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  1. I sign this statement for every game in development. On topic: On their Youtube channel they have uploaded many videos, especially the Dev diaries have always been worth seeing because they convinced me that the technology works. Also the interviews they gave at Gamescom 2018 give the impression that it seems to work. They haven't shown anything of pvp yet, so there's one core feature missing for me. The roadmap says it will come with Alpha 3 next year. One can assume, as they said in a podcast, that we will see a "pvp lite" before Alpha 3. Here's their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPE8HHvv1EYu8YwqNgOD8w Here's a Gamescom Walkthrough:
  2. Maybe it's because of this problem that I don't have this ability to disable things. I always find it amusing that people argue that social media collect your data anyway and it's not a bad thing that we do that now. Unfortunately I don't have an account with the big social media and in my eyes it's just ridiculous to argue: "Others do it too". The tip of the iceberg for me, however, is that people draw the "personal level" card and equate the work with a person. It amazes me again and again what great projects the community is building. I only find it a pity when people introduce something, then other people criticize the work and then the author of the work refers it to his personality, although never a word about him or it was never meant personally.
  3. Since this apparently only refers to NDA things, I would like to have a question like this answered for the FAQ: What happens to the bot when the NDA falls?
  4. I don't like the fact, that something like this is represented in an official DU discord server.
  5. SirJohn85

    Bike seats

    I love bikes,... that would definitely be something I would use.
  6. Ehrm... Europe does not really have a formal fair use doctrine.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Once we know how and what kind of food / buff system exists, you can probably plan better. I assume you can't set up npc working there. So the servicing and creating the menu card will come from yourself. Otherwise, I only see the setting up of the mentioned markets, but this seems very impersonal to me. Much will probably come down to how trustworthy you are and what a general reputation you have. One of my long-term goals for Dual Universe is to visit every bar / pub / tavern / etc. that exist in all solar systems. Problems with payments or similar should be sent directly to Novaquark support.
  8. Since the game still takes a while to appear, you can start by asking your real life friends if they want to play with you in DU , if you are so afraid of being betrayed. Since we are in an mmorpg, and mmorpg does not stand for many men online roleplay as girl, but for living together in a single world where every action has an influence, I am very proud that NQ will establish a civilization with all players. It doesn't matter if you play alone, as a small or large organization. Who invests more and organizes himself better, gets also the larger yield at the end. And this is the case with every mmorpg where you pay money monthly. It doesn't take AI to run a business because it takes commitment to your customers. Build a reputation, present yourself as trustworthy and make the best prices. Large organizations will usually always outdo you. Because if 100 people have the same thought and agree on a date across all time zones, then no AI can save you from having an advantage. Yes, it can be, that a group of 600(!) men have the numerical advantage, but they are also targeted by the other Orgs, because they will not accept such a monopoly position, because they are onions and because you can break something like that with coordination. It's basically like cutting an onion, slice by slice. Everything can be outlived and things can and always will change in an mmorpg. Otherwise you wouldn't need groups, organisations, you wouldn't have to play together, you wouldn't have to talk or act with each other or you wouldn't even have to make an mmorpg out of it. Exactly what happened with SWTOR and you see where it is now. Beautiful new civilization... *sarcasm *
  9. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/YourOganisationName
  10. I did some testing a few days ago. There should be a delete button on the communiy page where you created it.
  11. Why don't you ask the owner to give you a tour? Or find out who owns the building? DU is an mmorpg and you usually play with others.
  12. Thanks for telling me, op. It is always a welcome change when you think about the fact that a post does not have to be considered any further. I don't know what it's about now, but at least it brings a breath of fresh air into the community for me. You don't have to answer everything, but the possibility of considering that you could, is remarkable for me. I love concise, short sentences that describe the essentials. And this introductory post hits the nail on the dot. I welcome your communication.
  13. SirJohn85

    Armour ideas

    Just stumbled across this interesting armor. I'd love to see something like that in the game! More pictures: http://zbrushtuts.com/2016/09/01/vested-series-police-3d-art-wip-by-mike-andrew-nash/
  14. Psst - Wrong forum section - Check the other one.
  15. Very good dev blog! There were a few things presented and put right. I do not need a "real" creative mode ... but a holographic blueprint mode? I'm in for that.
  16. Absolutely, that's the point that somehow does not want to go into my head. I also remember this following drone. And that's just the question I ask myself: If I can do that following drone, why is not there an alternative method to mine? Why is someone forcing me to use my hand? Of course, sure, the balance must be maintained. It should not be OP. I can not and will not speak for our mining organizations, but personally I can not imagine in my subjective view that mining would be fun for me. If you want mining to be a profession, it needs progression and scaling to make it appealable. I absolutely understand that NQ has thought over one or two things to economics. And if they're worried that the players are progressing too fast, then they should increase the planet size with intercept theorem. Just for example: Space Engineers - It currently takes 45 minutes to fly around a 50k radius planet at 115 m/s. There is a solution for everything.
  17. From the technological stand the hand. From a useful stand, the drill. It makes a significant difference if the carrying capacity of a spaceship, as example, is 300% higher than that of the avatar. We can now hang on small things or you can just try to follow the basic idea further.
  18. What I write down here refers to the late game. We had a similar discussion on our discord and how we imagine mining on a larger scale. It's a paradox: We travel from Earth with spaceships to create a new home in the new world. However, mining is still to be done by hand, although everything around is much more developed. I don't want automation with a robot, but what speaks against mounting drill heads on the ships (inclusive transport pipes)? The drilling speed can be the same as dismantling by hand. Personally, I would not have a problem if it was slower than by hand. The advantage would definitely be the inventory of the ship that is available. - You have more than just the hand to mine something. - You can build ships that are specialized (As you can see in the tutorial videos, weight and additional elements can play a role) I have great hopes that Novaquark will introduce equivalent additions / elements to the Nanoformer, as an example a drill head for the spaceship. I would like to mention Space Engineers and Empyrion as reference, which have done a very good job in the core game mechanics. Here the player grows with his environment. And that's what I want for Dual Universe too. Edit: Oh ... and why not a Welder element too?
  19. My first reaction when I saw the pirate outfit:
  20. It's always dangerous to equate "privacy" with "hiding." It isn't about hiding, it's about controlling whether or not you can hide. In bigger words, "informational self-determination." Privacy is the right to control information about yourself. If you make the choice that you are okay with the world seeing your pledge, your location, your organisations, and so on, that's totally fine. That's still privacy. That's still you exerting control over your information. If someone else makes the choice to let the world see your pledge, your location, or organisations, and so on, without your consent, that's not fine. That's a violation of your privacy. That's you losing control over your information. You having nothing to hide? Good for you. I on the other hand have a lot to hide, none of it is criminal, it's just nobody else's business. You can now make fun of what the data is about. Nevertheless, I take privacy seriously. Maybe it does not matter to you, but it does matter to me. And that is to be respected.
  21. I am still waiting for an option to set my profile private. I am not going to link anything with my account.
  22. It lacks a boost. Here is a similar model that I saw last year, which is similar in construction to the thrusters. Here the bigger Version with weapons. : Source: But yeah, I like that idea.
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