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    SegaPhoenix got a reaction from blazemonger in Do you play EVE Online?   
    I think EVE plays me...
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Lethys in The Subscription System   
    servers need money to run, your skill progression needs to be saved (even when you're offline), B2P not viable here, Cosmetic shop not enough for the scope of DU, It'll be sub based - period
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Anaximander in Novaquark Monetization     
    Liek with the other threads, matey, you didn't bother looking uip if NQ has replied on this.

    They don't want a cosmetic shop. The DAC system is more than enough to generate extra revenue. 
    Also, Player Studio for Everquest 2 and Planetside 2 ruined the games as of performance. You know, 1 billion different meshes means 1 billion different system + memroy calls.

    Also, I get that you are not a gamer, and that you have zero  context of why these ideas are bad given the COUNTLESS times they were implemented and failed, but saying "modding for an MMO iun a single-shard" is like saying "HEY, LET'S MAKE THE GAME CLIENT 100 TERABYTES BIG! IT WILL BE FUN GUYS! POPPING TEXTURES AND 1 HOUR LOADING SCREENS ARE NICE!!! "
    Also, on the "Subscription" model you expressed... you seem to not have EVER used a subscription model. Your "6X hours, 2 months to use it for 60 USD a year" is the epitomy of what's wrong with you F2P crowd. 60 USD at the current model gets you 6 months of unlimited play. 6 Months, no limits on hours. 
    You could rname this post "Soup of all the Monetisation Plans for MMOS that lead the game to F2P death, All in One Thread!"
    Also, let me introduce you to the world of money - or why you should do research on what you speak of.

    Call of Duty is an annual franchise, with Season Pass - that not many pass over (puns) . That brings the game up to (or around to) 100 USD - 120 USD in price. If you buy the Expansions seperately, you will pay 110 USD to 130 USD.

    Remember, this is an annual franchise, people buy it annually to get the next piece of regurgitated crap Infinity Ward puts out with Activision's blessing.

    So, if Call of Duty was a "free to try, subscription to play game with free expansions" but the same price range... it would come down to 10 USD a month subscription (120 USD a year).
    That's DU. A "free to try, subscription to play game with free expansions". I know, shocking, DU costs like a Triple-A title every six months? How dare they create a unique idea of a game and want to make a profit out of it. They should be happy with starving to death.

    One month of the game costs 13 USD to play (10 USD if you buy in bulk). That's 3 cups out of Starbucks that will last you for 5 hours tops in total?  You mean to tell me that the "13 USD sub" is not something people can afford... but a 20 USD costume for their in-game character is something they will afford?

    Also, your VR Tourism idea is known as "TwitchTV".

    All in all, this thread is a nice Subscription / F2P thread disguised to look as a cash shop "whale hunt" suggestion.

    Final Score on the Thread:

    9 / 10 for effort and write-up.

    8 / 10 for delaying the hot topic most of the thought process went to for the sublatteral part of the post (Partial Subscription that makes no sense when you scale it to the current price range of subscriptions O_o ?! ).

    1 / 10 for fact checking or knowing how monetisation works in any video game.
    Cheerios to you sir.
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Anaximander in Black Ops and Cloaking technology development   
    I think NQ can move away from EVE's lame cloaking model. Don't get me wrong, proud Stratios flyboy here, bt I would love to see actual stealth, not harry potter magic or "Romulan" stealth.

    I have made my suggestion in the past which is the following :

    Magnetometric Stealth = Make your ship out of materials that are not ferromagnetic or magnetic in general - like how Battlestar Galactica's Blackbird oeprates, fully made out of carbon-fbiers to have very little Magnetometric signature, being registered like a space rock.

    Gravitometric Stealth = Your ship's mass dictates your signature radius. This works well with the Magnetomteric Stealth idea, since carbon is very light - but not durable. There ain't no such thing as "Ninja Knight".

    LADAR Stealth = simple heat emission system, add heat-sinks that decrease your heat emission and detect range.

    RADAR Stealth = ship shape dictates your signature on it.

    so, a small ship can be stealthy, but a large ship can be "hidden" for a certai nperiod.

    So, if you were to make a "black ops battleship" let's say, you'd have a detect radius that varies.

    Best part about this, they already have put in Aerodynamic Profiles as shown on the Dev Diaries, which can be retrofitted for Radar and they have showcased their magnetometers for mining in the GDC Steam (visit DU Explorers on youtube to see the video).

    LADAR and Mass are easy to implement after that.

    I would agree some "cloaking field" can be added, but make it like the Planetside 2 cloak for the AMS-Sunderers - good for concealing when at distance or from flyboys, but up close it's a visible sphere of a "watery" force field.

