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  1. actually the 30k speed cap at the time was all the server could handle, calculation wise because that was all the server could handle reliably NQ actually said 30k was all they could do...reliably in relation to other ships near you, calculating their position relative to you. (Prior to that in pre-alpha it was 20k) So it wasnt just an arbitrary number there was a reason for it. now the cap is 50k and they have added mass into it, Clearly now the server can handle 50k reliably after further optimisation and before you go on about the 250k warp speed, there wasnt any warp drives in pre-alpha, you had to schlep at 20k to all the planets.
  2. When Beta started and that now broken promise of "We will not wipe again" was made. I stopped playing all other games and went full tilt into DU and invested myself wholly into it (for the 2 years of beta) full gung ho mode because this was it, its started, the game world is now persistant Currently I have tons of ships, tons of quanta, 90M TP etc blah blah. Now after the wipe IF I come back, all Ill do is pick a Haven tile and leave it at that.
  3. I use WinAuth and it works fine for DU https://winauth.github.io/winauth/download.html
  4. i always repair myself even when its not my fault i never have asked a GM to repair my ship.
  5. maybe you all should wait till AFTER the wipe to get the million talents points might be more useful when we all start from zero again... But thumbs up for doing 2FA
  6. On the old map we can see distances to all the planets at once, you seem to have removed that, that info is useful. We can see immediately which planet we are closest to. you cant on this new map Please add planet distances like it is on the old map
  7. you realize this is it, this IS.... the last wipe you will ever be able to do..... and what you gonna do then, 2 years from now when we are in full release and loopholes have been exploited, the economy has been ruined Again, players have gotten rich thru exploits and we are back in the same position we are right now. you wont be able to wipe it all away then, you will be stuck with it. This tells me you don't foresee the game even lasting 10 years because you can only fix problems by wiping and after 10 years of release so many issues will have occurred, like another dev pushing the wrong price to live instead of PTS. players exploiting loopholes so much it will ruin the economy again, that you will have no option but to shut the game down or sell it or walk away or make it free to play and go all in on a cash shop because you are not learning to fix problems. learn to fix without wiping
  8. Can we have more info on just how much you are going to slow heavy haulers, like what sort of speed reduction vs mass please ?
  9. interesting. see what the 2nd hour produces, and the 3rd, maybe nq messed up somewhere
  10. 304 L after the first deposit ? you sure on that ? cos that 2 deposits from 2 miners? maybe you had 2 miners going with the same numbers ? Because the amount that gets added to your container is changing all the time due to the Current Calibration, in short the Rate is dropping after 48 hours so just to get the production shown in your screen shot its this.. Base Rate plus the Adjacency multiplied by the Efficiency with your numbers thats 123L + 10% (12.3) adjacency so 123 + 12.3 = 135.3 L then 135.3 L multiplied by the efficiency of 113% 135.3 L x 113% = 152.889 L then apply the current calibration of 100% using your letters ((B+A) x E) x C = P
  11. with so many players now, the parking pads at each market are way to small, add to that they are littered with org advertising, fuel sellers etc etc At each market make the parking pads a lot bigger and even have designated areas for these "market stalls" parking should be for parking make the pads 4x bigger at least, I mean nq own the tiles, no one else can do anything with them anyway [edit] Looking far ahead, an awesome feature which would really add to the immersion and be super helpful would be an automatic parking space and landing system ie as you approach you ask for aphelia for permission to land and then she assigns your ship a space (bay, hanger) and lands your ship for you at the designated place. rather like elite dangerous does
  12. discordauth:95bUM-CU8t6Rq6VDwAyauktKV9A5xhGc4M1dXPx_EM0=
  13. you would consider my CPU old, it is an i7 2700k Sandybridge 4 cores (8 Hyperthreads) yet this does have AVX (ive OC;d it to 4.6Ghz) This is cpu is old and runs DU
  14. I hear you brother, 52 here and still gaming
  15. Hi Sorry to Hi-jack this thread, I am a backer also and like MarrrV I am unable to access the backer forum. I also completed the Survey way back in Nov 2016 but cant access the tester forum For the first time I was able to participate in this Weekend's extra long test and so wanted to read up Thank you in advance
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