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  1. I like the changes but i am sure there are more to come so... great
  2. I think Geforce Now is magic ! It managed to bring my old labtop to play DU . Very old !!! Unbelievable for me... BUT i used it for scanning only as third pc . Some times its lagging popping up the spotty connection item but never had a serious problem. Also i simply dont like the timer they have about activity since scanning is a stationary procedure... but i guess it is nice and i like it overall ... Can be used for streaming also as another pc . Activating a membership removes your waiting time at start and extends playing time to up 4-5 hours but does not remove the activity timer. Thats all from me...
  3. Also see if you wanna give an opinion and help devs decide what they want to do... Thanks
  4. Mining units will save us all ^^
  5. Bump ! Get more people opinions about schematics . (Maybe last one but we ll see)
  6. I have one container construct at market 6 for storage which i am willing to remove if you want for further improvement of performance . Although it is legal after these changes.
  7. Dont worry ! I was in the same position as you but without having to go in pvp area to mine or loosing any ship. Started in safe places and outer planets with warp cells use. You can actually acquire EVERY tier ore or better do missions with or without an org to maximize your wealth . Better with an org . After all i am turning to pvp because i now have a fortune to spend...^^ AND there must be a way that players and orgs can vomit their wealth in the field of chaos ...
  8. No ! Specifically asked an NQ person and told me that it is better to use the threads the game needs in auto mode. Threads must be in auto mode . Of course watching out your temperatures but unless you aint got problems with heat it is better.
  9. Hey I think thats better for the players that actually play the game ... I would like to join btw BUT i am very noob to pvp
  10. Thank you all for replying . Seems NO is more often wanted but ... I will keep bumping a few more weeks unless NQ dont want me to .... Just to get more people opinion . So Bump
  11. I am afraid i have to agree with this but it is what it is ^^ Habitant Habitants Organization
  12. Hey I am glad this game proceeds and is implemented adding more features to it. I hope we soon have a full game when mining units pvp rebalance and more are out. I think NQ is doing a great job and we are on our way for the final release soon enough i believe ... Hold on tight !!! Habitant Habitants Organization
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