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  1. Instituting this as a rule doesnt seem like a good idea. As Johnny said, RM covers a lot of this. Although honestly, I see the opportunity for a private business in this idea. A reputation list of sorts seems like something a private org could operate and run - keep tabs on other players actions somehow and, in exchange for a fee, players can access someones reputation or said list. Obviously there's a lot of problems to be solved here (information exchange with other orgs?), but it's something.
  2. Welcome! We're all looking forward to alpha 1 ahaha
  3. Hi! Nice to see more Aussies joining! I'm from Melbourne myself (and I notice we have pretty similar names as well :))
  4. Update! We currently have some vacancies in the management/executive branch of our business! We are looking for: - Mining Operations Manager - Manufacturing Operations Manager - Logistics/Transportation Operations Manager - Financial Services Manager - Marketing Manager - PMC General In these positions, you would be responsible for managing and operating your respective sector of the business as well as potentially performing some of the tasks relevant to your sector. Our employees in their respective sectors would be answerable
  5. I'd love to hear about it, sounds like a great opportunity!
  6. discordauth:sHtgVsKoRhD5-1DbKANCSRCd7pexbYWhMzFzqUone_o=

  7. Ahaha thanks, that's exactly what I was going for! ---- We don't require or expect singular allegiance to the company as long as you're able to contribute - we are a business after all, not a nation! If at any point you change your mind, we'll always have space for enterprising individuals to join an innovative, expanding company! We would love an opportunity to synergize with other like-minded partners! We are constantly improving and aiming to create paradigm-shifting change, and I think our cooperation could help achieve a disruptive impact on the industry!
  8. I think your last one is my favourite - I'll cop that ahaha
  9. AXXON CORPORATE "TODAY'S SOLUTIONS TO TOMORROW'S PROBLEMS!" Greetings all! Formed two years ago, Axxon Corporate is a mega-corporation that is seeking bright young minds to expand its operations and create a brighter tomorrow! If you want to be at the forefront of a profit-focused, ever-expanding company, you've come to the right place! We are currently hiring in many fields, including: Mining Manufacturing Haulage/transportation Design Arms and Armament Marketing Private Military Force Financial
  10. Which, let's be honest, is the best part of EVE ahahah
  11. Honestly Lethys got a point this feels like totally valid gameplay - honestly even if it is aggressive or not 'moral' isn't that part of what makes a player-driven game what it is?
  12. Nice to see other Australians joining up! Hope to see you in the beta
  13. Honestly, Quanta sounds way cooler than Universal Units, I don't know why they can't just stick with that.
  14. Even if the travel takes ages I'm sure there are things you could do on the ship while you're on the way, depending on the ship amenities, that could make the trip productive.. Could go as far with socialising with other passengers to managing org business, designing ships, lua writing (though i'm unsure how this would work in-game), designing ships, the list goes on
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