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Found 9 results

  1. The following is the creative work of Firestorm a graphic artist and member of the Dark Star Imperium on Dual Universe. Starting off will just be chapter one, however as the weeks go by more chapters will be added. The possibly of minor edits is an option so if anyone has suggestions on anything I might miss let me know, so stay tuned. This is the story following a young man by the name of Ryker Telemachus Omi and his journey from civilian to full fledged citizen and member of the Imperium Marines. Please follow his story as this seasoned young officer is thrown in the midst of a new and strange enemy. DSI Discord: https://discord.gg/2vkazux <— reach me here Chapter 1: Beginnings https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p4bIiuEFxA6N0ph2cO6xmjv9qiO3E2VyqQ_aJw97TpE Chapter 2: Signal -TBA- Chapter 3: Discovery -TBA- Chapter 4: Conflict -TBA-
  2. Hey there. I know I butchered the comments section, but this is my first fan fiction. Saying that, I still want your honest opinions on the story, no matter how harsh. I completed the prologue. I'm gonna seperate this story into 5 parts, these five parts being no longer than your average short story. These five parts will be uplladed as soon as I finish them. Here's the prologe: Prologue Before the launch of the Arkship named Arkand, unbeknown to the Novark data files, a designated human captain was assigned out of paranoia that the A.I. onboard would steer the Arkship towards a collision with a black hole, star, or a planet, along with a system to decide the next captain after the first captain died. The way that the Captains were chosen throughout the course of the trip was by a process of elimination, weeding out the smartest and most capable people onboard, in the event that a planetary body was discovered that could have the potential to harbor human life. In the event that a habitable planet was discovered, the Captains were the first ones out of the Arkship to scout out the planets and the rest of the star system that the planets reside in. As a bonus, the Captain is able to name the planets in the surrounding system, since the Captain would be the first person to discover the planet. When the Captain has finished exploring the star system and surrounding planets, the Captain returns to the Arkship with the data gathered from the expedition, which allows the onboard A.I. to create the simulations for the Alpha Team. With the data gathered from the Alpha Team simulations, the A.I. then creates the simulations for the Beta Team. By the time that the Alpha Team simulations have been completed, which will most likely take a few years, the Captain, depending on their time of awakening and age upon departure, will be dead or close to dying. This process is exclusive to the Arkand, and there are many other methods used by other Arkships in the event that a planet is found that could sutain human life. With the discovery of new planets, there also comes with it the danger of the native life. Predators roam the planet, searching for their next meal, and have not yet begun to fear humanity and place humans at the top of the food chain. Foreign microbes reside everywhere, and any one of these microbes can be dangerous. Some of these microbes can do horrible things to the human body, such as take control of the mind and induce an uncontrollable rage that can only be satisfied by taking other human life. The possibilities are endless. But, for now, there is no worry of these creatures, just the hope that humanity will have a new home. Part I: The Arkship Arkand - Google Docs.pdf
  3. Hello there, I've written a short fan fiction about ATV that I would like to share: https://goo.gl/QaDnT4. I tried to keep things in line with all the lore and with ATV discussions while still pushing a bit of my own imagination in it. I hope you will like it :). Special thanks to Comrademoco, Lethys, Kurock and Halo381 for their inestimable help in proof reading the different versions of the story. Your suggestions were really appreciated. Regards, Shadow
  4. Sand, all up in my junk – Part 2 “RONALD” The world started to come back into focus around Stier, but the infirmary’s Interface was blaring an unfamiliar name at him. “MCNALDO?” Then it clicked. As far as the Arkship was concerned, that was his name. Before the ships left earth, occupants had to sign themselves into the new database after security checks. The UMF’s official records were on a much older system so the administrators were not able to import it automatically. During the sign-in process, some of the colonists changed their name and Stier wanted to see how far he could push it so he entered a phony one as a joke. He wasn’t able to change it of course, so he was teased mercilessly during the simulations. The infirmary’s interface was designed to look a bit like a smiley face. There is so much voice communication from the AI that having a face to go with the voice was supposed to be comforting. Waking from cryosleep or in the resurrection node was a traumatic affair, but this grim mask of death of an interface made it all worse during the simulations. In the flesh it was much