    I'll be the first to say, that cloaking modules in EVE fade in comparison to the awesomeness of Recon Cruisers that are immune to Directional Scan.
    Just no Harry Potter cloaks
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to ostris in New PLEX System in EVE, and What DACs can learn from it.   
    Sigh, shouldn't have bothered. Still no sources, guess links were just to hard. Once again doesn't need to be a debate just post links supporting your original posts statements(not the moving the goal post arguments you put forward later) of:
    -"Not really, the paint job is just a visual detection hinderance....."
    -"And surprsie, Stealth Bombers only work on "Approach""
    -"If the radar beams hit them on the side, they are going to be visible"
    -"Stealth Bombers "stealth" comes from the fact they are able to "glide" their way to a target on approach"
    That's all i asked for originally, does not matter if I'm wrong or right in anything I said, and all this debating you still have yet to put forward anything of actually proof or source information of any kind to the above statements you made.
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to ostris in New PLEX System in EVE, and What DACs can learn from it.   
    Look i really didn't want to get into a debate i just wanted some source about your info.
    But ill bite:
    Your original statement: "Not really, the paint job is just a visual detection hinderance...."
    The B-2 has two major defenses against radar detection. The first element is the plane's radar-absorbent surface. The radio waves used in radar are electromagnetic energy, just like light waves. In the same way that certain materials absorb light very well (black paint, for example), some materials are particularly good at absorbing radio waves. The B-2's body is mainly composed of composite material -- combinations of various lightweight substances. The composite material used in the B-2 bomber is specifically designed to absorb radio energy with optimum efficiency. Parts of the B-2, such as the leading edge, are also covered in advanced radio-absorbent paint and tape. These materials are very expensive, and the Air Force has to reapply them regularly. After every flight, repair crews have to spend many hours examining the B-2 to make sure it's fit for stealth missions
    Radar-absorbing material
    Main article: Radar-absorbent material Radar-absorbent material (RAM), often as paints, are used especially on the edges of metal surfaces. While the material and thickness of RAM coatings can vary, the way they work is the same: absorb radiated energy from a ground or air based radar station into the coating and convert it to heat rather than reflect it back.[33] Current technologies include dielectric composites and metal fibers containing ferrite isotopes. Paint comprises depositing pyramid like colonies on the reflecting superficies with the gaps filled with ferrite-based RAM. The pyramidal structure deflects the incident radar energy in the maze of RAM. A commonly used material is known as "Iron Ball Paint‟.[34] Iron ball paint contains microscopic iron spheres that resonate in tune with incoming radio waves and dissipate the majority of their energy as heat, leaving little to bounce back to detectors. FSS are planar periodic structures that behave like filters to electromagnetic energy. The considered frequency selective surfaces are composed of conducting patch elements pasted on the ferrite layer. FSS are used for filtration and microwave absorption.
    Im not sure what your heat sink comment is about, i would assume the amount of heat generated by this approach is not easily detectable as it is probably dissipated into the air.  The B-2 is capable of all-altitude attack missions up to 50,000 feet. Air temp at 50k is -70F (http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/standard-atmosphere-d_604.html)
    Its not the primary source of radar reduction but it is relevant and important enough that they spend a lot of money developing RAM paints and maintaining them on these plans.
    As far as this statement: "If the radar beams hit them on the side, they are going to be visible. It's science, not magic after all"
    The stealth bomber's peculiar shape deflects radio beams in both ways. The large flat areas on the top and bottom of the plane are just like tilted mirrors. These flat areas will deflect most radio beams away from the station, presuming the station isn't directly beneath the plane.
    The plane itself also works like a curved mirror, particularly in the front section. The entire plane has no sharp, angled edges -- every surface is curved in order to deflect radio waves. The curves are designed to bounce almost all radio waves away at an angle.
    All in all i just asked for where you got this info cause I was mostly curious about it. Maybe my googling is all wrong just asked for source about where you go your info. Doesn't need to turn into a whole debate, just post some links.
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to ostris in New PLEX System in EVE, and What DACs can learn from it.   
    Kinda off topic but do you have any source on the info about stealth bombers....
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to ostris in New PLEX System in EVE, and What DACs can learn from it.   
    Well google doesn't agree with anything you say...so that's why i asked for a source
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to SegaPhoenix in game looks like ∞/10 so far, except..   
    Subscriptions keep out the riff-raff. 
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to wizardoftrash in game looks like ∞/10 so far, except..   
    Since Bleep_Bloop has nothing to add to this discussion other than we are wrong and fanboys, and we have nothing to add other than that we support NQ's decision, I think its time we let this thread die so that we can give it a proper burial.
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    SegaPhoenix got a reaction from Kurosawa in game looks like ∞/10 so far, except..   
    Subscriptions keep out the riff-raff. 
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Volkier in New PLEX System in EVE, and What DACs can learn from it.   
    Pretty straight forward for me - I am absolutely outright against 'shops' for RL currency for in-game items - be they cosmetic or otherwise. Therefore I would not want to see this system implemented, and have a final personal confirmation that I will not be going back to EVE online. Plain and simple.
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to SegaPhoenix in New PLEX System in EVE, and What DACs can learn from it.   
    Because they are terrible game design. Ready for every new player forums post to be "How do I make enough money to pay for Dac's" and "what's best income/hr" ?
    This promotes the catch 22 where people play to pay for the game that they are playing to pay for. God forbid people would log in to actually do something other than grind their subscription. Eve was a glorious universe before PLEX came along and completely destroyed everything.
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Lethys in game looks like ∞/10 so far, except..   
    But I wantz it for free, f2p bae. You havz no ideaz how market workz
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Anaximander in game looks like ∞/10 so far, except..   
    So... the game is of infinite rating in your eyes... but deserves not the price-tag of an infinitely rated game...

