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  1. Ich bezweifle sehr stark, dass hier ins Forum viele Spieler reinschauen. Die Masse ist ingame und spielt einfach oder sind auf dem discord-server unterwegs.
  2. I think it's a great idea, it was all very nicely co-designed by the players. The final event was a great idea, unfortunately a bit disappointing due to the performance and lags, I didn't manage to find all of them in that time because I already had to go offline and each crate triggered what felt like 20-30 minutes of lag before you could open it. The buildings and theme were fantastic, too bad you couldn't really use any of it. I would have loved to ride the Ferris wheel or slide down the chutes, but unfortunately I got stuck. Looking forward to the next event and really hope it will run more stable.
  3. It is primarily a building game for creative players who enjoy creating something permanent. These new instances are just to add some variety to the game, since many players are bored and have asked for content.
  4. Small ships have ensured that many more players can get into PvP cheaply and have fun there without fear of extreme loss. If we now go back to M or L cores, it will reduce the willingness to play PvP.
  5. Will it always be the case that game content requires a ship to play? So, is the game character always bound to a construct?
  6. I miss a few bonuses for those who supported the game with their subscriptions over the 2 years during the beta. It's not nice that they go completely empty-handed.
  7. Das ist ein uralter Beitrag den du gepusht hast. ingame hat diese "Org" 10 Mitglieder, keine Ahnung ob es Spieler sind oder nur Twinks. Ebenso keine Ahnung, ob die wirklich noch aktiv sind oder sich anderen Orgs angeschlossen haben. Zumindest sind einige von ihnen bei Hyperion gestrandet.
  8. What exactly is the point of the Council if everything that players want to propose is here in the forum, and has been for years, by the way. NQ can use it without any problems and act accordingly, no advice needed. If there are questions about the understanding of specific points from players, the player is addressed directly, because only he knows his thoughts and ideas; no one needs a third party to give advice.
  9. Meine Meinung zu DU: Diese Änderungen gefallen mir: - Miningunits, die etwas Erz automatische fördern, prima Idee, danke! Diese Dinge gefallen mir an DU generell: - Das Voxel-System zum Bauen. Die Größe des Sonnensystems in der Hoffnung, es kommen noch weitere mit zahlreichen Planeten in unterschiedlichsten Designs und weiteren Schutzzonen dazu, Die Grundidee dieser Dinge gefällt mir, jedoch nicht ganz wie es umgesetzt wurde: - Die Talente die aufeinander aufbauen, obwohl man viele nicht benötigt, sie aber dennoch skillen muss, um das zu bekommen, was man eigentlich skillen will. - Steuern für Gebiete, empfinde ich als lästig. natürlich bekommt man die Quanta zusammen, ab und an vergisst man es, muss dann Gebiete neu bezahlen oder Wochen im Voraus bezahlen, noch schlimmer ist die Reduktion auf nur noch 3 Hauptquartiere. - es benötigt eine Zukunft für Oberflächenerze, man hat dies mit vielen Skillpunkten erlernt und wird bald fast nutzlos, wenn es keine Erze mehr gibt, weil diese nicht wiederkommen. Diese Dinge gefallen mir aktuell nicht: - Performance - click und schießen Mechanik im PvP - stundenlange Paket-Missionen mit AFK-Fliegen (wie wäre es, dass man ausloggen kann und nach 3Stunden wider einloggen würde? spart Strom) - tote langweilige Planetengestaltung - fehlender Anreiz zum Erkunden des Weltalls/der anderen Planeten und Monde - kein Nutzen für Gebäude, außer, dass diese "schön" aussehen. - keine Variationen von Elementen wie Triebwerken, Runde, eckige, lange, schmale, gebogene, um mehr Designauswahl und Baumöglichkeiten zu haben. (Komplett einvoxeln ist keine Lösung!) Diese Dinge wünsche ich mir noch: - mehr Elemente für Dekorzwecke, Bäume, Pflanzen, Betten, Schränke, Bilder, Teller, Tassen, Plüschtiere, Soundanlagen, Badewannen, Teppiche, Tapeten, ... - mehr Planeten in eigenem Design, Gasplaneten, Gaswolken zum Absaugen als Rohstoffe, man benötigt Schilde, weil die Nebel ohne Schild Schaden anrichten würden) - mehr Inhalt auf Planeten, Seen, Flüsse mit Strömung, Höhlen, Wasserfälle - Aliens! Als spielbare Rasse/Volk, um mehr Vielfalt ins Spiel zu bringen als den Standard-Avatar - hochwertige Bodenerze auf den äußeren Planeten und Monden in sehr begrenztem Volumen, aber vorhanden. - Eine Art Hintergrundgeschichte, die man erleben und Spielen kann - Angeln! vernünftige Tiere, Vögel, Fische, Rehe, Wildschweine und einen beruflichen Nutzen. - mehr Tuning für Schiffe, damit die riesigen Elementwände von Triebwerken und Bremsen und Wings verschwinden. - T6-T10 Erze und entsprechende Skillungen und Elemente
