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  1. 13 hours ago, NRS said:

    Oh my, that is quite amazing! I must commend you for your help. I'm serious, those logos will actually help a lot. On the other hand, I am afraid to announce that SLRA will not have any updates for a certain amount of time, due to some complications. Don't worry though, We will be back soon! And by soon I mean a few days. Not too long! :)



    No worries,whenever you're ready)

    Keep us updated on the developments!

  2. More DU centered radio stations are always welcome!

    I spend some time listening and i have to say,i quite like the choice in music.

    DUFM plays mostly rock music so this is a nice altenative for people with different tastes.


    Now i know Silverlight Industries is a big Faction so you guys can set everything up yourselves,however i just couldn't resist.

    One thing led to another and i decided to open up my photoshop and throw in a couple of fan made logos myself...i hope you don't mind)





    This is the first and most basic version.

    Decided to go with "SIRA" as a Silverlight Radio abbreviation,quite catchy if you ask me.

    Simple and elegant,although i didn't quite like the way the logo was protruding so i decided to make a second version...


    Now this is strictly a matter of personal taste but i do believe this version is superior.
    Perhaps i kind of went overboard with the silver-lighting(no pun intetnented) but if that poses a problem,it's easily fixed.
    It goes without saying that you are free to use them as you wish.
    Good luck with the preperations,hope i could be of some assistance. ))

  3. 1 hour ago, Aetherios said:

    "You, good sir, are worth your weight in gold.
     I thought it would take a while for anyone to figure out the text meant something.

    I appreciate your kind words although i'm sure there are many curious souls out there that would figure it out eventually.

    I just happened to be the first,that's all.

    Perhaps it's due to my unhealthy obsession of numbers and hidden messages.)

  4. Binary message translation:


    My algorithms predict that the more users access Twitter,

    the more they will keep up with the Dual Universe news,

    and the faster their organisations will grow.

    Tell them.


    Thank you for the update and links.

    Outpost Zebra always provides top notch quality articles.

    I'm really looking forward on your newest realease!


    The universe, finite or infinite? Interesting stuff indeed, BUT!!! BUT!!!

    Thinking INSIDE-THE-BOX:
    I don't know, to be honest!
    Thinking OUTSIDE-THE-BOX! (Without getting rid of the box, or ignoring it):

    We often like to elegantly speculate based on the data we've collected (so far) from our SENSORS, right!




    This is amusing given the fact this image is called "as above so below".

    Let's take the picture link for example,it holds the following number sequence /6/8/0/0/6800211/421390598.jpg?455

    Despite the first four digits being identical. (/6/8/0/0/ - 6800) there might be other secrets hidden within.

    Digits six,eight and zero are all numbers with the abiltiy to be turned upside down without losing their identities.

    So a six could also be a nine and eights and zeros are unchangable when tilted.

    As above so below could indicate that the number as a whole holds a special meaning.

    Going by that logic on to the second number sequence 421390598 we can apply that forumula.

    We get  68 00211 / 4213905 98

    Notice that the number sequence started (above) with a 68 and ended (below) in 98.   {68-00211/4213905-98}

    The eight is unchangable in both cases,only the 6 turned into a 9.

    We could say that "as above so below" is just a matter of perspective...even in numbers)


  6. A bit of history trivia...

    Getting payed in minerals is nothing new,in fact it holds ancient roots.

    The most notable example of this practice was first introduced in the times of the ancient Roman Empire,when salt was an expensive and rare material.

    It's value was so highly esteemed that even Roman soldiers regularly accepted it as a form of payment.

    As a result the commonly used word "salary" we came to know today,derives from the Latin salarium which litteraly means "salt currency". )


  7. I would love autopiloted transporter airships and hovers navigating by locking into a pulser's frequency.

    But that's as far as i would like AI to go,anything beyond would surely be prone to exploits.

  8. 10 hours ago, Vellnn said:

    But who gets to choose the price? If that's the method of handling the suicide mechanic, imo the price should be based on how much their inventory is worth, and the distance to the spawn. We want to make sure people can't exploit that to move goods around faster than they would be able to with a ship.


    I'll be honest i didn't think about a possible exploit.

    Good pointers all around,perhaps involving some penalty cargo loss like a quarter of the inventory items should do the trick.

    Have the price of those confiscated goods funneled back directly into Dual Universe's market.


    9 hours ago, Kael said:

    If some ones holding me prisoner for 1 day then that means I'm paying for something that I can't use, a full day of DU gameplay. That's just wrong in my eyes


    If someone is misbehaving in a player built city then we don't need prison mechanics, they will be dealt with on the spot by either confrontation/resolution or death by the people involved or people running the city.


