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  1. i was one of the guys who bought a bunch of stuff off the market before the update. so i was down to 4 million. i have not sold any of those parts yet (and seeing what the prices are doing now i won't sell them either) i am already back up to 20 million. and that was for 3 hours of my game time in mining. so in my oppinion the revenue stream is just perfect. not too high and not too low. and like i told the other guy. i can still build and design all i want as i could before the patch. some things are more expensive. some things are not. i don't churn out an entire large core build in a single day though. i'm not that creative or that fast of a builder. but the only kind of industry i'd have to set up. is some honeycomb industry for the blocks i intend to use. and i can buy all the other stuff.
  2. that's the whole point of this game. of this update. nobody. not you. not me. not anyone. is supposed to be able to craft anything they want when ever they want. the game is designed so that we can BUY everything we want. when ever we want. this is not factorio or satisfactory. it just has elements of it. and what makes you assume nobody will buy them? i would. because the normal products are cheaper. i can still build my ships as i used to. ship parts are pretty much back down to the prices they used to have. (even warp cells are back down to 10k). even the high end items like medium anti grav is back down to 25 million. so the 'dream it, build it' part still applies. just the method of getting the things you need has changed. (well not for me. since this was already my playstyle to begin with)
  3. sorry not happening. if you ask me they should double them. just to mess with you guys. single people are not supposed to be able to buy schematics and craft items. if you want ship parts then buy them off the market. or join an org that can make them. industry shouldn't even be looked at untill you have established yourself in the game. if you want to do industry solo then accept the fact that it will take much much longer then a group of people pooling their resources.
  4. if solo play. (as in not buying things from others by being completely self sufficient. and just being out there doing your own thing without player interaction) is your kind of gameplay. then guess what. dual universe is not the game for you. this is a community game. not a single player game. this was clear from the beginning. (so if your friends have been telling you otherwise then they were lying) there are plenty of solo focussed space games. but dual universe requires interaction with other people. and mind you. solo is still verry much a thing in dual universe. i mostly play solo. but i don't try to craft anything. i make my money providing services to people. or selling ore. or buying things cheap and selling them expensive. and then i buy my ship parts using quanta. this is dual universe. not satisfactory. industry is not a single person thing here and it was never ment to be. but people did it anyway. and bam here we are with the current update and a bunch of butthurt people. but that's the diffrence you people are not getting here. SOLO player. is verry much encouraged. and verry possible. SINGLE player. is not intended and you should go look for a diffrent game instead of trying to change this one.
  5. this is the comment i wanted to quote. but to ad. take you until mid april???? so you need lvl 5 on all machines? you need exotic chemical factory's exotic metalworkers. exotic everything? what the hell were you crafting? bonsai tree's? we were not supposed to be warping around or having agg for atleast a few more months. (nobody was) and you are now complaining that you can't make this (basicly end game) item?? (end game in dual universe means difficulty to craft apparantly) you are supposed to analyze the market. see where the demand is. and then mass produce that to fill a hole in the market. make money off of it. and use that money to buy everything you cannot craft yourself. you are not supposed to craft everything yourself. and trying to work back up to being able to craft everything yourself. is going to have to take some time. honestly april is too soon if you ask me. but that doesn't change the fact that you DON'T need all those proficiency skills to level 5. unless you want an omni factory (wich don't belong in this game)
  6. then make money and buy the items instead of buying the schematic for every single part and chugging on brainlessly like you were before the patch. you CAN'T have an omni factory. you can't make everything yourself. make a few things in bulk. sell them. and buy the rest. you can even ask higher prices now because only a small percentage of players will be crafting things (like it was ment to be)
  7. people like YOU are why they have to implement this update. self sufficient. bah. maybe if you didn't try to play an mmo in single player mode. then you wouldn't have a single thing to complain about. for me nothing really changed other then market prices. wich are already starting to restabalize.
  8. polls are useless. (especially this one. what's with the choices?) how about a "yes"/"no"/"maybe". instead of a "hell yes"/"hell no"/ "no" they will only show what the majority of people that voted want. but that's always skewed. because it's one of the sides that makes the poll. and spreads it around. the people that don't agree with the poll are playing the game. they are not in discord complaining like little kids. so they won't see a poll and they won't vote.
  9. ok so http error 100 is NOT the server being down. it's a communication error between your client and the server. if the servers are not down then your client is faulty. there is something wrong with the install. or the computer why do i know this? because i have a pc and a laptop here. and on my laptop i get http error 100 every time. while on my pc i can log in just fine. both are on the same connection so that's not it. i have tried their uninstalled already. and i am going to try it again. but then also manually delete all the folders. there is no firewall issue either. NQ needs to sort out their error numbers. because error 100 just happens to also be the error you get when you type the wrong password. how conveniant. edit: restarting the laptop did it. so it wasn't the server being down (as i knew because i was looking at my main mining)
  10. the dev team has made a diffrent seed. a new procedural generation of the planets. i believe they would be bigger. but more importantly. they would be way more beautifull. (more plants and bla bla ) there were going to be biomes. (instead of the madis flat land for example) and to be honest some of the planets are just ugly.
  11. yeah there should be something. but a wardec is not the thing it would be nice if people that just killed someone in pvp. get a temporary time in wich they can be attackable in the safezone.. it's not something new. lots and lots of games have a crime status. and then people that attack them in the safezone should be open for attack back aswel. about the man to man. i would like to see fps pvp to come much sooner. boarding ships seems like a fun mechanic to me.
  12. people in atv shouldn't be allowed into the general public on the live server. this foreknowledge that they have is chasing people away. it feels like favoritism. and elitism. it's leaving a verry verry verry bad taste in the mouth of the average community. they know what is comming in future updates. and are able to prepare for this on the live server. they get a headstart on everything. it's ffing sickening. and if this is something that's intended as a bonus because they are alpha players. then i am quitting today. i don't have problems with people testing things. but everything that's on the test server should be 100% public knowlegde. and not any of this secrecry bullcrap
  13. what a load of crap. i hope that the devs will be smart enoegh to just 100% ignore comments like this design a better ship. so you can stop in 1 su. and not 30. take a better flight path. (avoid direct lines between planets so it doesn't matter one bit how slow you are going. space is big) but in any case. welcome to the game. ticket system is going pretty well actually. just the other day someone had a responce back in 15 minutes. obviously they know these old ones are pretty much all solved or over already. but yet they are still responding to them. but i think new tickets are more important atm then finishing off the huge amount of old reports.
  14. i think you quoted the wrong guy. or i just don't understand your question
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