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  1. For me, this metaverum exists more as a pipe dream, it will certainly not be implemented in a meaningful way in the next 10-30 years. (Except very modest test versions or smaller versions of it). Apart from that, how should a DualUniverse integrate into the Metaverse? There are basic problems and feasibilities being talked about here that this voxel technology for building and active PvP at the same time like AvA doesn't really offer. So how should a real metaverse have a shooter sandbox space and at the same time be packed with dungeons, raids, arenas and street races, with casinos or sail races on the side?
  2. Is there a list of which CPUs not to get anytime soon? Or would the list be shorter for CPUs that you can get without further ado? Is it a pure Intel problem?
  3. Players can start a quest that leads to a commitment to help build a giant stargate. You have to fly various materials (ores of all animal levels) and a lot of elements to the construction area accordingly. This event should take place over weeks or months, and all players should help in order to accomplish this project. Do not only accept missions, but really fly the ore there and store it in appropriate delivery containers, the same applies to products, elements such as pipes, processors,... At the end of the quest series, the Stargate could then be a way to: - get to another star system - from the Stargate could come alien invasions, which would have to be fought 1x in the week - The stargate offers place for very many players to set up a kind of "dwelling" there. (If one would like it, thus no obligation) - the stargate is huge, in order to pass also coming XL-expanded ships through there - also in (Borg)cube form. - The stargate can later be linked with other stargates to connect new players on distant planetary systems as needed. (So that there is also a kind of catch-up mechanic there without burdening the existing players). - You could also use it to connect other alien factions to it and possibly allow players to join these factions via quest series. (Trade, wars, dipolmacy systems should be expanded here as well). - The stargate must be maintained with energy, which should be a community project, which does not overtax the solo player or bring him into a Spielzwang, but lets it be earned by a few "volunteers". (As an example: Bring me 10 energy cells, as a thank you you get 250,000 quanta, in total the stargate needs 250 energy cells every week).
  4. I would like to see small asteroids or moons scattered all over space that a player can "capture and claim" permanently. There, with the help of resources and a series of quests, you can build up and charge a protective shield that is permanent and cannot be broken, a kind of "mini-safe zone". By the way, the quest starts on Alioth and you first have to build a spaceship that can transport various materials and goods for such a journey in order to build such a shield on site. You can also make this quest series relatively long, so that you also then have to suck off fog nearby as an example to generate energy or fight small alien plants or destroy alien beetles living there....a end you could even build a warp point through the quests, but for this the player must complete weeks of tasks.... This special area has of course also restrictions, e.g. each player can claim only one such area for himself. If you don't have your subscription active for a longer period of time (6 months) you will lose the claim to this area. The further the area is from the solar system center, the more interesting bonuses could be waiting there for the players, which could be unlocked little by little.
  5. Of course I like treasure hunts, many games offer it and it is incredibly fun! Except in DualUniverse, it's boring and sobering. There are no real "treasures". There are no achievements for treasures, no treasures worth finding or interconnected to collect all of one type of treasure to end up making interesting items that you can not only connect in the achievement system, but also with title "The Treasurer" or you can then use the items for your house, as furnishings or design items for display. "I've found a whole porcelain set and excavated it in many places in deserts...or found ancient wine and wine casks in ruins in the basement, ancient sculptures of past cultures...seriously DualUniverse would have such gigantic potential - it just doesn't seem to be used!". It is this searching, finding, collecting, completing sets, then displaying found objects that can provide great pleasure and employment. Have you ever looked at "Archaeology" in World of Warcraft or collecting and exploring in archeage....? I myself do not like rigid events, but would prefer it if you build such content firmly into the game, so that the players can occupy themselves with it when they want, when they have time and desire and not only "in this one week" from - to, at the event. You can design a game and build in more and more content that serves the voluntary occupation. Please do not make it a duty with time constraints. Give us a better and more exciting achievement system, with titles, pets, mounts and lots of housing elements for decoration. A lot of players are collectors, the time you could spend on it if you implement it well is limitless and you can always expand it with new collections.
  6. PvP players don't need T4 or T5 or any other "perks or lures". Where do you get the idea that the content of the players who have industry as their main content and build it want or even need to PvP? A PvP player does not need industry, you can buy everything on the market. Just being in a "PvP" state doesn't say you're a more valuable player who should be entitled to more content than everyone else. What PvP players currently lack would be a shield for dynamic cores. Then you could do whatever you want in the PvP area. But constantly crying that you want something special to give PvP a meaning is kindergarten level.
  7. How can you cite such a tiny game like Eve as a positive example? The few players in the game find this product great, it also manages to make ends meet financially through this, great for such a niche product. However, it doesn't manage to attract large crowds and keep them in the game for years. Why, in comparison, is a World of Warcraft or TESO or other games so much more successful in terms of player numbers and revenue? Because these games don't just make one group of players happy, but there are many groups that find fun there. Likewise, there is no compulsion imposed on them to necessarily do PvP. Who wants PvP, goes to the PvP areas or in arenas or battlegrounds or....who does not, just does what he wants, whether it is dungeons, raids, pet fights, professions, quests or the success system. Dual Universe wants to make a name for itself on the market for years? Then you should also think bigger and not take such limited as Eve as a comparison.
  8. It could also be that it is intentional. Just keep quiet and many players will no longer log in. This way you can turn down the performance and save money. Whether there will be a wipe or not, it doesn't matter. There will be good advertising and this will attract new and old players. Many then get back into the game and forget this whole scenario. Why stress about it? Just wait for the release and sweeten the time until then with something nice.
