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  1. Nope not going there Moves ship out of orbit
  2. Cyborgs should at least be a cosmetic option
  3. Recently some people on the fourums had the idea of the benifit of claiming newwly generated systems vs, taking systems that someone else already has claimed. An Though occured to me tough, if a territory becomes abandoned, will it disaper? The idea seams stupid but if something would crack me upp is fidning out that suddenly my home turf is gone. ........warrning........... ......spelling..errors.....
  4. A weapon that I would like in the game is simpel, mech cannon. A large cannon that shots out mechs at my foes. Let me visualiz it for you. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/supcom2/images/a/ae/Uef_unitcannon.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100626223752
  5. One is maninly a copy of the Empire and the other is just based off The Empire.
  6. I agree, though as long the montly subscription is not to expensive.
  7. Mostly it will probaly start as air going out of a space ship when suddenly someone blows a hole in it. With steel however you can build skyscrapers without worry. So I dont thing it would be a problem.
  8. My pet is my mini mech. It has a small gun attached so it can shot the rodents away. Its so cute.
  9. Recently I have seen this game talked about on different youtube channels, it seams similare to dual in certain way, but also different. Would they compete once dual came out?
  10. Well what kind of atrocides does your Empire plan for the galaxy?
  11. Why not have ingame mics and comunications that would be through either radio or screen comunication. Kinda like star trek the next generation.
  12. MechMercant


    #3 seasm to me the better thing, having to navigate between planets would be difficult enough without the said planet moving
  13. Places a bowl of strangly shaped nuts on the counter "On the house"
  14. /ooc sure It pulls up a bear cup out of its back and puts it down on the counter, a yellow liquid is sprayed into the mug and then sent across the counter to Daniel (Halo381)
  15. For missel fire yes, most projektiels, ok, enegy weapons, you can detect the power build,
  16. #Takes currency #Leans over to grab the bottel
  17. # the robotic bar keep nods and takes from under the counter a black bottle "small sips" # he then takes a mini glass on the counter
  18. Sure, just make sure you company dosent mind
  19. Welcome to the Star-Square A Watering hole for the players of the galaxy. This is simpel interaction roleplay, sit in a corner, get drunk, argue, and remmber have fun. "this is not serious rp, though some serious is welcomed by the most serius roleplayers, All actions are diced rolled- higher dices equal higher chance, positions are all up for grabs- try though to stay within you choosen faction, everyone is human- only actions hinted in the game is allowed to be used- no superpowers, new rules will be added as deamed approiet, anyone can join- either going into the bar or already sitting in it"
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