer, have You ever been told that it would be great to have much more players as You are? If not, I'm doing it now. To the point of this thread. I have tried Rods of God in Space Engineers and Kerbal Space program and it's hard to hit anything but it's fun to try anyway. Some kind of collision damage would be nice even if only to have some kind of boarding torpedoes.
  8. Of course as a veteran player of moded MC I know what can be done but I was more concerned about time between necessary chomps if You understand what I mean. I'm fine with having to sow, water and harvest something I just don't like when game forces me to eat every ten minutes. It's better to have more difficult growing and cooking with much longer periods between eating at least for me. I would even say that eating more thew twice during two hour game session is a bit irritating.
  9. Wood can be used as a renewable source of a carbon which can be turned into many things. I would even say that having different types of wood and other plants ready to harvest would make decorations much better even without turning this biomass into something chemically different. Having to eat and drink is not that great part of most games that deal with it. It might be fun to grow our own food but it becomes boring chore rather too quickly.
  10. To this topic I would like to say that there will be a lot of nice and detailed ships because people love to show themselves (all those skins, pets, legendary weapons etc. in other MMOs) but it wouldn't be good just to ostricize anyone for having just a plain ugly ship. I like my creations simple, boxy, utilitarian and dark grey even if it means those might seem ugly to most others. Don't worry it will be fun. ;-)
  11. You made me think and I would say that if I have a choice to pay around 10 EUR a month it's not worthy for me to spend more than three hours trying to pay that with in-game curency but that would be too cheap to motivate people into paying anything. Situation might be different for each and every player but I would say that it would be fair to need at least 5 hours a month focused on geting that if we consider average player who spends around 30-50 hours a month by playing the game. It would make it at least 10% of their playtime focused just to play another month.
  12. Well I have spent a year solo-building Taj-Mahal in survival (vanilla) MC. It took months just to dig that 15 000 000 blocks to make a hole for it and many more to perfect my build. I wouldn't say that great tasks in sandbox games are impossible. It just takes time and dedication. On the other hand those slow tasks are something that helps me rest after work. I hope You are wrong in this case. I don't mind spending year or so of my late evenings to build a nice ship just by myself but I'm usually just too tired to play well with others.
  13. Yeah, it would be great. I don't need to be good at everything but I really wish to feel that doing something makes me better at it. It might be a bit wierd but I really like mining and solitutde it offers but I would love to see all those hundreds and thousands of tons of ore made my character better at mining not just me as a player. And what would I load into my brain whilst being offline? Probably some way to get a little better at trading or building which are skills that are important even for focused solitary character but I really don't wish to spend as much time with them.
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