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  1. Some interesting stats! Maybe one day The Brethren will be up on that board. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  2. Good luck with your org. Turned out not to be what I was looking for, but good luck regardless!
  3. I had a good long chat with BohrElias last night as I was browsing some orgs. The Brethren may not seem like it has the most efficient structure, but it is certainly fun. I am happy to join this motley crew of degenerates, and help create something new.
  4. Thanks cybrex for putting this together! Looks like it could do with a small update though, but it seems like you got most of the pertinent info all listed. +1
  5. Sorry if I seem ignorant, but im only just now reading up on everything. I understood it that DU is single shard, but will still have stargates. But you can still fly to other solar systems using slower methods by sending a probe first right? I was hoping they would have construct versus construct on launch, but I guess in the short term it does help. Keeps players' focus on building up first, rather than being at each others throats day one. Even though... that would be fun.
  6. Only now reading all of the good stuff you guys have been posting, and this is fantastic! I look forward to more.
  7. Hey guys. Just recently decided to get involved with the community now that the KS is all done. Pretty awesome it go funded! I got the Gold pledge, so see you guys in alpha. I'm in a toss up between deciding to focus on being a builder, or going all combat. But I guess I can always do both when the game comes out.
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