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  1. Interesting. I'd like to see how this develops.
  2. I see the mining industry as the following process: Surveying and scanning for minerals -> extracting minerals from the ground -> refining minerals into usable materials -> selling and/or using the materials. Each step is an opportunity for profit. A land owner may be an amazing builder, but without the skills in this process, they will need to hire someone or an organisation with the expertise to do it right. I foresee plenty of mining vessels that are essentially scanners and cargo holds with a couple of engines strapped on. They might need protection, but if they're working for the land owner, this would be less of an issue. I'm not sure if mining without permission would be possible, but if it is, a security detail would be very handy. If acting manually will produce much greater rewards than automating a process, then some people will need skills in those areas. If an automated system works just as well as manual control, automating would be the better option in the long term, thus allowing builders to come into their own.
  3. Railways to transport ship parts/whole space-only ships to a waiting spaceport or shuttle, perhaps?
  4. So I have time to upgrade my computer. Nice.
  5. Through the windless night we sail To watch the timeless dance unfold Out of joy we share the tale To any who would have it told.
  6. I could be wrong, but I think I heard the limit would be about 2 km depth.
  7. Just short of 400k with 11 days to go. Getting there.
  8. Time to batten down the hatches, Anasasi. Hope you're not about to get flooded.
  9. I've dabbled in a few games, but my main game has been Minecraft. Also done a little Space Engineers and Starcraft 2 recently. Further back are Utopia, Earth 2025 and Nationstates.
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