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  1. Hi, I wanted to try this game. Bought 3 month of subscription, downloaded game etc. After starting the game I chose colors of my suit, watched intro with big doors opening. Then loading screen started. Durning loading I was disconnected (my internet connection was fine but I went back to login screen). Since then I'm unable to login in game with error "Login timeout". I'm able to enter queue but when it is my time to connect, error is displayed. Just like server itself is blocking me. I tried VPN but that didn't helped. I contacted support with logs. They claimed that logs where forwarded to dev team and I need to wait for answer. But it's been 4 days already and I kinda lost hope for any contact back with support. My money is wasted every day passes and I'm unable to spent even second in game. Anyone have ideas how to solve this? Maybe simply ask fro reimbursement?
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