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  1. You want to buy best dirt in Galaxy? For you, very good price. Dirt cheap. (TLDR means "too long didn't read")
  2. For some things, like blueprints you just created, it is a good idea to delete some since you only care about the latest one. Deleting limited resources is debatable. I would prefer a trash compactor equivalent element rather than have it built into the nanoformer. I can't really blame someone for deleting dirt they just dug up, though I am sure someone out there will want mountains of dirt for their own terraforming. TLDR: I am undecided about this one.
  3. An excellent take on AI. More please.
  4. Turtles. It's turtles all the way down.
  5. A big welcome to the new DU Supporters. What if I told you there is an official secret out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered? There are so many planets to in explore in DU. Come discovere with DU Wayfarers. (See original post for more information)
  6. Don't let a few contradictions get in the way of a good story. Ultimately it is your story.
  7. The DICE panel of judges have conveined and made a verdict. While there can only be one winner, the remaining entrants should not feel disheartened, this was a very close competition. so without further aDU, the winning entry of DICE Den 1 is Flipmaze by Ben Fargo The winner will be contacted shortly to collect his prize and Flipmaze will be created as an DICE arena game. A special thanks to this competitions sponsor: Soarnir
  8. Due to the 3-way tie, we will now go over to our independent panel of judges to decide on the winner.
  9. This kind of misses the point. This is an sandbox MMO. The "end goal" is what you decide it to be. Many people can't/won't/prefer not to decide that for themselves which is why theme-park MMO's exist. The people that build the sandcastles are not necessarily the same people that kick them over. If a place can be attacked it will be. (Allowance has been made for those builders that just want to build their own buildings on sanctuary moons and safe zones, but these areas have no resources so someone still has got to go out there.) And that is fine. DU is *not* for everyone.
  10. I suspect forms will be sent out at a later date. When exactly to expect physical goodies from the supporter packs is not known at this point.
  11. Get those votes in before the poll closes
  12. Oh dear. Banks user names should really be case sensitive Glad this solved your issue.
  13. This is by design as DAC are meant for people that want to trade the DACs for quanta (ingame currency) inside the game and not to replace a direct subscription purchase. Edit: ninja'd :/
  14. The login is case sensitive, so try all the right cases. If that doesn't work it's time to log a support ticket. As to the holographic ship...does not appear so but I will double check.
  15. There are neutral organisations that will make job boards available specifically for players that want to go about doing things their own way. Stay tuned
  16. Treasure hunts could be a thing if people want it to be
  17. Suddenly the internet does what it does best and spewed forth another theoretical means of space travel: Not only does it solve the gravity issue during space travel but also can reach anywhere in the known universe within a human lifetime. (The only slight niggle, a tiny flaw, is that you need vast quantities of fuel to do so. But let's ignore that for now.) So let's look at the Novarks journey: It took the Novark near on 10000 earth years to reach its destination (let's say 9967ish) So we take the space travel calculator outlined in the above video and pl
  18. A week remains until the poll closes. Get your votes in
  19. Eventhough there has been no alpha yet, organizations are still continuing with their schenanigans. The first post has been updated with Dual Universe State of Affairs - Pre-alpha (part 2), detailing a bit more than just the Top 20 organisations. I hope some find it enlightening Again, thanks to all that helped make this happen. If you feel your organisation is under-represented, feel free to drop me a PM.
  20. Dual Universe State of Affairs - Pre-alpha (part 2) is now available on Outpost Zebra. Many thanks to all those involved in its creation, especially @Falstaf
  21. I certainly hope there will be some volumetric clouds so that there can be guerillas in the mist.
  22. Please go ahead and delete the helpful on topic conversation, I really don't mind.
  23. Kurock


    Gambling games, games of chance, slot machines, even in-game games of skill. All these can (and should) be created by players. The role of DICE is a gaming commission to ensure that these games are safe for both the player and the house. This includes, among others, that the house has a fair payout and that a player can't walk away with all the quanta without playing the game as intended. If anyone has any more questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a DM or join the DICE discord.
  24. More accurately read this first http://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/02/23/devdiaries-communication-changes/ Here's direct link to their Trello board: https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions Being on discord (or Twitter in this case) gets you theses updates quickly
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