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  1. This shows that you obviously have very little understanding of the amount of thought and effort people actually put into many different cube designs. If it was as simple as throw a box together and toss some engines and weapons on it, I'd support your silly poll but anyone who's actually been out there PVP'ing and not just doing arranged fights or preying on haulers can tell you every single cube is different. While I do look forward to the day that NQ makes changes to PvP, I hope their focus is on the actual PvP issues and not just this silly worry about "OMG no moar cubes". Many of us put l
  2. discordauth:zMHl26gBkU7gpOQn-Sq8IU3Zoit1kEIHP7qqnYtnwGQ=

  3. You're right. But I'm looking for a bit more functionality than "they have an account on the DU page" or "they belong to this organization". Which is the only thing you can really check right now. I'm looking more for an API that actually interacts with data ingame, not what's on the community page. I suppose my example gave that impression though, so my bad.
  4. Kinda hard to build an api without having anything to interact with.
  5. So if there's no connection to external data and scripts only run when a player is in range (meaning they stop running when nobody is in range), is it simply not possible to store data using the LUA scripting? Because that greatly changes the usefulness of the scripts, if there is no way to store any data other than when the script is running. Unless I'm missing something somewhere.. which is entirely possible.
  6. I've wondered about this myself. A good example - could I communicate between an external database (such as one of users for an org website) and the game's LUA? Validating users this way would certainly be helpful. It would also be great for another project idea I have - not required, but would make things much, much easier.
  7. discordauth:zMHl26gBkU7gpOQn-Sq8IU3Zoit1kEIHP7qqnYtnwGQ=

  8. IGN said that, they titled the video - not NQ. I expect no less from IGN these days.
  9. Responding negatively to spam doesn't make this a toxic community. It means we want the spam to stop. That's all. Dunno why that's hard to understand.
  10. I'm still crying big juicy tears about not getting that carrier! It was sooooo close! At least we all safely were able to escape.
  11. The Collective is still welcoming new members. Our gaming community has been around for over 10 years, playing all types of games such as Minecraft, Space Engineers, DayZ and many others. We currently run an Empyrion server and have a corp in Eve Online that is growing nicely. If you'd like a great community to be a part of, come check us out.
  12. Try Empyrion. I originally did not care for it when it first released, but it has come a long way and actually has better build mechanics than SE, imho.
  13. While waiting 48 hours certainly sounds like a long time, it is an imperfect solution to a serious issue - we are all playing a video game and have to deal with real life. From the sounds of it, taking territory and holding it isn't going to be an easy thing in the first place, so while I understand and agree with the timer mechanics being annoying, I can absolutely appreciate the solution it presents. In an organization with people with husbands, wives, children, responsibilities and even different time zones, it's a challenge to coordinate getting people online at the same time and working t
  14. Automatic mining of any sort will flood the market with whatever is being mined. Not sure why you could possibly think otherwise. It's already been said multiple times in this thread, the devs have plainly said there won't be any sort of ships that can mine or automatic mining, specifically for this reason. Please find something else to suggest, as this topic is already done.
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