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    SegaPhoenix reacted to wizardoftrash in game looks like ∞/10 so far, except..   
    How much does a typical gamer spend on hardware and software for gaming in a year? This is the price of roughly 3 AAA game titles per year, so roughly 4 months per AAA game.
    How many xbox one games really have 4 months worth of steady game content? There are a few sure, but 3 per year? Unlikely.
    Sandbox game junkies often spend tons of hours all in one game. MMO players often spend tons of hours all in one game. The kinds of players that will appreciate DU are the kinds for which $156/year breaks down into a very small and reasonable $/hour ratio. For the players that have the most time to play and the least income, there is a good chance it'll break down to $0/year with the ability to trade for game time in the in-game market. That seems pretty reasonable to me.
    EDIT for an additional point
    -Gaming is a hobby, and hobbies can sometimes be expensive. For someone who plans to play a bit each day, or have longer binge-sessions on the weekend, this could be considered someone's primary hobby. The advantage here is that if someone decides that they no longer want to play, they can stop paying and allocate future funds towards something else.
    Lastly this model ensures that the Developers will be able to create regular expansions, which will keep the game in a place where we want to have it as a primary hobby.
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Lethys in game looks like ∞/10 so far, except..   
    You can play for free too if you're active enough and make enough in-game money.
    If not, there's the door. No one forces you to play
    And I won't even start on why there is this sub because you know, if you can't ask politely, I won't do either
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Code24 in Animal Hunting & Taming   
    As cool as the concept art is, it is far away on their roadmap. I think what will make the universe feel 'alive' more than anything will be the other players. 
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Lethys in When will the alpha be downloadable?   
    Like it's written on the forums, Kickstarter and everywhere:
    First half of 2017
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Dunbal in Game is based on monthly subs! Why?   
    Yeah I don't disagree with you. I've been online a long time. I mean a LONG time (1986, when I got my first CompuServe account). I've gone from paying $6 an hour for online services (at 300-1200 baud, of course!) to free to play games. And while this is anecdotal evidence, there is a definite correlation between the cash you invest and the strength of the online community. When we paid $6 an hour, everyone was polite, online communities were rock solid, people helped each other and pulled together both in the forums and in the games. There were "bad" people too but usually they were the "honorably evil" types, playing in character but never, say, attacking newbs, etc.
    Then the model switched to "flat rate" monthly subs... games filled with beggars who would do nothing but sit around begging hard to get items from players. People started doing dishonorable things "for the lulz", etc.
    THEN models switched to F2P, and you could expect hackers, exploiters, griefers galore etc, on top of everything else. Needless to say communities and forums also degenerated into flame wars and trolling contests the cheaper it got.
    While I'm certainly not proposing going back to a several hundred dollar/month hourly subscription model, I do wish to point out that there IS a correlation between how much real cash you have to put into a game, and how civilized players' conduct is in that game.
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to MaximusNerdius in First Person Shooting   
    Yeah.. this is definitely not a first-person shooter.
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to Anaximander in First Person Shooting   

    Game's based on a tab-targeting system. While a first person shooting, twitch-monkey reflexes gameplay is not part of the game, taking cover will be a thing to not be turned into a cheese-wheel from bulletstorms

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    SegaPhoenix reacted to SegaPhoenix in Game is based on monthly subs! Why?   
    Because subscription model is the best model. 
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    SegaPhoenix reacted to yamamushi in Game is based on monthly subs! Why?   
    There are tons of threads on the forum about this topic, but they can be summed up with:
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