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  1. yeah, we're always recruiting people, head to our community page https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/terran-union join our discord and talk to someone such as Aesras, Alexander Drake or Helten
  2. Not in a standard military structure, NCO's are needed.
  3. Terran Union Terran Union National Space Force "Among The Stars, We Roam" Who are the TUNSF? We are the national space forces of the Terran Union, The NSF is an Offensive force and is focused on attacking the enemy more than defence, however that does not restrict us from protecting civilian and military assets and from also conducting border patrol and defence. Our Mission - Security of TU assets and citizens outside of the TU orbit. - Patrol of high value trading routes - Anti piracy operations - Conduct offensive operations Why Join the TUNSF? The TUNSF is in need of peopl
  4. having stealable DACs is literally like stealing someones money...and if you do that you're a full blown cunt
  5. The Terran Union only needs 9 more members to reach the 100 milestone (at the time of writing) We offer everything for everyone -Mining -Military -Construction -Politics -Exploration -Justice -A tonne more!!! message MrJackal for more information and for recruitment!
  6. if we divide it into English and French, other people will want it in German, Spanish, Russian, Indian, etc etc etc, too much of a fuss and too much of a pain
  7. Yes, and the wait is killing me, although I have little doubt they'll make the 500k goal
  8. Your English is fine and your grammar's good as well, and yeah, there are a few German players, Darius Sanguna, he's the leader of the TU organisation, so get in contact with him, he can help you out
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