more pleasant now that its entire surface is plastered in Greetz Puppy stickers. EDIT: Sticker now in user signature as reference. *Greetz Puppy was a pop-culture brand originating from the late 21st century. The brand went mega-corp prior to the establishment of the Emporium. As the UMF encountered funding issues with the construction of the ARK Ships, Greetz Puppy was one of the mega-corps that provided the rest of the funds needed for launch. These stickers or “cosmetics” were provided to the colonists as part of a marketing campaign. “WELCOME BACK TO THE ARK SHIP, YOU DIED!” stated the collage of stickers. A brief look around revealed that most of the medical bay was peppered in the things. Death wasn't nearly as painful as he thought it would be, turned out it was a lot like going AFK. A quick check revealed that Stier… Ronald actually, still had his starting balance of U2’s and all of his DAC’s. As predicted thieves only managed to steal some sand, and some now very sandy protein matter. Ronald topped up his personal energy and protein stores and headed down to the landing site. Town wasn’t what he was hoping it would be by now. There were only a couple of polished-looking permanent structures and the earth was littered with pits and scattered shapes matter-formed out of dirt and stone. The MODs (Maturity Office Directors) have been quick to remove the obviously phallic shapes, but the more abstract ones loom around the landing site like a lower-school Stonehenge. The most active Alphas have either already left the safe-zone or are still AFK (away from konsciousness) from the Beta. Shortwave chat data is mostly omegas trying to figure out how to use their Nanoformer, or Betas trying to rob each other. Ronald had an idea that it would end up like this. Transitioning from the Alpha simulations to the Beta revealed a critical design flaw of the Nanoformer. The Nanoformer taps directly into the nervous system for its input, which allows the user to collect, deposit, and form matter with only a little practice. That asset is also its flaw, since much like many of the body’s organic systems, it behaves erratically when that neural connection is violently severed. When you die your bowels tend to… evacuate, and so does your Nanoformer. U2’s and DAC’s were never matter to begin with, and were tied to DNA to prevent violent theft from becoming a problem, but this flaw in the Nanoformer made it possible. Beta was a bloodbath compared to Alpha, and the real deal is turning out to be quite a bit like simulation. Welcome to the Wild West. Previous update here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10052-sand-all-up-in-my-junk-part-1/#entry32895
  5. Welcome to my writing room! Here I'll be posting random snippets of DU related fan fiction. Some will be pre Novark, some will be in ideas in my head of possible future events. These will most likely be written late at night and I will miss some mistakes as I try to fix them in the morning. Some of these stories will be continued (and I will leave a google doc link at the end of the snippet as well as in this main post) and others will remain as snippets. If you see a snippet and you'd like to continue from it, just pm me and I ask, I should be completly fine with it as long as I'm not continuing it and I get some credit. Have fun reading! List of Current Snippets Battle of Emberstone -- Continued The Fate of a Titan -- Not Continued Calamity -- Not Continued
  6. Hey all, Some of you may recognise me from the ongoing Novawrimo contest, but if not then let me introduce myself. "I'm a guy who likes to write! Hiii!" But anyway, weirdness aside, I've just set up an Org called 'Writer's Guild' and would like to invite anyone who is interested in continuing to write some fan-fiction for Dual, or fiction in any form, to take a look. I'm not an amazing writer, but I've been doing it for a while, so I would like to offer my help towards any that want it, and encourage others to do the same. What I hope for is a close-knit group of people sharing and writing and reading each others work, providing good feedback, and growing as writers and individuals. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Thanks for your time, DT
  7. This is my entry into the Novawrimo contest and also the backstory of my character, Ben Fargo. I hope you enjoy it. PartingGifts.pdf
  8. Hey all, I hope you enjoy this piece I've written for the contest. I didn't have much time with exams going on at the moment so its around 6,000 words long, but I got most of what I wanted in there. Also, I've created quite a few phrases and terms so if people are confused about any of those I'm happy to make a glossary, but most should be pretty self-explanatory from the context. Thanks for taking a look and enjoy! DT Novawrimo-LeftBehind.pdf
