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  1. The session just end. The next session date is publicly shown in the frontpage, very top.
  2. Point of view like I said in the next message after the one you quoted.
  3. Haha, I had such situations in my work. Spent an hour without managing to do a simple job, left to chill a bit and did in few minutes. Happens.
  4. I'm just wondering how long this test gonna last? As planned, till 12.00pm (Paris Time)? Well, I doubt my current PC could run the game, but I'm gonna try at least. Wanna see how it looks inside Anyway, this test time was ideal for me and just sucks no matter if it's goinna last 9h anyway or be shortened and ends at 12PM.
  5. Whats your speed that download few gigs takes few hours?
  6. I would suggest not to use "Former Soviet countries" as a thing as it's very political thing and some people (like those from my country) are very sensitive to this matters. Stick to geographical borders please.
  7. You had to buy alpha access from kickstarter, problen would be solved. If devs will start promoting some super desogners to fill the universe... well, it would become fake. Normal people (including talented and oposite) should create the universe. I disagree to the point someone should work on profesional ingame content (cities, ships, etc) to promote the game, not even in late beta or after release. They should do promotional videos from naturally created content. And about alpha, it's not about designing at that stage of the game. Sorry for my bad english.
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