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  1. So will we have a release of the Alpha by this December? Or is it all tentative? Please just have it take only 12-18 months for full release! Don't be like Chris Roberts, and then end up having to delay because you over-promised and need more time to get it right! I love the guy and wish him ultimate success, but there is a reason why he'd be shot by his dev team if he threw out dates!
  2. Hi there! Ruby backer here! I am a representative of the East India Company, an Elite Dangerous centric guild that is branching out to other games. I along with a few others in EIC have supported this game. Our org link is here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/east-india-company Anyways, the EIC sends it's regards and we hope to have a very profitable and fun time with the game upon release! Swift Arrow
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