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  1. There are two large camps, the ones who want food and those who don't. Agriculture would only be a big thing if we need food or something that we can grow but a lot of us who do want food don't want it to be a chore that your always having to stop and do. Many different things can be done with plants IRL and I would love to see a number of them implemented ingame in some way and it would allow an easy way to get into and start communities as they would, at least as the start, congregate around the food and other supplies that they need.
  2. It's actually very easy but you have to use the API and not the web app. Also it would have to built into the game in some way
  3. There is google translate that people can and do use and while its not the best its far better than some of the other options out there. It had an API that could be used as well but costs money if you do above x translations or something so its possible but i doubt it will hapen
  4. I doubt this kind of door would be airtight though so it might be a problem depending on how indepth they go with systems like that. I would love to be able to build voxel doors and stuff though but mostly as long as we get rails and I can make a linear train to space (space elevator) then im good
  5. well I know my org was already planning on having something like this but it would have both the complicated jobs and far simpler ones like dailies in other games so something like go get x amount of y material or something like that. Just things that give people something to do and keep coming back and playing
  6. It sounds like a cool idea. When designing the construct that goes on the blueprint maybe you could take screenshots of it or something but its probably decently hard to get a blueprint like image to display on what I'm going to assume is an ingame object. I can think of several ways it could be done but its all up to NQ
  7. There is a bounty system planned, sort of. Its a stretch goal in crowdfunding. I'm assuming its basically just a contract that, when you kill that person, gets paid.
  8. Something like this could be done by other people if they give us access to something like an API where we can access parts of the game without needing to log into the game. Some games have done it (EvE has an API but you can't do really anything with it just view character data). Another way is taking a look at RuneScape and its app where you can buy and sell stuff on the GE though with the system DU will have it will probably be easier if they have an API first built in and then try to make an app on top so other people can do the same thing, and probably better as they don't have a game to do as well.
  9. I think there was something about general wear and tear on ship systems anyway in order to make engineers onboard ships actually worth something instead of just being another crew member that could be of use when in combat or after combat
  10. @Beelz805 you have to go though the community site (see the main page) but you would be welcome to join. It uses the same account as well so you don't have to go creating a new one
  11. I have seen one or two more but i doubt i would count raptor squad as one of them (especially since RaptorJesus is in my org )
  12. If possible I would like actual rails to be in the game though as they provide a few advantages over hover rails also the main post has been updated
  13. They have in house builds and such but none that we can play. The Alpha starts early next year though so if your in that then you can play it soon(ish)
  14. I would be surprised if there was not eventually some way for constructs to mine and construct simply because of the size of the things as SLI already has plans for some very large ships and structures and mining everything by hand would make those projects not really worth it. Probably wouldn't be worth building ships as anything other than large hauling barges due to the upkeep they will have and such
  15. 3D pixels are not voxels. and its 3D points that are used to create a large 3D mesh which gives it that ability. also the scene is static so it can't really be changed without loosing what makes it look so real. The lighting calculations alone make things like that hard to do in real time so you get rid of them which makes it so that its not used in large worlds that have times of day unless you want to store each different area for each time of day.
  16. The problem with that video is that its not voxels its a 3d scan of an area taken as tiny points of data and then converted into a 3d mesh and then streamed from some data source to the graphics card.
  17. smaller things like that won't be voxles as its more of a pain to build them then something most (not all) players would want to do. Instead i would think that they would make objects like that would be components that we place. Also just so you know 25cm is plenty small to build things like that if you want to they just won't look as perfect as you want them to.
  18. Welcome to dual universe! there are many different orgs you can look at (most of them are on the community site https://community.dualthegame.com/)and there is also a discord server mostly for the community here https://discord.gg/NySfXE6
  19. I would like to have both as it makes things easier when lining up something but it is possible to do stuff with even number of voxel elements that still look good they are just normally asymmetrical from my experience (they are not always just normally are)
  20. Resurrection nodes keep you "living" as your current character though there could be some downsides like training takes longer or you lose a little progress on the skills your training (not reset but a little progress lost) you could also lose some or all the items in your inventory and be far away from where you died based on where the closest node you can use is located. These nodes also take a decent amount of power from what I remember so players might group together just so they can easily power a number of them in case they die so they can easily respawn close to their primary house or something.
  21. yay more spam (why does no one like talking here :,( ) but welcome new members Marwen cnemus And have another ship blueprint!
  22. Decently sure they said suit colors, gender, and an icon on the suit. I also think there will be different outfits ingame as there is an alpha team one (kickstarter page ftw)
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