  10. The suggestion is bad, could see it being exploited in other games, the same would happen here and did happen when NQ staff released information that had an impact on the economy and PvP area. More importantly, NQ needs to communicate more clearly and cleanly with players. i don't need a "wall of text", i need sensible clear information. Then that information itself can be explained if it could be interpreted differently to clear up misunderstandings. Where is a real roadmap? Sure, you often can't draw a time limit because something could always come up, but what's missing is a list of things you definitely still want to include or expand in the game - there is, isn't there? At the same time, there are certainly things that will not be included in the game because it is not possible or because it is not desired on the part of NQ. I simply appeal to them to put their cards on the table.
  11. I expected there to be a stand-der-things about how far along the planets are and that with the 1.1 or 1.2 update at least the first of them would make it into the game. The content presented in the stream is basically all for the backers, but it's not an update in that sense, it's just honouring a debt to those players. This could have been done with a sincere apology for the enormous delay. The real content of the players is once again without many words and very open to a lot of speculation. - Tactical Map: a visual display providing a tactical view of surrounding constructs detected by your active radar. What exactly does this look like or is it just the red-blue colour changes shown instead of the neutral blue target indications? (Friend-enemy recognition/group recognition?) - New tools for finding wrecks and a minor revamp of the radar system. How does it look here? Will the changes make it easier for players to find wrecks? Has there not been much interest from players to look for them? - Changes to the Deep Space Asteroid Tracker and the asteroid system. Changes again? What will it be this time, why don't they go into detail? - Adding the ability for repair units to use scrap. A long awaited content, thank you. - New Orbital Delivery Challenge. Will certainly inspire one or the other, let's hope they work better than the existing ones.
  12. Obviously, the game won’t be in a beta state anymore when it launches on September 27th. It's a joke, right? Our revenue share on Steam is much lower compared to operating the game on our website. Then there was bad negotiation with Steam, was it the only way new players would be lured into the game in a media-friendly and cheap way? Our economic environment has evolved dramatically, with rampant inflation and the huge variations in the US Dollar to Euro exchange rate. For some time now, the rate has been constant at 1:1 It disappoints me that the prices cannot reflect what the game represents. If it was true to the game content, you would have lowered the subscription. But well, I understand that AWS is expensive and the money is hardly worth it in the current times. But I beg you, if you are facing bankruptcy and the whole project is dead, say so and don't drag the players down with you. It is negligent to think that new players will stay for a long time via Steam, accordingly you get some funds now, but in the long run the game will not be able to keep players over 6-12months and keep them busy. Has this been considered?
  13. Excuse me, but I think it's a dream that this game is no longer a beta. Also that it should have a value of 12,99€ (times Euro in my room). When I launch the game, which is more like half a game with no content, it will compete with real games bulging with content. How, please, does this price reflect the content of the game? Then please, slap a shop still in the game for cosmetic things so you can survive financially.
  14. The last few days the ingame help has been relatively meagre. I have contacted the help chat several times and then logged out each time after an hour. Maybe there's a lot going on because of the release.
  15. What happens to space stations that are where the planets are supposed to go, will they be relocated or will there be another wipe?
  16. It was never planned as an exclusive, but as a shopitem. Included in the package, you should be able to buy more later. The current question is: why would anyone want to buy something like that?
