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  1. Kairos

    Space Whales

    Those would be awesome, then I can truly be a pirate like Edward Kenway. http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18gf56wtbqoddjpg/original.jpg Except, you know ... in space
  2. Kairos

    Hover Boards

    Let's just say you'll at least have one guaranteed customer
  3. Kairos

    Hover Boards

    Nah, man I was just thinking how cool it would be to be zooming through the environment on a hoverboard a la:
  4. Kairos

    Hover Boards

    Those would be pretty cool also!
  5. Kairos

    Hover Boards

    That's fine dude, each to his own, but while you're off going from point A to point B, I'll be doing some sick tricks. Kinda, but for me personally it would be less like rollerblades and more like a skateboard, or actually a snowboard would be closer.
  6. Kairos

    Hover Boards

    I just had an idea, wouldn't it be awesome if we could have our own personal hover board. A fun way to traverse planetary environments that looks like we're "surfing" the land. Just a thought, like I'm sure there could be some way the devs could put in some hover technology and a means for propulsion that's not too large for said hover board.
  7. Found you a cover photo for your magazine http://www.valscreativedesigns.com/biosuit-122.jpg
  8. Yeah, I see your point there. I just thought it would add an interesting game mechanic as you'd have to make a balance between carrying the most essential gear while trying to decide which valuables to bring and what not to bring. Adds a bit more risk to the game
  9. Yes! I just want to run around the Arkship waving around my pillow like a crazy person. However, I think that would increase the stress level of some people
  10. Candy and reality television, did I die and go to heaven?
  11. Should be a minigame called 'Dual Universe's Got Talent'. A way to entertain the masses with an over-glorified show and tell. We could even have News segments and platforms for political debates and such. Actually, it's looking like we're going to need a whole television system here with real players to run it. I'm starting to think I should make my own organization, the Coalition of Broadcasting Stuff (COBS).
  12. For my preferenced play-style I would definitely enjoy there being a perma-death feature to the game. Adds a certain realism to the game and creates a sense of high stakes whenever entering battle. However, for those who don't want to lose everything I think the ships and buildings that they create (except for those involved in the battle which can also be destroyed) should still be where the player had built them. So when you die everything you have on your body disappears, while those still in storage at other locations can be accessed by the player as a 'consciousnesses in a new body'. This way you can have a sense of permadeath while not losing all or the most important possessions you have worked hard to obtain.
  13. Amazing, jaw-dropping and absolutely beautiful. Give us the game already!!!
  14. The Shelter Celestial Station The New Genesis
  15. Love, all these ideas as they add a great deal of realism to the game and the espionage aspects of it! This may be less in scope to the whole spy thing, but it would also be good if the plastic surgeon could remove 'fatal scars' if that particular defeat was especially embarrassing.
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