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  1. Hey friends ... Same problems for me... When mining i get these errors : 1) PENDING OPERATION - This happens when digging ( A lot of that ) 2) INVALID CELL VERSION - This happens when you mine or dig ( More rare than first error ) 3) SERVER ERROR - This happens when mining ( Changing position sometimes helps - More rare than first error ) 4) COMPUTING DATA - This happens when scanning for distance for ore to find it and no ore is present in the scanner . ( Waiting some time and then retrying is helpful - Happens often ) Hope that helps devs aim to r
  2. 1) SSD is a must 2) More than 16gb or ram would be great but 16 should be ok as other players also didnt have any problems and it was running fine. 3) Pagefile is useless ( it was meant for windows xp) me thinkees 4) Graphics card greatly improves gameplay ! The more memory the better but a lot expensive nowdays 5) Set CPU core use at 2 cores in settings (custom) 6) Market 6 loads a bit slow so dont count on that Hope that helps... Habitant Habitants Organization
  3. Yeah that way with RDMS rights its kind of infinite ... Lol havent check that yet . I assume he gets a warning for cores before exit or cores gets abandoned or core ownership jumps to next legate ...dunno Habitant Habitants Organization
  4. Tested ! LVL 4 can deploy 10 personal cores !So you have 2 free cores at start . So it is max personal cores = 17. Well not infinite ... Sub orgs cannot deploy org cores unless someone is legate in that org with the skills. If you already have 5 main orgs SOLO then you cant be in that sub orgs as legate and you cant place cores for that sub orgs. So maximum org cores a player can have SOLO is 5x275=1375 cores. Habitant Habitants Organization
  5. Yes 2 cores already exist from start . Org cores dont count towards you , only per org. Max org cores 275 (per org) You can have up to 5 orgs that can deploy org cores. Max personal cores 17 Habitant Habitants Organization
  6. Yeah i agree with your point of view . Somehow it is RMT... Ok thanks a lot both for reply ! Maybe DELETE post if it is against the terms of use also . Habitant Habitants Organization
  7. Hello ! I have a simple question please ... Can someone exchange another's game currency for DU currency ( quanta ) or assets ? Is this permitted? I would like to get an answer from an official NQ member but any player can help also . Thanks a lot in advance . Habitant Habitants Organization
  8. You are all off sight ! Either this or either this ! NO . NQ did it all right and will do all the right way . Starting with safe environments ignited the economy industry and building . Gave players the chance to build their first ship and choose whether they risk it. As it is still now . Imagine there would be pvp from start everywhere then nothing will be produced traded and builded and you couldnt find elements to fight for pvp even . Industry requires a lot of materials to be transferred to a single location from different places in order to deliver end products .So
  9. Great ! Or Bella Hadid and a fashion show ! Or A thousand balloons at the opening ceremony !!!! Imagination ..... Voxelmancy exists ! Its out there . Requirements : 1) Wealth 2) Materials 3) Industry ( Skills and Infrastructure ) 4) Scripting 5) 3d modeling ( Blender - input object ) 6) Space (or tiles) 7) Imagination Comments about : Cant wait !!! I am in ! Aha so she is the one ... right !
  10. And you made some interesting posts ... Have fun anyways ... Hope to see you again when this officially launches ! Habitant Habitants Organization
  11. Agree 99% Only 1% is ... Well if you are new player when you go shopping to build your first ship you go to district 6 mostly to get the lowest price or the availability of all items required to build your ship. Also that time you count every quanta you have in your wallet so this makes most newcomers land there . Then they build their ship and dumb the old one there . That is the loop that creates this situation. Also if you want to sell something at a bit more higher price then District 6 is must . Because there things are sold faster it is more likely to achi
  12. """ If there is a wipe (and it’s a big IF), it may be a partial one only affecting certain aspects of the universe.""" Imagine logging in that time in District X with 300k quanta in your wallet !!! LOL I feel like some kind of monks that play with sand making something and then they start all over again ! Dont wipe ! Habitant Habitants Organization
  13. Bots actually helped the game ignite. The price of ore is changing down and up all the time it is a matter of supply and demand . Habitant Habitants Organization
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