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  1. ::pos{0,2,13.2441,170.1175,-0.0002} check these tiles around . mine are next to it . havent scanned tbh but suppose it is a big hema node around ... hope that helps
  2. Same here . Half of my MUs produce double the amount of the other MUs which is not justified because the rate is almost the same. Of course with same buffs and calibrations. So it is maybe a bug.
  3. Nah dont wipe ... in fact all of us who "suffered" the balfa state of the game gief us 50 billion quanta free plus 50 million talent points free ... ^^
  4. Great ! Would love to see the new update . my suggestions : - Reduce tile tax to 500k and test it. - Remove elements obstruction completely. Why obstruction is good ? Voxel designed ships for players by players. Players can hide elements inside voxels so they look cool and be protected for pvp. - PvP voxel importance increase in resistances they provide. - Building : cores alignment if you want to deploy a large number of static (or space) cores in line with your adjacent tiles. Blueprints and degree alignment by eye is simple but not accurate for large constructs. Settle ^^ - Dont nerf org cores count too much . Maybe increase a bit and see ? Thank you
  5. I dont understand . You said tax circle starts from december 7th but my tiles are already paying . This is that announcement: the first tax cycle will begin on December 7th at 09:45 UTC. Am i missing something ? I had deposit 13m to all of them.(maximum)
  6. Well i made this question basically for people to know if they have a lot of stuff money ,ore or anything else to go out and play and enjoy the game while they can. ... and if they dont well just get some and see hows things go. It is something i understand they are doing a big effort to bring the game to realistic form upon release. and i think they gone well so far.the update was good...so if they wipe all or not it will be for the good of all of us and for the game .
  7. Hi I like the update and i like the game but i have a mysterious feeling inside me when i play the game . If you can please explain us. Is there going to be a wipe of all things at the release of the game ? Specific Quanta , Constructs or anything else ? Will help a lot. Thank you
  8. triscanners here ... no problem with distance , i have intel too. never thought of it would be the cpu tbh.
  9. I am not sure i understand what you are trying to say . If for any reason you cannot properly speak and write it down for us thats not my concern . You can always get more education. And dont tell people to buckle up without a reason. Friendly
  10. I think that the taxes should be properly adjusted to the financial outcome of the mining units and/or industry . I agree that there has to be some kind of mechanism that prevents large land grabs and also frees up claimed tiles from inactive players. So for the active players we need to carefully adjust the taxes to an affordable rate while in the other hand free up some land from those who dont play the game and occupy tiles. Or adjust the mining pools to provide more income according to the economy. Either way will work. Needs to be monitored.
  11. Ok then lets wipe underground ore. Ok then lets wipe scans. I am in . If in your next moves you wipe ore materials parts and quanta owned , i suspect you are targeting the players of DU who decided to first go get the mats or wealth and then enjoy the game. If you are planning to do so , are you also going to : -Wipe blueprints-structures ? -Wipe tile ownership (and near markets) ? -Wipe schematics owned ? -Wipe all talents ? For all players to have the same chance in advancing the game ? Do you mean a clean start ?
  12. IF I keep 1 tile on Alioth and currently have a 5b wallet =>taxes are enough for 104 years ^^ pffff....
  14. Hello ! One thing about scans results in a tile is that players already knew from start of the game there is going to be mining units in the game resulting in ore in L per hour founded from scans. Some players suggest a new wipe on scans which some other players spend a lot of time . I currently have a lot of scans and i dont want my scans off . Those players arguing about that should have spend the time (and ingame value - ships - fuel - warp cells - containers - cores etc) needed for that instead of demanding a new scan era. So i think it is better for the game for the already scans to be persistent and continue in the new update, need to continue be associated with the tiles.
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