    When it comes to subjects such as this we always seem to forget that DU is a game and not real life. We can't have every real life service in-game, it's just not possible.


    Well i see no problem if you choose to be held.

    Supposedly if i had a full inventory of high end materials,i'd be glad to take my chances rather than risk lose everything.


    DU is rather large so there needs to be some way to keep Order.

    It would be highly "unproductive" if everyone went around shooting people on sight.

  9. The key on making a prison mechanic viable is for it to feel organic and not forced.

    We require some attributes to include the captive's personal volition,at least in some extent.

    A more effiecient way to promote this,is through "cryostatis teleport chambers"


    We could programm them on a specific timer and usage fee.

    When captives interact with them,they will be greeted with an example of the following message.


    Enter Cryostasis -Teleporter for 30 mins and 50 Quanta fee?


    If the prerequisite fee is  provided the chamber will activate leaving the prisoner in suspended animation.

    And when the the timer expires,captives will then be telported in the Spawn Area safely along with their items.

    By far a more civilized alternative than being forced to suicide.

  10. 35 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

    Again, I never said anything to contradict what you are saying although I fail to see the relation with wealth here.

    It relates in the sense that automated weapons give an additional edge towards the lesser eqquiped crafts.

    In my point of view,it endangers space battles to become messuring contests of who has the "bigger gun" instead the "most numbers".

    This could mean that with enough advanced rocket systems and a large craft wealthy individuals would possibly be able to incapacitate a 20 man plattoon all by themselves.

  11. Tbh i have been waiting for a community driven radio station a long time now.

    You got me by suprise,i would never expect someone to make it happen this early...


    So in the midst of my excitment,i just wanted to share with you a quick fanart logo i made.




    I'm by no means a photoshop genius although i think it came out decent enough. )

    Wish you luck in all your future endeavours!


  12. 6 minutes ago, blazemonger said:


    I never said anything that conflicts with this comment. Negating basic and even modern day mechanics to force specific game play is IMO not the right way to go and I doubt it will turn out as black and white as some here seem to want/believe it to be. 


    Don't get me wrong i'm aware of your sentiments towards the whole matter.

    From a realistic perspective,it makes complete sense to have automated weapon systems in a universe set in a far future era.

    But like the pre discussioned ramming mechanic,we ought to make some sacrifices for the sake of game balance.

    If people had the avaliabilty to fight without men-power then the scale would surely tip much further towards the most wealthy individuals.

  13. 19 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

    I would not agree.


    To me, automation means that when I do a flip and burn I get aided by a (scripted) process which will allow me to do this in a smooth and safe way without having to do most of the compensation going into the movement.. Much like Fly By Wire in your average modern aircraft. Or are you implying that it's a bad idea a pilot can just bank into a turn and not having to worry about a great many variables that would prevent him from flying in the first place otherwise?


    I agree that it's good when the game will require people working together to get things done and go places. I think it's silly that you would expect that everything is still done by hand in a time when we fly a ship full of survivors into space landing on a far away world. JC made a comment that in a (big) ship each individual gun would need to be manned. Frankly it made me chuckle as it's just a silly idea in the time the game is set in and I really hope that he either misspoke or could not find the right way to express his ideas about this at the time. Combat vessels have had automated, if not fully automated, armament (sub)systems for decades  and there is no reason to enforce such mechanic onto a futuristic game setting. And that goes for many  more areas the game allows.. 


    That's all fine and dandy,but how else is JC going to push teamwork if a single player is able to fly a Titan Class Battleship with full automated weapons?

    I believe his mindset is in the right place already as manually controlled weapon systems complimet the combat ability of each crew member individually.

    Furthermore,it renders expensive crafts virtually incapable without a large crew which is something great for balance purposes.

  14. DU is a game where it's built upon the concept of a true persistant universe.

    It would make little sense if that wasn't the case for player avatars.

    In addition,players in suspended animation state open up multiple possibilties for dynamic gameplay scenarios.

    Among others these may include assasination opportunities and heavily promote the need for security and teamplay outside the Ark zones .

    In light of these positive developments,i'm personally completely in favor towards a logout mechanic implementation.

  15. It's actually kind of amuzing...

    This post's mindset is in line with a future project of mine that is in the works for over 2 weeks now)

    If done correctly organizing a fleet in Trinity squadrons is bound to prove a highly effective strategical managment plan.

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