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  1. Um. No. CvC is going to involve targets moving away from each other at far greater speeds and distances than AvA. With human players creating strategies to avoid constructs getting hit that will be different than the strategies created to avoid avatars getting hit. The basic concept will likely be very much the same. The details of how CvC combat handles differently from AvA combat will require extensive testing. People in Landmark complained about the bunny-hopping strategy in Landmark. That will be exacerbated with CvC combat in DU... until they work out the kinks.
  2. I haven't said anything about credits, so I don't understand why you mention "if they do not introduce more credits into the economy". I said they won't introduce more NPC people after they kickstart the economy. But, we don't necessarily pay for ships via credits. We need to acquire adequate resources to create large ships. AFAIK, we will be able to manufacture the Elements we want as long as we have the necessary resources. Purchasing Elements and resources just helps us build more quickly. I expect some people to barter rather than rely on credits. But, that really has nothing to do with how many NPCs are added to the game after the economy is kickstarted.
  3. I interpreted what they've written to mean that they don't plan to add more. They will start with some NPCs in the beginning to kick-start the economy, but they won't add any (NPC people) after that. Not that they would remove the NPCs once the economy was thriving. Something to keep a look out for. Thanks for the follow-up!!
  4. I doubt that we will have cities that look like the ones in these pics. 1: It would take way too many resources to build. 2: The population of players won't be large enough to warrant cities that large. 3: We wouldn't want to navigate cities that dense. Players will be able to create beautiful buildings that rival those buildings. But, cities won't be as large or as dense as depicted above.
  5. I would like to see a dev quote for removing established NPCs. I don't recall seeing that.
  6. NMS handled that quite nicely. If you blasted a cave, the cave would remain, but within an hour grasses and debris would begin to fill it. It would begin to look like the procedurally generated caves. The growth of grasses and trees should probably occur at an even slower rate in DU. I think it might conflict with the devs vision of resource placement and availability, though.
  7. Dev quotes are our friend: https://www.google.com/amp/s/devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/07/24/territory-control/amp/ Territory Units are rather rare and expensive units, made of materials that will be available only in remote areas away from the arkship, or even on other planets, and requiring advanced mining skills and tools. In other words, it will be close to impossible to build them at start. We expect certain players to specialize in the manufacturing of Territory Units, but even for them the challenge will be high, but then they can expect to get a very good price for them on the markets. We want the Territory Unit to be hard to make because we don't want a sort of gold rush at the start the game, that would favor early players and reduce the gameplay to "get as much TU as possible before it's too late".
  8. Some Cosmetic elements (e.g. cat ears for player models) Star-maps Salvage constructs In game voice (chat to others within 20m, hail other ships) Replenishable resources: Tree growing/Farming Stargates CvC Moving parts: joints, rotors and pistons tracks/tracked element for elevators/trains
  9. It's going to be difficult to acquire a second TU. IIRC, we each start with a TU. Permissions will help the OP. Safe zones will help the OP. There is no single-player mode or "creative mode". You could try to travel to some far-distant world and be a hermit.
  10. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10000-kickstarter-ama-event-first-part/ First of all, if we don't reach a given Stretch Goal, is does not mean that the feature will never be implemented, but that it might be postponed to a (free) game expansion. Remember that this is a MMO, and unlike a singleplayer game, there is no "final" build. Now, Construct vs Construct combat means more precisely that we implement certain elements like weapons, shields, etc, that you will be able to use to make localized dammage to other constructs. If this damage hits a players inside the construct (or at the surface of a planet), this player will die and respawn. So, in effect, CvsC combat implies CvsPlayer too! Now, without CvsC combat you could still board enemy ships and take control of them by neutralizing the crew. Who knows, maybe this will become the prefered way of doing combat business in Dual!
  11. Some of us are what I call "fashion-over-function". If the role I choose to play is to emulate the Borg, having a cube for a ship may be more important than the efficiency of ship health or armor - especially if I maintain my ship in a safe zone and use it primarily for the aesthetics of the story I hope to tell. As long as warp speed is reasonably fast -in WoW, I can spend hours just swimming around continents in order to uncover the fog of war, so "reasonably fast" is subjective- the tactical aspects may not be a presiding factor.
  12. How can you design the layout without building the construct?
  13. I'm not exactly sure how what you're asking for is different than the current design. We will be able to advance skills while offline but, AFAIK, we still have to acquire the basic skills in order to start that process. We will most likely be actively using the skills when we log in. Also, some player skill will also be a factor - the example provided by the devs is that players will have to know where to apply the scans for specific resources. It's not enough for a character to have the skills to scan for rare resources.
  14. Nope.I asked you for a dev quote that stated "tab-target". I stated that the devs never say "tab-target". The devs always say "lock and fire". I stated that "lock and fire" does not necessarily mean we will cycle targets using the tab key. You then argued that the original meaning of tab-target was not tab-cycling - so "tab-target" is the same thing as "lock and fire". Then when the devs again described the mechanics of "lock and fire", you tried to claim victory that it's what you always said. Even though the devs still have never said "tab-target" and have indicated that default targeting will not be cycling through targets using the tab key - as I stated. Although, the devs have said there will be some variety of methods for achieving a lock, they still have not mentioned cycling through targets using the tab key. Nor have they yet mentioned "tab-targeting". Which is why I want you to provide a quote regarding the loss of implants as part of the death penalty, so we can all examine what the devs have stated, rather than relying solely on your interpretation.
  15. Is there a quote that says we drop Implants when we die. That seems unlikely. It has been said that we drop some of our inventory. I doubt that includes all of our Implants.
  16. I don't think we're going to have a Charisma stat. I suppose we could have a "Trade" stat for negotiating sales with NPCs. Leadership will be completely dependent upon player skills. Player attributes shouldn't help much with actions that require character attributes and character skills to unlock or activate. A player might have the IQ to figure out where an alien artifact is located, but if the character doesn't have the IQ to activate it, the player will still have to wait to find a character who can activate the artifact.
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1701437 "The Nanoformer upgrades are about boosting things like your capacity to mine, the energy regeneration rate, the range of your integrated scanner, and all sorts of basic functions provided via the Nanoformer. In both cases (Outfit and Nanoformer) we will balance things so that you cannot max everything at the same time. There will always be tradeoffs." Even if we could max every skill (which is unlikely), we won't be on equal footing with every character because people will upgrade their Outfits, Nanoformers and Implants differently, based on their individual interests.
  18. http://www.dualthegame.com/faq "...we are considering to implement Third Person View as we know a lot of players prefer this view when playing MMO games, but this will be put on the roadmap after all the main gameplay mechanics are implemented and early editions of Dual Universe will be First Person."
  19. (Probably not wise to assume that the age of an avatar matches the age of the player.)
  20. Main difference with the stretch goal is we get to remove our helmets and display faces and hair. Resources for launch are spread elsewhere. At least it looks like we'll have both males and females ready by alpha. I can wait for the other details.
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