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    teso91 got a reaction from Hirnsausen in I had a dream.... about DU. It was pretty awesome.   
    Dreams seem to come true... At least for my RL factors the last two weeks, which i won't ellaborate from Vegas. However on the case.

    I had a dream.....

    I had a vision....

    It was pretty sweat.  It was so sweet You guys could even taste the nectar dripping from me.

    Let's get to the point.   Down the line. Maybe today... Maybe tomorrow. I dare say never.

    In this dream I was warping to a planet/point and throughout the warp i noticed something quite peculiar.   Something that did not sit with the current system.
    I was shocked.   Completely flabbergasted. I had seen some planet on my way to the point. There was nothing on the space map, no points no..... nothing.   
    Maybe this is the case for DU.... MAYBE JUST MAYBE.... my dream comes true. You couldn't find the planet and warp to it until you actually find it.

    This might maybe a mission for all our players to explore the far reaches of space.... But I dare say that NQ might have a few tricks in it's bag. Maybe... Just maybe.... they might have some tricks up their sleeve.   I might be on a planet no one has even been on. Not one player has the coordinate. That's because you must land on the ground for it to be explored. Not one man in this universe knows the depths of space until they reach the edge.

    So i say to all you players out there.....  There is something unknown to you.

    Happy Hunting.
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    teso91 reacted to Lethys in RE: Immediate update needed for Terraformers.   
    Awwwwwwww, you Must be new here if you think NQ does any of that communication. Cute. 
    We've been there. We had that. It utterly failed in a quite spectacular way. So nope, they wont do it. And even IF they would do it, they'd just listen to you and then forget about it, even if it were valid points. We see this pattern for years now, NQ will not change 
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    teso91 reacted to sHuRuLuNi in RE: The future of DU   
    Cocaine is bad for your health, son.
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    teso91 got a reaction from Warlander in A paper read. A paper forgotten.   
    Hello.....  You are reading this forum here. Probably because the server just went down. Otherwise you are just browsing the forums and i say to you... welcome.
                     How strong are you? Really?   Nothing really.  You are the mere vassals that abide by the parameters.   Some of us have held strong from the .23 patch.  Learning to abide by element destruction and learning how to fly ships.  Some of us have even flocked to the markets buying mass ship parts such as adjusters and hover engines just to test our designs.   Well...... That phase was over with the new update they just released. They reverted our elements to max life's and no life destruction to our ship parts unless its by PVP. The question is here... Is that enough?
                       There are a bunch of new players here in action..... I won't doubt that.    These players must first play.... then play... then mine... build.... then possibly crash.  If they are able to not crash before .23 they are in this new category that i call the "in-phase".  The "In-phase" is a area of fun and excitement followed by deceit, but only followed by deceit by failed success.  This seems like its not a bad idea for DU. You fail then you might succeed.   The challenged for beginning players are enormous compared to what the first players who started the game. Expectable, however insurrect able. The balancing act stage is where we are currently at.
    and none the less the most difficult and challenge phase of the DU developers.   We are at a stage in the game where the balance must tip to one side.    The future acts must come on the future updates. 
                        Lets start by giving us something.   A protected space.  Stated. Period.  Future updates will give further inquiries on speculations. You are NQ. Let you have the power to set these aqusations aside by simply stating that..... " We no longer intend" or "We will not...." you get the point.   As players. We want NQ to make direct.... and let me make this absolutely clear to everyone else....  A firm stance.   A FIRM DIRECTIVE is what is best. State the planets not subjected to territory warfare.  If you have to backtrack on a patch in a few days of a patch its.... guess what... OK.    Its a learning experience if you having new ideas etc.   We alll understand as.... DU players that this is really not in BETA.... its in ALPHA/BETA.  I hate to say it myself but.... just acknowledge it..... for the sake of the people.

                        "Man o man........ what are we going to do.   What new avenues do we have to give the players the means to keep feeding this game."  - That my folks.... Is what you should be focused on.   That statement alone is the core to DU players, gamemasters or admins.

                       We have been waiting.    Many have left.   Many will leave.   Many will stand-bye. Many ears will listen. Many Eyes will watch.   It is you #NQ that you are being watched, on good faith.  And as myself as a common subject, not to rules and subjectation ... however you promote my litigation.

                     We need more interesting content.  We want to something more awesome.... and we know you have it.    We are just waiting.
                    We mine every day .... for hours.... we bring our resources back.... every day...... we build stuff..... every day......






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    teso91 got a reaction from NQ-Naunet in Personal Star Gates/Individual Worm Holes/Slipping through time/space for the player.   

    I would like to see portals.

    as such as this.

    A rift through time and space. The quantum energy required is only enough to have  a single entity slip through its dimension.  I would like to see personal porters implemented into the game.
    Floating a few ideas here attaching warp cells, and also high-end element manufactured by exotic and only rare elements that will have a time delay, and only accessed once by instance; of a slip inversion into the next dimension. The ripple in time space will need to repair itself or it will cause a hole in the fabric of time and swallow the universe. ( A one time use(Over a long cooldown)(1 player/till cooldown is
    reached with a major cooldown).

    This is an interesting idea to float.   It could take days, maybe weeks, maybe even a month. However when we go down the line of future solar system implementation this is a fascinating concept.

    Their might even be certain meridians where these portals could only be placed, like as in such; Minecraft end dimensional portals. ( I never played Minecraft, but I did binge on the Tb2T videos). We/I would like to see having the ability to portal to a location of an instance. This could be random by the influx of space time distortion; and then jumping on this idea with the future coming-->" energy management phase, more energy could be focused to pinpoint more precise locations with accuracy).   It truly is a wild concept. Space is unknown. The nature by which the universe acts upon is  unknown and   we are unable to fathom its possible loopholes into the universe's function.

    More or less, how exciting would it be to... for an instance to say. That you were able to enact this portal and venture through.  NQ  having already enacted multiple asteroid belts(in the future).  You were able to have an instance of traveling to a place unknown and able to port to a belt. Many many ideas to float with asteroid bases/hidden complexes is a story in itself for another time. The possibilities are endless.
    *The only problem I do see with this is the schematics feature, having to have them knowing what you have to build so this is something that will roadblock this avenue; but I hope that NQ could look at this idea and come up with solutions for this future proposal.  Thankyou for listening and Fly Safe!
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    teso91 got a reaction from Sabretooth in .23 Patch docking (fix) (fast docking)   
    New patch seems to have docking screwed over once again.  (when looking at your placement **as your maneuvering* it seems that it does not hit the voxel (flush) and i think that's why they are having docking issue.@NQ ( It was flush before .23. now it seems its a few inches/feet from voxels) It must be some voxel issue. Whatever..... here for the fast cast remedy and focus of this post.  Stop spending time trying to dock things is the focus of this post.


    Step 1: Setting your ship down:--> Set your Ship down on an "ELEMENT".  (Setting 1 ship onto another) 
    I have found this to be better vs voxel.

    Step 2: Set your ship at an angle (with a nice slope)

    Step 3: Disable all Em control modules.

    Step 4:  Maneuver your construct repeatingly onto the element. If your ship is @ slope angle you should see it slide off if it doesn't dock. (*wait a few seconds). Make sure your ship is sloped at a good angle . 

    Step 5: Noticing your construct is not sliding and seated. Congratulations you have successfully docked your construct on your construct.  In order to verify your construct is successfully docked-- Maneuver your construct with the maneuver tool(Construct that is not docking, but being docked)

    Ships blow up because docking not working.  Don't blow up! Try this!

    Have fun, Fly Safe.

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