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  1. Nah it's called your going to run out of victims and have nothing to shoot at actually...Kind of like right now but more dramatic and more empty
  2. Yeah, everyone is soo excited about the beginning of the end it's really strange to witness. Soon there will be less of a chance to evade attackers let's party...meanwhile they exiled over half of their player base, Asteroids are largely ignored and MU's are slower than picking up ore one piece at a time but lets celebrate.
  3. In that regard, There is no need for "bad tiles" that shouldn't be a thing. You shouldn't have to Easter egg hunt for a good tile that's the kind weird shit I'm talkin about that doesn't make any sense to me.
  4. I don't know what that means, I've paid for several months of this game but I will share with you the straw that broke the camels back for me, It happened last night, I have been against what they did to the ore distribution from the start for many reasons but last night out of boredom after calibrating my mu's on Lycobus I decided to stay and hang out for awhile instead of flying back to do a round of hauling missions which is what I usually do. Instead I wanted to trying picking up rocks again like when I first started playing I'm using 4 mu's on four tiles cost me millions territory units, static cores, large containers mu's etc. I'm mostly mining Natron there is hint of pyrite on the tiles single digit L per hour enough to be annoying honestly but anyways I decided I might be productive to go ahead and pick up rocks 20L per rock which in my opinion is a special level of cruel mind you. I do this for awhile and it was nostalgic for awhile it did bring back memories of when I first started playing that bit was kind of nice then I take a break check my inventory and realized picking up the ore 20L at a time is faster than 4 mining units on 4 tiles... That is disgusting and the nail in the coffin for me that's how absurd all of this mining unit shit is The mining you do when you first start playing is more effective and more efficient then all of that expensive junk along with the expensive taxes. All of that bloated travel time setting up the bases calibrating etc. etc. and you are literally better off mining natron at sanctuary one rock at a time... That observation has made things very clear to me. My concerns are and have been quite clear and relevant and you can choose to ignore them or dismiss them but they are undeniable. Picking up ore one rock at a time is not my idea of fun so picking the ore up one at a time for hours at a time isn't going to happen even though it is more productive and efficient than at least 4 mu's perhaps even more than 4 mu's it's beyond disappointing. I can't do it.
  5. That was just gibberish due to being frustrated, I can't accept the ore changes, the inability to safely mine specific ore dynamically as needed is intolerable. ore over time is intolerable. Hurry up and wait is intolerable. I have a month left on my sub and I think that's the end of the road for me. Too much over head too much bullshit.
  6. Mining poll: How many years does it take to get a return on investment when building a mining base is it one, two or three years... Ohh you want mine exotic ore ohh those picks cost 600 million quanta per unit plus expenses ofc, good luck to ya...
  7. That's closer to my point than most, There is loads and loads of room for improvement in regards to acquiring resources and earning quanta, right now is a dystopian worst case scenario the result of NQ being over thrown by the angry space pirates arrrgh!!!
  8. Yup still complaining about this in a meaningful way... I dunno all I see is badness, the tiles are too much, the mining units are even worse, the price of advanced mining units and above are hedious... Lycobus is as far away as it could possibly be amounts of ore on the tiles the initial amounts are way too low across the board. There's nothing good about it. The adjacent tile bonus is too low doesn't justify the heavy investment. if you use warp cells to end the madness that's another large expense... blah it's lame
  9. I dunno all I see is badness, the tiles are too much, the mining units are even worse, the price of advanced mining units and above are hedious... Lycobus is as far away as it could possibly be amounts of ore on the tiles the initial amounts are way too low across the board. There's nothing good about it. The adjacent tile bonus is too low doesn't justify the heavy investment. if you use warp cells to end the madness that's another large expense... blah it's lame
  10. No, I agree I didn't really enjoy the underground mining but hindsight is a bitch because that was a lot better than what is going on now. If I wanted to mine Natron I would go to Madis fill up a container as needed. Can't really do that now Asteroids are bait high risk low reward 5 scans plus fuel plus risk for 2 hours of mining is a horrible proposition. It's bad for business.
  11. Before the new mining feature we were able to get as much ore as we were willing to mine and now we can't and hauling mission are way too slow, it's true the latter is an oldie but goodie but it is a perfect comparison to accentuate the tedium of both said tasks.
  12. Becoming masters of tedium is no small feat. I just thought It was a good time to remind you that you wrecked your game with your last update. Might want to look into that.
  13. I knew not to get excited by these wrecks I never saw any of the ones that were underground and I had no reason to think this would be any different. the re-occurring cycle is the gains never justify the means in this game across the board and bunch of tedious time and effort for little reward playing to keep your head above the rising tide. I've been trying to point this out for awhile now to no avail but it is by far the biggest problem with the game.
  14. NQ could shrink the scale of the solar system, that could benefit everyone including server load. This would speed things up and make a pvp encounter more likely.
  15. Yeah, they don't get it & I'm pretty sure they never will... It's like watching a ship slowly sink & there's nothing you can do about it.
  16. Nothing I mentioned takes away anything from anyone... Everything I mentioned would benefit everyone...this all pvp or nothing posture will result in less subscribers. you're analogy doesn't even fit original statement. Nothing I said was either or that's all you being narrow minded and short sighted. To use your analogy I want all the spice levels mild, hot, extra hot I want options, variety, not absolutes. trying to turn this into a black or white argument is pointless its never been a either or debate or at least it never should have been. Criticizing people for having or wanting a different play style isn't productive or useful.
  17. Hauling missions take way too long to complete, This needs to be sped up or they pay needs to be increased significantly. Allowing the use of warp cells would be the easiest fix All missions could use an award increase especially the low level atmospheric missions. Ore distribution is way off balance making space fuel an end game high investment product when it's supposed to be a low level easy product to make. Stop broadcasting the location of asteroids scanned out side of the safe zone, it's nobody's business. Make space stations a warp able location I.E the warp beacon is over priced and not practical increase the performance of ship elements across the board and make them significantly more resilient against minor wrecks and rough landings Colored illuminated honeycomb Different patterns and textures of honeycomb increase the amount of HQ's you cane have 10 personal and 10 corporation HQ's No taxes for tiles they aren't worth it make MU's produce like 10 times the ore they are producing now and put uncommon ore back onto tiles in the safe zone. Once you get everything back to normal wipe the server because old corporations have a huge unfair advantage with stockpiles of resources so that none of the bad things you've done to the game affects them they can afford these changes 10 times over this is why many of them don't even see the problems it's causing. In order to get more subscribers make obtaining resources fun and efficient not slow and boring. This game needs to be streamlined and easier for players to acquire resources as it is right now its not worth the amount of effort required to be successful in this game. Make it fun and make it fast or I believe it will fail.
  18. I think it's safe to say we can do without this level of realism.
  19. It baby steps to get to a better place the way the game is now is by far the worst it's been since I started playing shortly after Beta the last update was the worst of it but other aspects have been killing the game from the inside out for awhile now schematics, honey pot asteroids, hauling missions that can be ambushed disrupting the ore supply. These are all toxic changes that didn't do any good they just made the game worse.
  20. then you put a cap on it only allowed to do the missions X amount of time per day its not rocket science
  21. The only reason we can't use warp cells during hauling missions is because someone thinks making haulers "baby seals" was a good idea. I think time has shown that is not a good idea.
  22. Once we get past this low hanging fruit, honey pot bullshit a good idea is just over the horizon. The carrots on a stick are insulting...
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