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  1. I offered them to be moderators in /r/DualUniverse. But they refused since they wanted full ownership of the subreddit. I said we would work together, but they did not trust me and insisted on one of them getting the full rights on the subreddit. If they want to help the subreddit so much, why can't they help without having full admin rights? Also to all those sending me hateful PMs, you're wasting your time since I'm no longer a mod there so I can't give it away anymore, so perhaps figure out more productive stuff to do with your time instead of spending it all on those long hatemails.
  2. Nothing is stopping anybody from participating in r/DualUniverse
  3. Again, there's nothing wrong with r/DualUniverse Everyone should go there and have a look around for themselves. The only issue with potential to hurt the community is the pointless constant subreddit drama that's being repeatedly instigated by a small group of people. I'm no longer a mod at r/DualUniverse but I still care about the community and the game and I hope to see everybody being active in the subreddit with helpful topics and discussions rather then try to stir drama.
  4. Hey, I'm the former mod of /r/DualUniverse. The real reason we're having all this drama is that a small group of users, including some current and former mods of /r/DualTheGame, wanted to have control over the main subreddit (/r/DualUniverse). I offered them to merge and join as moderators and help out in the main subreddit but they declined, insisting that one of them needs to have full ownership of the subreddit. So uniting the community on reddit was secondary to them, they were more interested in power. Since I would not give up the subreddit, they started a campaign on the forums and the discord to de-legitimize me and the main subreddit. Not to mention all the hate messages and insults I was getting. This, despite me being the creator of the subreddit and spending countless hours on moderation and growing the community there for the benefit of the players and the game. If you go to https://www.reddit.com/r/dualuniverse you can see it's doing great. It is in no way "abandoned" or "neglected" as some of the users on this thread would have you to believe. on the contrary, it's bustling with activity. Please go there yourself and have a look around. If you're pondering the purpose of being prensented all the false info in this thread, it's to create a sense of urgency as if the success of the game lays on whether or not the subreddit is run by someone they like. As if I was some sort of monster who set up the subreddit just to make people run away from the game and that we should all be panicking because people are running for their life in droves after stumbling on the subreddit. Actually the opposite is true, I worked a lot on promoting the game throughout reddit and helped grow the subreddit's population and get tons of new people excited about the game. Another reason some users here are trying to get people to panic is because they want NQ to step in, but because of all the drama I don't think NQ wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. I'm no longer involved in the sub but I hope the new moderators will be able to eventually get everything back on track with NQ and that all the small group of people who are responsible for instigating this drama will someday mature and will stop splitting the community, or they risk losing respect from the fellow players. Am happy that many people in the forums (such as Pang_Dread) can see reason and be critical and not accept the fake picture that was presented in this thread. I was very tired and frustrated of dealing with the constant drama, insults, and hate from the people obssessed about being in control of the subreddit, and I feel kinda sorry for the new moderator that needs to deal with it going forward. I won't be commenting in this thread anymore, and since I'm sure you will hear more stories on how horrible I am, I just ask you to think about the motives those people have - the main one being wanting to be in charge of the subreddit - so you should take anything they write with a grain of salt and don't accept it at face value.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. Yeah will get a forum avatar out Saw dual universe in e3 trailer and at that point i knew it was the game I've been waiting for my entire life
  6. E3. When I saw the trailer I knew it was the game I've been waiting for all my life
  7. Hi all, my name is Aiden and until now I've mostly been active on /r/DualUniverse on reddit which I run, but am now joining the forums to be more involved on this side too, based on feeback I've gotten. Looking forward to talk to you all!
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