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  3. I'm fairly certain that Items will not have RDMS tags. They will simply be items in your inventory, much like or, but usable. When you think about it, there is no need for this, and it would be ridiculous. RDMS will be for constructs and containers. If you don't want someone to have access to the guns, you lock the gun case. Also, I don't think having items tagged as possessions is a good idea either. The RDMS can, and probably should have an ownership tag, so that when someone hacks into it, it flags them as a thief for however long or to whomever. As far as breaking into a case, I think that shooting, or blowing it up, should destroy the case along with everything in it. Much like blowing a hole in a ship will destroy what is blown up, you can salvage what of the ship you didnt blow up, granted you either hack, or destroy the core. Similarly, you should be able to hack the crate. However, I would also say for those that don't want to go down the hacking skill tree, allowing one to use a crowbar to pry the thing open would be a good idea. The container is damaged in the process, becoming unlock-able. Perhaps the goods inside are damaged by this, that's optional, and reasonable as a punishment for not having the hacking skill. But I feel this system is fair, and balanced. As far as blueprints, that's a little trickier. If you sell a blueprint copy to someone, they can print the construct. If you have the printed copy disable the core so it cant make new copies, then the player can simply destroy the core and make a new one, thus allowing Blueprint making again. You cannot disallow the replacement of a core, because then you cant repair constructs that have been core-disabled. One option is to disable basic LUA code creation for cores being placed in existing structures. Thus requiring manual reprogramming. If you could somehow make basic LUA code have a tag or trigger allowing the making of blueprints, that cant be reproduced by manual programming, then problem solved. Simply make 'non-Master Copy' Blueprints have the 'Enable Blueprint creation' disabled in the core of the construct. Otherwise, it's a tricky situation.
  4. Will the scanning be spherical in shape, or cylindrical? How far down can we expect a survey scanner to penetrate?
  5. I'm pretty sure they said that pvp would be done on a lock and fire system. So if you had an advanced aimbot it would be the same but with higher probabilities to hit. And as far as mining drones, I think I remember them saying you had to be within a certain range of AI controlled vessels for them to be active? Maybe I'm remembering a suggestion with the second one.
  6. You're going to slave a fleet of battleships to a drone hive aren't you?
  7. I have increased my pledge to include an alpha key as my reward.
  8. I have begun learning the LUA codding language that will be used in Dual Universe for scripting/coding of AI. I should be fluent by the release of the game.
  9. A little sideways from the point, but do you have to be in space around objects for your scripts to work on them? I can understand requiring ships or drones to be in proximity of you or a fixed control point, like a hanger bay for defense reasons, but will that be the case for defense platforms and stations?
  10. I worry that they will be too vulnerable and trolls will simply blow them up for laughs and our transportation and economic systems will suffer greatly.
  11. For a gold sink, you could have items called "Market Modules" that must be purchased from the Arkship. This module would need to be installed in a base or space station (or maybe even large ship) to generate a UI for a market when close enough to the location. Item's could be stored inside of this structure by anyone with good reputation/standing to be placed on the 'market' for sale. Then the Arkship can take a small cut of the profit of any sale on any market module as a tax. After all, in the story the Arkship is the salvation of your species and would logically be the center of official 'government' used as loosely as DU wants it to be. This would allow AI to remain in the Arkship and give missions to anyone that wants them. Thus creating a market generator. The reason I am pro-inflation to a degree, as it allows for a greater range of prices in the long term for more rare or sought-after items or resources. It increases the range of possible value for everything.
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