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  1. That makes sense, though growth is hard to determine (size), so why doesn't it get assigned numerical values for scale and yeah, it's not a Minecraft tree after all.
  2. discordauth:mUStzPHVvqWtnsOfCa_GZAhOOl3GLPSPq4lHgkRVwTo=

  3. You are correct, it does wonders for immersion and mechanics to have them actually rotate. The next level is to have them orbit the star (I don't expect this until much later) but for now, I will be patient. If I can get my farming before that, I'm happy.
  4. This. I want them to enable more script functionality as the game's mechanics become refined and understood, but at its core I want the game to be social with duties and work for everyone. From accountants to scan officers on a ship, I want it all. Even receptionists!
  5. Question, in an expansion/update the devs mentioned that they will attempt to add the planets rotating on their axis. Do you believe that in a further update that the planets will begin to orbit then as well? I mean, the star orbits the planets right now (funny, I know) but soon will they be able to change that?
  6. This and FARMING (oh yessss) are what I am looking forward to the most. Life on the planet, having my resort where almost no one would ever look. Goodness, that's all I want.
  7. No it really is, the devs confirmed that it is based on the mathemetical concept of duality.
  8. I for one think we need collision damage. There is a user here that keeps talking like we need to make the game easy. I'm sorry but this isn't Mario Kart and you shouldn't be allowed to ram into a planet at slightly less than light speed and make a perfect landing. This is not optional, this is not a choice, this is a requirement. NQ said that there wouldn't be voxel recognition of ramming but that does not mean that you should take no damage. I think the idea that your ship's components take damage instead of the actual structure makes a lot more sense. I implore NQ to not even consider implementing no collision damage. I shouldn't even have to argue this, it just seems so ridiculous that I didn't even consider that to be on the table. This is not Minecraft in space. It is supposed to have the FREEDOM of MC but it is not supposed to hold your hand and make it an arcade 0-immersion game. It's a civilization, living, breathing game. But I'll leave you with this to think long and hard about. I didn't have to type this all up, Understand that this is all Dual Universe will ever be if you have no collision damage. https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fi.ytimg.com%2Fvi%2FNPLOG3nS3Q8%2Fmaxresdefault.jpg&f=1
  9. I want to say other, the other being social. If anyone's played Planet Calypso from EU you'd know what I mean. That level of scifi immersion is just amazing. I want to open a resort on some beautiful planet. That's what I want to do. I want it to have its own farms and everything.
  10. Why does NQ have to do it? That would have to be a very robust system. Why not hire accountants that can perform more actions than NQ could ever implement? More jobs, more community, more immersion.
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