  9. Sometimes I wish they'd knock everything down completely and start over with the latest technology. The time they've spent so far is then a learning phase for the studio.
  10. I would like to see an alliance menu where different orgs can better communicate and manage each other.
  11. i have the z690board with i7 12700 - no problems
  12. Schematics are already on the delete list again. Whether or not...we will see. The MiningUnits came as a replacement for real mining, because it is simply easier and cheaper for NQ. Asteroids and their problems were a minimum to have a reason to fly somewhere through space, whereas it is uninteresting and not worthwhile anymore because of the MiningUnits. (Effort and return) The game is literally about to be released and that's all you got in the years? That is an indictment! I'm honestly shocked in what state the game is and it really should be released soon.
  13. Whether it is legally correct or not, if there is a complete wipe for the release, is not necessarily the most important thing about the topic. This is more about something like service and goodwill and how NQ deals with such circumstances towards the players. It is not only important for players with a subscription, but also for old players, whether they come back and new players who can be influenced positively or negatively by the behavior of NQ.
  14. I don't need NQ rewards in PvP. It would be enough for me if PvP was made more fun. Reward for me in PvP is when the evening was fun, whether you win or lose. I really hope that PvP in DualUniverse would be made more fun and feel more alive, but seriously, it remains a dream that will probably never be fulfilled. Not a big deal for me, since I can also just stick to the creative part and enjoy PvP in other games.
  15. why are PvE players in the safezone insulted as noobs? There are enough professional players who only stay in the safe zone. There is no real skill comparison in the game like in some other PvP games to have a fair competition, unless you would put the PvP players all in the same built ship - although, then there is still the gamble with the hit chance. Numbers-wise, the game needs all the PvE players in the big safe zone around the 3 planets to survive.
  16. You should abolish the safezones of the outer "PvP planets" and their moons as planned. But as a compensation you should give the PvP players the same chances as the PvE players and make all ores T1-T5 available on all moons and planets, no matter if in the PvP zone or in the protected area. That PvP players have advantages here should be avoided. You don't need T4/T5 to do PvP, but we need clear and fair conditions in the game, no matter which area you choose as a player.
  17. So as a player, you have to fly from somewhere to these community advertising houses, and then see the offers of the other players there, and then fly to those offers. Why should I fly there again? What other interesting things are there in this place to make the flight there worthwhile? I mean, once I've been there, at what intervals would I fly there again and why? Currently, I rather go to a website, let's just call it du-creator and search through hundreds of different offers, including filter system and then fly directly to where I want to get what I want. Now and then there is even delivery to my location. I feel this content is somehow beside the point, uninteresting and a waste of time in the current state of the game.
  18. When I buy games that interest me, I usually buy the deluxe version right away. The only exceptions are the games that I buy out of boredom as a stopgap, because nothing interesting is currently on the market. As an example: DualUniverse is currently boring and I need to bridge the time until its release. So I buy a cheap digital version of a WorldofWarcraft addon. Pure occupation. Then I decide if DualUniverse is worth it or if I'd rather go for Starfield. But hey, it's summer anyway and I'm in the pool ๐ŸŠโ€โ™‚๏ธall day.
  19. A nice dream, when should it come into play and work? I see the planet PvP as boring as the alien core system.
  20. It's been a long time since I've read such a self-indulgent text. The PvP player is not worth more or less than a PvE player. PvE players are not all solo players either, what makes you think that? Likewise, I don't know any players who want to ban PvP completely from the game, on the contrary, there are more players who would prefer to remove all safe zones. On the point of too few players and the game dies - this scenario applies to both types of players. There are too few PvE players, but also too few PvP players if you want to keep the game alive. What I find funny myself, it's often accused of PvE players that DualUniverse is a sandbox game. So supposedly you only need self-created content to be happy. Funny, because it's mostly PvP players who need content to make sense of their "PvP". Funny, isn't it? Conflicts can be created without content, great battles don't need content, only the will to participate in PvP. You can also have big battles with basic engines and basic weapons. But that's right, then your own skill is needed if the opponent would suddenly be equally strong. That's why so eager to hold the alien cores to secure an advantage there in battle. DualUniverse needs more players, whether PvP or PvE players. Likewise, the game needs more content to keep players engaged. Neither the building content nor the lousy PvP system are able to keep players in the game for years.
  21. What I would be more interested in, what assurances do players get, provided the game has been released, that the things earned in the game will not be deleted every year? Currently you can see how persistent this game really is. Likewise, you can also see what rights and obligations are in the agreements. So really as persistent for players it is not currently, no subscription changes that either, whether 1 year or just 3 months. So will there be adjustments in that regard to give players a little more protection in this "Persistent Universe"?
  22. I assume that these numbers were pushed very strongly by alt accounts on both moons. New players are a minority, there are just too few who show interest in DualUniverse.
  23. It's not up to us players, whether PvE or PvP or a big motley mix of PvE-PvP players. It's up to NQ and understanding what kind of game they want to create or wanted to create and now want. What the finished product should be at release and what it will be in 10years. Currently it seems to be more of an alpha status. Main content is being taken out and replaced. Other content is still on "maybe", no idea when and if it will come. I'm playing less and less since a few days, because it just frustrates me. Not only the game, but also the way NQ talks and thinks about the game itself. There seems to be a difference in the game, what those in the "this is what we want to do" and the game that really currently exists and what is yet to come. At the same time, NQ is dealing with content that no one wanted instead of content that players have wanted for years. Actually, they should urgently revise the website about DualUniverse and make it more towards actual game content, rather than vainly enabling dreams to players that just aren't in the game at all.
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