  17. There will be a new investor, I am wavering between Amazon and Meta. But it could also well be Tesla, simply because he needs something new to play with. As an extreme exception, it could also be someone from Qatar, where there is currently a lot of investment in metaverse...
  18. All you have to do now is sign up for one of the subscriptions to get these packages if you haven't invested anything financially in the game so far, so all with a free beta key. I don't quite understand why these packages are so bad now. There are actually very few things in them compared to what you will lose in the game at the moment. So it's just a little compensation on a financial basis.
  19. Abo games are my favourite, you have an overview of your costs and can enjoy the game without any problems. Even such alleged titles as TESo have the subscription itself, because without the subscription it is considerably more difficult to play, I only say the bag for resources. WoW isn't a dying dinosaur either, supposedly it's been dying since day one. Eve would be lucky if it ever got to the player count that WoW once managed. The problem, players there are bored because there is no innovation anymore. That's why players are spread out over so many games. The problem with f2p is and remains an enormous risk for the developer, because he cannot foresee how many players will buy what in the shop, one mistake and a large player base is gone from the game and the house of cards immediately collapses - the best example was Archeage. Because of the lack of players, more and more cuts had to be made, a cycle that only works in one direction. The subscription is much better, especially since you have better planning security with 6-12 month subscriptions. Even if the customer for the annual pass is gone after a month, the money has already been collected. If a good neutral shop also comes in, there's extra financing money. At the moment, DualUniverse as an f2p would simply mean death. If NQ were to reveal something like that, you'd know how bad it is. no one would invest any more, except for a few extreme fanboys who would stay until the server was shut down anyway.
  20. It will certainly be seen by many, and there are also high expectations, especially for information about the wipe and a release. For many, it is probably the most important stream of recent times, which will also decide whether a player will continue to play or disappear. I therefore very much hope that NQ has made more of an effort this time.
  21. There will always be a safe zone, not only for beginners, but also for the builders, etc. To move this to only one moon would cost far too much performance, hence the expansion to 3 planets and its moons. The outer planets will certainly be dropped if it becomes really relevant for PvP, whereby it would be better to drop this protection already with the release, so that there will be no problems later, because many players found these planets much nicer to build everything there. It is imperative that this is dealt with and explained honestly and clearly by NQ. Otherwise PvP is not more important for the game itself than other areas. At the moment the PvP area is the biggest area in the game, as soon as the protection of the outer planets is removed, most of the planets will also be in this PvP zone. So why do people keep crying about it? I really hope that NQ doesn't focus too much on Eve and uses that game as a model. NQ's goals should be clearly above Eve.
  22. It would be helpful to give tax advantages to these players if a racetrack is exceptionally large and of high quality. It would also make sense to give all players an in-game calendar to implement such annual events there as a permanent entry, including coordinates where the event can be found. On the map, special tiles could be given a special colour design, similar to the "visitor status for places of interest, only of higher quality, because there is not just something to look at, but to actively play. Also give players the possibility to add vegetation to such areas afterwards. (Trees, bushes, etc.) If we players are not allowed to do this ourselves, then we can do it on request, with the help of a GM, in order to beautify the area after completion. I also have the feeling (please correct me if I am wrong) that NQ expects players to make the game more lively. However, many players are really just players and not experts in Lua scripting or years of voxel design experience. What is missing here are possibilities for "normal players" to fall back on a kind of construction kit system as design tools with templates, similar to a game editor. I would also like to see possibilities for us players to better customise the railing, also specifically to create forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls,.... design. Especially there you could create jump&run events without constructs. There is a lack of connection possibilities (links) from construct 1 to other constructs or possibilities to mark several constructs as one building. There are apparently hardly any possibilities for building so-called "dungeons" for players, will there be tools and templates for this? (or are such things not even intended/wanted in the game? There are no possibilities to include the achievement system in game content. There is a lack of possibilities to create real elements, e.g. some players would take an existing Basic Engine L and redesign it so that there are different design templates (not only the colour choice, but the design as an element to have more design possibilities). This applies to all elements, why can't we create our own? There is a lack of possibilities to make moving things so that the world also looks more alive and active. (I don't mean dynamic constructs) There is a lack of possibilities to create your own mini-planets or asteroids - or is that going too far for players to help shape the game?
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