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  1. Would be a plus for DU an addition and will give more options to spend your time enjoying DU . So yeah I am positive about this . But on the other hand is server load and how this will affect gameplay in terms of extra lag in an already "slightly" laggy server. My humble opinion that is .
  2. That counts only steam players . Its not the entire DU population. Even then I was expecting more people but it is what it is .
  3. From the "when we expect them " some gone too far to " why should we expect them " or " Why do we need them " What can i say ... pessimism everywhere ... smile a little 🙂
  4. I feel you all . seriously ... I think the main reason for this is the game economy . This is caused by the lack of bots and in combination of taxes causes players to get to sell their ore at any price just to keep their tiles or fullfill their any needs. Also lack of money in an increased money sink demand for starting the game in schems ,claim costs and other needs demanding money . Even sales. We are looking for water in the desert and for apples on an orange tree . Completely wrong direction. We tested this in a beta where everyone was flowing in a lots of cash generated by a different mission system and ore system . Unless NQ is planning to adopt asteroids as the only main mining system and sometime remove mus , if they want to keep mus in game worthy they have to recalculate the whole maths about it . And as for me i dont have any serious problem at all because i use alts. But for someone who is just playing with one character is a major issue . that player can hold only 1 flower and thats it . Not really much that is...
  5. Yeah please BRING back Charge Mining ! The ore prices are low because of bots and taxes not charges. Would help any newcommer too !
  6. There is not zero communications on this ! NQ-Deckard confirmed that bots will come back as this is their intention in a matter of week or so. That been said in the live stream of NQ-Ripley . However this might take longer to take place .
  7. Good idea ! Along with a new construct dismantle tool that would be awesome . Yeah you never know when the skies will open for quanta rain on your shoulders 🙂
  8. Or if you sneeze on the trip you loose your package ... 🤣 come on guys
  9. Yes ✔️ You need to print money to get started with the game and continue with it.
  10. What about PVP Tournament with commentator(s) streamed over twitch? Small fleet fights tournament with rewards every year .
  11. From my point of view , without necessary agree or disagree with any of you guys , I saw a beta game implementing from start . I got "wiped" a lot of times and choose to continue playing and having fun. We all knew we are joining a beta game and there will be changes and this is where I have to give the green light to NQ . I dont mind wiped at all cause I saw that a game got better with the changes and how a game is getting better in beta state .Tell it balfa i dont mind .But got better . Got better because it is way more balanced in terms of performance and gameplay than before. Such a big game is really need to change and get better ofc. And I was after all happy and satisfied witnessing it. The whole transformation of the game. In where I want to point out what you could expect in this game is that it had weapons from start , and so pvp . This means that the pve gameplay only by it self is not a sustainable kind of game. You will eventually get bored after some time. Where if there is pvp the game will continue to provide fun to the players and more over sustainability as a game .(Balanced economy and money sinks). Well ofc now that we are expecting a wipe (which havent been decided yet , but is more likely to happen ) the interest of the game is declining. But the barebone of the game is there -after all that partially wipes - and it will improve more after release I think. Also there is more content coming and more to come after that , and so... I dont expect to have all my stuffs before planet revamps geometry resets or basic barebone game design like schematic removal because of exploits . I dont like bugged constructs neither . The core game is what you brought you here and what it will continue to hook you around. Which yes it has changed a lot but it was necessary to do so in order to be somehow ready for release but more over sustainable as a game .
  12. Yes they need to increase rewards in missions. + 1/3 for speed nerf = for more time to finish mission + 1/3 for speed nerf = for more risk reward ratio so a mission that gives now 7 mil should give now 11-12 mil This way you board your alts and you can make it worth it. Also availability of all missions was better before than only selected missions are available during the day .
  13. At the release there will be so much changes in design that most of the blueprints will be useless. Now is the radar change ( which was not a planned one- neither we had any information about it ), next is the brake change maybe which havent been applied yet (but we somehow have been informed ) , and then who knows ...something else will be obstructed. maybe your retros adjustors and so on... The game is still in progress so.
  14. Btw If you use archhud you can (alt+8) turn off ground stabilization and then you can underwater flight .
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