  9. Barren functionality, that is what Ben thought as he sat and waited. A mismatched collection of chairs lined the walls, while a double row of them, back to back, filled the center of the room. There were no pictures, no plants, no tables covered with out-dated magazines. The agency had neither the time nor the money to acquire such things, but few people cared. Most of them, like Karilynne, were too focused on their phones to notice what was missing. Ben had not bothered to take out his own phone. He had too much on his mind, so he just stared at his wife and wondered what the future held for them. "Benignus and Karilynne Fargo, please, come to Room C3. Benignus and Karilynne Fargo, come to Room C3." Ben stood up and looked at his wife. "We better go. Shouldn't keep them waiting." Karilynne tapped her phone a few more times, then slipped it into her purse. "No, suppose not." --- As the couple entered the room, the woman behind the desk smiled at them and waved them to a pair of chairs facing her. The tag with the UN logo clipped to her jacket identified her as Roberta Stuart. As soon as they were seated, Stuart said, "No use making good news wait. Your applications have been approved." Ben grinned widely, "We're going on the arkship!" Stuart nodded, "Yes, you'll be leaving in two weeks. I know that's not much time to take care of your affairs here, but we had a couple unexpected openings, and well, you were the best suited for them." Ben grabbed his wife's hand, still grinning. "We've made it. I can't believe we're going." Karilynne smiled back at him, but her forehead was wrinkled with worry. "We need to tell her, Ben. To see if it'll be alright." Stuart narrowed her eyes and asked, "If what'll be alright?" Karilynne put her other hand on top of her husband's, so she held his between her two. "We just found out a couple days ago. I'm expecting...we're going to have a baby." "Oh...." Stuart shook her head slowly. "I wish I could tell you that wasn't a problem, but the truth is we just don't know what affect cryosleep would have on a pregnancy. It's unlikely the baby would develop normally and it would be an unacceptably high risk for you, Karilynne." Ben sat in shook for a few moments, then said weakly, "We can't go?" Stuart hesitated, then said, "You can still go, but we'd have to terminate the pregnancy. There's enough time and if you decide on that, we can make all the arrangements for you." Karilynne wrapped her arms protectively around her belly and cried out, "No! You can't do that to my baby!" Stuart looked at the woman, then at her husband who was sitting speechless. "I know this difficult. I can give you one day to think it over, but no more. Come back tomorrow and let me know what you've decided." --- Ben was sitting at his drafting table, looking through his sketches, plans he had made of spaceships, some practical, some more fanciful. Karilynne walked up behind him and looked over his shoulder. She said gently, "You really want to go, don't you? We can apply for another arkship...after the baby's born." Ben shrugged. "The way things are going, I'm not sure there'll be another arkship. Even if there is, I doubt someone who's rejected their first offer'll get another one." "Then we'll just stay here. Maybe it won't be so bad." "There's no future here. We're living on a doomed planet." Karilynne grasped his shoulders. "But it won't be destroyed in our lifetimes...or our baby's. We still have time to live out our lives here." "On world with no hope? What kind of life will that be?" Ben swiped his arm across the table, scattering his drawings to the floor. "How long do you think we can hold on to civilization here? You see it already...the people who don't care about anything...who do whatever the feel because nothing matters to them any more. And it'll only get worse. Do want to live like that...raise our child like that?" Karilynne turned her husband around to look into his eyes. "Our child doesn't have a choice. Our child'll live here or not at all. So, I don't have a choice either." She stopped to fight back her tears, then continued, "But, you have a choice. You can still go." "Without you?" "Yes, without me. Because you love me." Her tears started to stream down, but she went on, "If you stay, you'll resent me...resent the baby. You'll say you won't, you'll try not to, but I know you...I know it'll happen and that'd be the worse thing I can imagine." Ben stammered, "But...you and the baby...you'll be alone." "Mom and Dad are still here. They'll take care of us. We'll be alright." She reached behind her neck and unclasped the chain she wore around it. On the chain was a round silver pendant with a blue turquoise crescent set in it. "Take this...so you'll remember me." Ben took the pendant and studied it. "Isn't this the one your Grandma gave you? I...I can't take this." "You have to. I promised Grandma I'd keep it safe...and there's nowhere on Earth it'll be safe anymore. But, with you, it will be. So ten thousand years from now, when you get to your new world, look at it and think about me and the baby." Ben closed his hand around the pendant and held it close to his chest. "If I leave now, I won't know the baby's name...or even if it's a boy or a girl." Karilynne smiled at him. "She's a girl and her name'll be Lunette." "The doctor's told you she's a girl?" "My heart told me. Just like it tells me you need to go to that far away star. And like it tells me no matter how far away you are, you'll always love me." Ben took her hand and said softly, "Mine tells me that, too."
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